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February 08, 2007


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$170,000! She stood there, her hands were shaking, she wanted to say DEAL! She did. I know it. But her Mama told her ONE MORE CASE (famous last words). I wonder how her Mama feels now? Oh, I could have cried with that girl. I think I screamed at the TV when that model opened the $2 million case. You said it all, and you said it all right. We could have totally had a phone conversation last night while watching this show.

But wait, I have more.
You should TOTALLY try out for DOND! You should! Send them an application Frema! Do it! You are young, newly married, and are wanting to start a family, buy a house, pay off some bills...DUDE, they would totally pick you. Plus, you LOVE Howie! You could go overly crazy for him and jump up and down and hug him and watch him get freaked out b/c he's a no touchy kind of guy. In your application tell them that Howie is in your Top 5 (they'll know what you're talking about, everyone knows what a Top 5 is).
You HAVE to try out!!!!! Please!!!! And when you get to the show, you better give me a shout out for giving you this idea! And then whore out your blog to the nation and OMG!

Hey, you gave me the green light to comment as often as I wanted. Right?
Last one.
You know all my favorite bloggers because you read them, too.
The end.

I was kidding. I remembered thinking about you last night while watching DOND but couldn't remember why which made me think maybe I dreamed about it but I dreamed about Jazzercise. Clearly, I was confused. However, I just read a comment over at Molly's blog from her sister and it said something about "your mom" and the light finally went off in my head.
I thought about you last night when the banker said something about Emika's mom and she was all, "Don't talk about my Mama." I started laughing and gave a little "YOUR MOM" shout out, just for you.

Well, I'm not sure what was more entertaining here, your writing or Silly Hily's prolific commenting. Hee hee!

I am with her...go on the show!!!! Good post.

And also, not that you've really asked yet, but here are some things that turn me OFF from a blog: Multiple typos / misspellings, no breaks between paragraphs. I know that makes me a petty blog snob, but if I can't read it easily, it makes me less likely to get into the writing.

I think my favorite blog to read (which is actually tied with yours) is John Scalzi's site, Whatever. He's a sci-fi writer that has a VERY engaging style and blogging has truly helped his professional success. I like his site because everything is personal, even national debate topis have a personal feel. He also blogs about his family, work, ect. He's fun to read.

The other site I visit multiple times a day is Instapundit by Glenn Reynolds. He's kind of like a one-man political Slashdot.com. He tends to post links to very in-depth articles while not posting them (himself) to that particular blog. He's also been INCREDIBLY successful, and probably makes more than me in a year on his ad revenue on his site, where a single ad can cost as much as 4k/week.

I love that you love Howie and his bald head. Love it, love it, love it!

I thought you would never ask.... :)

Good formatting things about blogs: quick loading (even with highspeed some pic's can take longer than my ADD brain wants to wait); easy to read font type and color against the background (HATE black background with any color font); clarity in reaching recent posts, archives, personal information, and that type of info. I don't really get into the whole searching posts by category thing, but that's me.

Contentwise, I get tired of multiple posts linking to something else without any sort of relevant commentary. "Look at this, how awesome" does not count as blogging to me. I am mostly drawn to humor and honest writing. Even if I don't agree with the opinion/beliefs of a blogger I will often read a few posts if they are written with clarity and without hyperbole (loved William Raspberry's newspaper columns because he was excellent at breaking things down to the basics, but I didn't always agree with his opinion). How are opinion columnists in newspapers different than blogs? Could be something to look into along with memiors/essays (unless you consider that to fall under essays).

BTW, I can't wait for the drama of tomorrows TLF!

My goodness Silly Hily commented a bunch here!!

Few short comments:
1) Howie wouldn't touch you, I don't think, because he is a germ-a-phobe.
2) That is awesome that Jim has made it into your Top 5. He is my number 1!
3) I don't think I ever got to comment on your teaching post. THAT IS SO GREAT! You are going to do a marvelous job and I'm proud of you. I wish I lived closer to take the class!

Silly Hily, you and your four comments are sooo obvious here - you're making a move on Frema's future DOND winnings, when she gets them. Forget it. I'll spend the afternoon commenting to get my grubby mits on Frema's dough.

Hi Frema sweetie! Love you! Remember when I brought you home three-hour old breadsticks from my Pizza Hut gig in college? They were gooood, weren't they? Don't forget me when you win!

Ok. Better.

I still can't believe Howie Mandel is in your top five. And poor Emika. What a sad story.

I can't wait to hear more about your SJC adventures. I should totally take your class. (Like, if I won money on DOND.)

Normally, I am all for equal partners in marriage with neither telling the other what to do, but there are some instances that a man has to put his foot down.

No, Howie may not touch you nor may he live with us. No matter how much money you win or his placement on your supposedly-nonexistent top 5.

Nice thinking on amounts of money. To make a million at the rate of 50,000 a year, it takes 20 years. A total working career will be about twice that or 40 years or so. Hence,two million is over a life time of work. And that is more like gross income in most cases of the best life story line.

Still, if the Lotto hits for me, I am going to live out the challenge of doing the right things with that money and the power it would bring. But real changes can be made with just good old work and not so much cash.

Luke is right.

1. I'm with Hilary, you should totally try out for DOND! I've never met anyone who loves Howie so much. He is hot, but not in my top five. I don't watch that show too much because it irritates me for the reasons you have so nicely summarized.

2. If you want me to list what attracts me to certain blogs, I am more than willing to do so. Actually, I'll help you with whatever you need help with for your class! Just let me know.

3. You ARE hot!

Great post, as always Frema. I love how you put your thoughts about DONO down on *paper*. I can't watch the show because it makes me sick also. Too stressful!

I read "widget" and was like "what in the poop is that?" Glad you don't know either. Phew.

Anyway, thanks and I'm looking forward to learning more about blogging along with your students!

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