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February 02, 2007


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HAHAHA! Tragic Love Friday indeed!

"Poor Jenna. Girl done lost her mind." Oh holy shit~! And quoting Steel Magnolias-- I kid you not, I got through that whole tangent that takes place at Shelby's funeral-- oops, I should have warned everyone of THAT spoiler-- and I had to ask myself the same exact question, for I am in a house full of mostly sleeping people.

Anyways, I see my predictions are unfolding... as it is terribly difficult to read into the mind and writings of a 14 year old girl... although, that's only partially sarcastic, because half the time you surprise the hell out of me, and that is why I can do nothing but comment while scratching my head like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail when NY152 asks her to meet...

WOW, I need to make a point and FAST! Okay, Michael, welcome to the show. Now that he's made his appearance, I believe Jenna will count on him to be her get-away driver when she goes to steal Suri Cruise from prison. Because that's what you do with the guy friend who is secretly and madly in love with you-- you drag them into crazy ass plots of the criminal nature.... which brings me also to another point, Cassie?... I picture her in a straight jacket in solitary confinement... maybe asking aloud if someone wants fries with that. I'm seeing some striking parallels... and I'd like to remind you that babies cannot raise themselves... so if you have too many people going to prison, you've got no option left but to resurrect David.

I wonder what Jenna will call Katherine after she is stolen... maybe Mary? Why mix it up anyway? It's a good solid name with enough possibilities. And will Jenna marry Michael to keep up the show when they move to Lanview?? This is all just speculation... and I need to stop talking. I need to leave some room left for Silly Hily!

One more thing-- Frema, were you by chance smoking something in your office when you commented on this one? You dealing with people with toxic blood?

Just wondering:D

One more thing-- I notice that more than one of your characters has an issue with stuttering... Maybe we can look into speech therapy, along with some serious mental help for these youth(s).

Your Mom's a youth!

What does it say about me, that I look forward ALL WEEK to these installments?

Oh these people are just batshit insane... I just want to shake them all!

Also, they're all pretty into long-term commitment for 17-18 year olds, aren't they?

Hole-e shit! For the first time, I've got nothing. Nothing. There is NO WAY I could top that commentary OR Sant's comments up there. No way. That was too good Frema.
I am wondering if Sant watched Grey's Anatomy last night though because she brought up an interesting point. Last night, McSteamy wouldn't go into the toxic room b/c he was the only one who hadn't been in there and someone needed to be well to run the hospital. So, he send the interns in instead. I see what you are saying now. If Mikey boy help Jenna steal the baby and they get busted then who is going to take care of Katherine? Brangelina?

Wow. Where do I start?!?

What a summer this turned out to be. [I could've had a V-8!]

Fantastic! I wish I had a V-8! :-D Didn't just about every Disney movie about orphaned or semi-orphaned kids living with scary Awwwunt Scaryface, who turns out to be a good witch and loads of fun?

Second, I vote for the Michael / Jenna song to be Invisible Man by 98 Degrees. Boy do I remember being that guy in high school....man I was pathetic.

And Hooray for super-max security State Prison! I'd been waiting for another situation like this. It reminds me of the intro to Nate Doggs best (and first, and almost last solo album), where a reporter goes to visit the rapper on death row (obviously a skit, a rapper would NEVER kill someone like Kayla did), reporter gets locked alone in a cell on death row with the guy....you should just use your imagination for what happens next (I'll give you a hint, its not as exciting as you'd think).

Finally, there is nothing wrong with the word Sob. There is something a little freaky with me not knowing where the story ended and your comments began, (Nobody could. [It's not supposed .....)I had to reread that section 3 times before I was no longer riding the short bus!

Oh! And! Next! Time! I'll! Try! To! Use! More! Exclamation! Points!

BRANGELINA!??! Hahaha-- Silly Hily, that's fantastic!

HERE! Hit this! We'll make t-shirts! TAKE A WHACK AT OUISER! (The Steel Magnolias connection became a smidge less entertaining when I consulted imdb for the spelling of what I thought was WHEEZA's name all these years. Ouiser. Oh boy.)

