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February 15, 2007


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OK, I know I'm probably not supposed to giggle in the middle of the social commentary poem about child abuse due to despiration, but the whole "Mommy wishes her vagina never touched Daddy's dick" was so cringe-worthy that I giggled a bit! It's great that you can share these though - it takes a lot of courage to do that - I STILL won't let people read what I wrote back in Jr. High and HS - hell, I can barely read it without wanting to throw it away because it's so pathetic! If we only knew then what we know now! (we'd probably still written it anyway)

Oh, these are FANTASTIC. I love them. Every one.

I'm with Jessi...that bit about the vagina was so AWESOME. Dude, what in the hell was going through your mind to make you write such poetry?

I found some of my younger sisters old poems. They all seemed to end with "and then they died". Not sure what she was going through either, but it must have been intense.

Ohh shnap! Poor baby's heart popped!

My reaction to "Mommy's vagina touching Daddy's dick" was GASP! I couldn't believer I just read that. You always amaze me...young Frema. (And still do.)
Are you left handed?

Holy Crap! I scrolled down to read about social justice and Daddy's dick is what literally JUMPED off the page. LMAO!!!!

Damn dick poem is stealing the show!

The dick poem is indeed a top contender - hilarious!

On the night before I left for my first year of college, I stayed-up late and sneaked all of my old diaries into the trash can in the alley. They were apparently so cringe-inducing that I couldn't risk my mom finding them while I was gone.

I remember that I had that exact same handwriting, though. Did we all do that? That huge, slanted, bubble stuff? That alone is pretty cringe-y!

Heart... popped? Wow! Sorry to keep harping on the dick poem, but damn Frema!

I'm intrigued by your last name- having a unique one myself (well, married- my new last name is about as white-bread as it comes!) I always appreciate an interesting last name. Or is that your nom de plume? Erm, ballpoint?

I was totally in that mood in '95 and '96, except for the baby shaking. I had tons of poems, all about unrequited love and a broken heart. Sadly/gladly, I got rid of them all when the last of my stuff came from my parents' house.

Oh, and along with them? Pages of Mrs. Elizabeth Olsen, etc.

The records of your thoughts are so complete over time. What a writer you are! I bought four blank books when I left IU in 1966. I was going to record my insights and great thoughts. However, only a few pages of the first book were written into. One of the books becaome a lab record grade book that I still use for qualitative analysis in the spring term.

Frema, you rock! I'm such a dork that I couldn't even say the words "vagina" or "dick" until college, not even in my journals. Thanks for sharing!

The second to last poem makes me think of the immortal 2Pac Shakur's song "Brenda's Got a Baby." Except I think yours might be a little more negative. :P

You are so awesome for sharing these. I think I had that handwriting too! Like Jessi, I can't bear to read anything I wrote during that era. Too, too cringeworthy. You are brave, girl.

The hell piece sounds like one of my poems. I used to love using religious allusions in my writing and I thought they were so subtle, but who was I kidding. This is not to say you were trying to be subtle with that...it just made me laugh because I've been there.

Totally cringeworthy. I'm blushing.

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