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February 23, 2007


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Your comments are the funniest part of TLF!!! Ok, so now this 3 week old baby is laughing and smiling and drinking water! Very impressive!

Frema, M.D., babies drink mineral water? This is actually a half-serious question, as I thought they really only nursed for quite some time.....I'd think mineral water would make baby poo come out even more generously, and I'm sure we'll all agree, the less baby poo, the better!

Oh, and my money is on the Double murder-Suicide where Jenna butchers Michael and the baby with the knife before pulling a Meridith Grey and not fight for life anymore, ending it in a pool of crimson. Ok, so I doubt you would have gone down that road (but like Grey's, had they killed off Meridith, would be quite the shocker).

Gotta admit, I quick read the bottom of the 90210 box as "The First Semen." Yup. Glad it's Friday.

What's up with her having the "biggest butcher knife"?
So, Jenna is finally thinking like a normal person. Let's hope Cassie stays out of the picture because we all know what a fabulous influence SHE is.
But, if she takes Katherine back then she'll end up in prison too and THEN who would take care of the baby? David's dead, Kayla's in prison, Michael's gonna be in trouble, Cassie has a criminal record, any grandparents would neglect the child at night since they all seem to sleep sooooo well and don't hear anything.

I love, love, love the idea of a summary. I hope I can find the time to do one because I feel like you were speaking to me when you said you would fix all typos and spelling errors. :-)

And I wish soooo bad that I could go to BlogHer. It's going to kill me to hear you and Molly and Hollow Squirrel and Isabel all talk about it more and more as it gets closer. Four of my favorite bloggers will be in one place and I can't go. Wooooooeeeee is me.

More Cassie! I'm dying to know about the looney! :)

Yeahhhh BlogHer! I can't wait!

I can't believe they are a hop, skip and a jump into their looping journey around the midwest and already she wants to give the kid back. She hasn't even changed a diaper (or fed her!) yet.

More than that, it's driving me NUTS that the baby isn't in a car seat. When you get pregnant Frema, I am now sure of what I will buy you guys for your shower. I will even install it in your car for you. Wink wink

All four of the Mod Squad are going? I'm jealous. J-E-A-L-O-U-S.

WOOT I can't friggin wait for BlogHer and wait? I'm part of the Mod Squad? Do we get tshirts? ID card? No one tells me ANYTHING!


I'm going to BlogHer as well! My very first time in Chicago--can't wait! :) :) :)

P.S. Did Elisa tell you that the price of the conference is $250, b/c I couldn't find it on their site....

I'm mad jealous you are going to Blogher! I wish I was. I read on someone's blog that locusts or something equally scary were taking over the city so she wasn't going to go anymore. Well, blogher is in Chicago, right? So you'll have to endure the blood sucking demons either way. Yes locusts are just like vampires, hadn't you heard?


So pretty much, it's official.

(And as proof that I really shouldn't be going, I can't even figure out how to correctly put one of the "I'm going" buttons on my blog. Dude, they aren't going to let me in.)

(And also, I think HollowSquirrel and I are staying at the W. FYI!)

Yay! You're going to BlogHer! I'm thinking about going too (and trying to convince the other two bitches to make the trip as well).

And don't you know how to make a girl excited what with your 90210 pictures.... I'm so proud my heart is doing backflips.

Awesome installment, as usual!

And I am soooo jealous about blogher...I had my heart set on going, because we're just 10 hours from Chicago. And then I got knocked up. I'll be going nowhere in July. Except maybe to the damn hospital.

I'm with Molly on this. I can not get past the fact that the baby is NOT IN A CAR SEAT. The cops are totally going to pull them over for that one and then they will all be in jail. I mean, in State Prison.

And Lil' Frema, I love you and your mad writin' skillz.

(and I am TOO late to do a wrap up and win the 90210 disk. Oh how we love 90210 at our house.)

(Also, it is 12:35 in the morning and my eyes are burning from reading the TLF archives, but I CAN'T STOP reading!)

Don't worry, Jenna! I am sure that once your return the baby, Kayla will like totally forgive you for the kidnapping, and then you can like totally forgive her for the man-stealing, and I'm sure that after you're BFF again, she'll ask you to raise Katherine while she's in jail. Of course, it will be too bad that Michael will have to take the rap for the kidnapping so that you can remain free.

You know what my favorite thing is? That Jenna think's Michael is "built". I don't think I've referred to a guy with that term since high school. If someone referred to a guy as "built" now, my first thought is "well endowed". But that's neither here nor there, what we've learned is Michael is HOT and STUPID. But we still love him.

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