I can see now what is being set up. I can't wait for someone to steal that baby. (Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak...)

Great thinking girls. It would be fun for Brangelina to enter the story!

Also, I always did think Kayla was a rotten little bitch for naming the baby Katherine. But that's just me.


When I read the baby-stealing predictions last week or the week before, I thought "whatever. I don't think so." You guys were right! Way to go!!

Oh my gosh FREMA, look, a way for 98 degrees to make a comeback since no one included them in the cheese. Mikey Mike is TOTALLY the "Invisible Man"! I second David's vote.
And Wheeza is and always will be Wheeza! Spelled just like that. Oh yall should hear me do some Steel Magnolias.

OOH, she's a baby stealer...she's like Sheila on Young and the Restless - forget All My Children! And eee! The Steel Magnolias quote. That Sally Field will get ya everytime.

A few things, "doll": (teehee)
Where the hell was I when all these teenagers were thinking of getting married? High school boys dreaming of making a girl "their wife". I must've missed something.
And this entry totally supports the baby-stealer theory, I can't wait!

That's all I got... must go watch Gray's now.

I could not comment last week because there were just no words. This week has been lousy. I have had to learn how to be a wedding planner.I'm not liking it. Just when I thought things could not get any worse,those bastards at "ALL MY CHILDREN" killed off Dixie. That's a topic for later though.
I think the song for everyone in this tale should be Billy Idol singing, "LOVE STINKS". I keep thinking at some point I will read the words "chimed in" or the word "chum".I feel like I am a kid again reading Nancy Drew. But Nancy would never be involved in anything so hot. I cannot wait till next Friday. Are we really on chapter 10 already? I love that you mentioned "Dying Young". Now I can admit that I have watched it about 20 times. My friend got tired of loaning it to me and just gave it to me. I love the cottage. One more thing,the scene where Jenna just wants to hit something,the background tune has to be "Break Shit" Limp Bizkit.It's just one of those days..

GEEEEEEEZ Frema. Way to leave an audience hanging!!! My face was all UP in my computer screen.
Damn Fridays. Why can't EVERYDAY be a Friday???
And not cause it's the weekend...oh no! no! no!
BUT CAUSE IT'S TLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God, she was beautiful. Blondish-brown thick hair that came in waves down her shoulders. Piercing green eyes. A snow-white smile.

Could you pass me a spoon? because I really need to gag myself. :) Oh Michael, may your young love be quenched soon. I'm rooting for you!

Did your ideas get heard any better this meeting sister? They should really listen to you because you're one smart cookie. I love you!!


DAAAA BEARS!!!!!!!! ;)

Bears lose in the Super Bowl?

I might just...well, y'know.

You're commentary is better than anything else in TLF! I loves me some Steel Magnolias, lol. Can't wait for next week!!!!

I know you all saw it coming, but I did not think the baby was going to be stolen. Dude!

And yeah, talk about security at the State Prison. Holy crap.

And also, it seems that the 14 year old Frema had a very romanticized view of breastfeeding. When I was 14 I would have died before I mentioned anything about "milk" and "breasts"! You were so mature.

My Uncle Ronnie used to call me "Doll". He was about 95 years old, and it was still creepy.

Plot twist! Michael is Jenna's long lost, 80 year old uncle who just LOOKS young because Tabitha from Passions cast a youth spell on him (Passions...oh, Passions).

Ok, so Isabel got me reading TLF and I'm at work and TOTALLY supposed to be, you know, working but then? I found TLF and now I can't stop reading. And allllll day I've been planning my comments so when I get home from work I can leave them but this one? This entry? THE COMMENT CANNOT WAIT. I have tears I'm laughing so hard. And I just have to say... "I could run to Texas and baaaack! But my daughter can't!!! WHY?! I wanna know WHYYYYYYY?!"

If I ever was to perform a soliloquy, this would be the one I performed...

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