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February 16, 2007


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I can't think any further ahead...I'm still stuck in Iowa. Now my grandparents are also from Iowa and ummm...if I was running away it certainly wouldn't be to beautiful Iowa...hehe I love it!

Can I just say...going along the same thread here...that I ABSOLUTELY love that when Jenna says her grandparents used to live in Iowa and Michael is all "Oh so what happened to them?" I mean that is just priceless. Why even though I am aiding and abetting a kidnapping fugitive I'd still like to know what's going on with the extended family...I'm surprised he didn't ask how the funerals went and who brought what kind of casserole. I just love it...every time I "play" this scene in my mind I just laugh and laugh....its great!

Incest!? No you didn't. Ha! You got really deep there with that last long commentary. Did they ever get the poor child a car seat? Did Michael just happen to have one in his bedroom closet or what? Oh, and I love how the doorbell doesn't wake a single parent up in this town.

In the sequel I would like to see Katherine and Dannielynn star in "The Simple Life: The Next Generation".

Let me just begin by saying: That did it! I laid the sleeping baby on the couch [car seats and bassinets are SO overrated] and slapped Jenna's face, good and hard! She let out a small cry and raised a hand to her cheek. "The hell I don't!" I yelled.

For young girls everywhere, I hope that Michael is the lesson in OH NO YOU DIDN'T! If it were blog appropriate to comment like I have Tourettes, for this reason I most certainly would, but I will refrain and move on to something other than domestic abuse.

Okay, Michael going with her is something I saw coming a couple of posts ago, although I forgot about that presumption last week. I think the two of them will settle in her grandparent's empty house (yes, because her parents would not have cashed out the estate), and farm as a young married couple with their young daughter, Kitty. And although I wish Jenna would be smarter than marrying he who hits, let's just be real here by saying, I don't think any one of these people thinks of consequences.

As for the sequal, I can't even gather coherent thoughts about that right now. I will have to think about it at work and comment later:)

I hope that when they stopped off at Babies R Us for a car seat (you know, on the way to not-at-all-obvious Iowa) that they didn't pick up a Britax Marathon for little Katherine. That $350 that happened to be in daddy's wallet would be almost spent.

I LOVE Silly Hily's idea for Dannielynn and Katherine in the next Simple Life. HAHAHAHA!!

I'd like to see Michael and Jenna head for the Mexican border and be chased by the INS while trying to climb a wall (are there walls there?) That would be some great footage.

Y'all don't know me! Y'all don't know me!! I LOVE the Springer treatment of her feelings. hehe

I hope that Michael and Jenna realize their mistake before crossing state lines. ALTHOUGH maybe there can be even more special dispensations made, and Michael, Jenna and Kayla can all live in one cell, Big Love style happy family?

One of my high school teachers used to make us sing "Friday is my favorite day" every Friday. I think I'm going to have to work something about TLF into the lyrics :-)

Here's a link:

I had to put it on 2 lines so people could see all of it. You'll have to paste it back together :-P

I'm only confused about one thing this time. So, Michael slaps Jenna and this wakes his mother, who, hollers from upstairs, and, then 5 minutes later he sneaks into the parent's bedroom and steals money?

Hmmm, his parents got the goooood drugs huh?

Incest? Seriously? How in tha hell?

Incest?? Cassie and... hmm. Michael and...hm. Oh! I've got it! Cassie and the late David had that sleep-around mom, so there she is in Florida wearing a big blond wig and...


I'm stumped.

Ok, so there are parents in this part, but 2 minutes after the mom calls down, they're sound asleep enough for him to sneak into their room and rifle through his dad's wallet? Sheesh. ;)

I didn't think Michael would just up and go with Jenna, but I suppose if you're 17 and the love of your life dyed her hair and stole a baby, you'd have no choice. Right? He could totally still drive her right up to the jail. What's she going to do? Jump out of a moving car with a baby in tow? I don't think so!

Let's see, sequel... I like the V.C. Andrews thing, minus the hillibilly names (Heaven Leigh anyone?). So Michale and Jenna are "hiding out" in Iowa, or perhaps the lovely state of Wisconsin. Kayla gets out of jail and on a tip from Cassie, follows their trail to a small farming community. It turns out, they've become Amish.

Bring on the sequel!

Okay, this has nothing to do with this post, BUT, I'm watching 'All My Children' and OMG! Do you want to know?

Dude, my comment right now is that I need to get caught up on reading your blog. I have been a slacker. Damn me! I have not forgotten you!!! You are my hero! ;-P

I love how the 14 year Frema sees parents. Apparently they are all idiots. Good to know.

A sequel, really??!!

I'll tell you what I DON'T want to see in the sequel...incest! Yep-I do not like incest. It gives me the heebie jeebies.

And also, let's get this kid a freakin' car seat for the love of cheese!

It's not a real soap unless there is unwitting incest. Like Whitney and Chad on Passions... if only they had known that Chad was Whitney's long-lost, supposedly dead brother, they never would have broken Whitney's virginity vow, gotten her knocked up, ruined her phenom tennis carreer, and forced her to flee to Rome to hide out with monks. It's just so hard to know if your true love is also your brother.

So, Cassie has a mental breakdown, forgets that Michael is her brother, and screws him? Or is the sequel like 14 years in the future, so that Katherine can be history repeating itself + a little somethin' something? I vote for that.

Because Iowa has ALWAYS represented the land of the free...

And I love how she wore her sunglasses at...night. I'm feelin' a little Corey Hart coming on.

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