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February 05, 2007


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Congratulations! Great job! You'll do great! You rock!

I'm so happy for you!!

Also, damn football traitor.

welcome to the dark world that is adjuncting. you'll love it, i think! i'm always around, email me if you need to!

In my head, I read "bleching," and it was further solidified when you talked about vomiting.

Wow, that's really amazing! Congratulations-- I wish I could sit in on your class.
You should be very VERY proud of yourself. Way to go!

Congrats! That is super news. AND! You have plenty of time to come up with some interesting course materials, a well thought out sylabus and some pepto (you know, for the vomiting). ;)

Yea, Professor Frema Wahoo!!!

Nice job on getting a college teaching job. Joy. That will be fun.

Whooo hooo! You're gonna be a "bleacher"!

Excuse me???? you were cheering for the COLTS??!!!! you have now been shuned from your Auntie Di! Your only a Indiana transplant! your a Chi-Town girl born and bred-don't forget your roots. If you can't be a bears fan don't be a football fan! P.S. congrats professor Bre.

Holy crap on a cracker! Congratulations! So... are we going to have the benefit of your bleachings as well?

Excellent new word, by the way. Although it did make me feel a little like I was inquiring about your methods for dealing with unwanted facial hair...

Also? Am Colts fan. Because am Peyton Manning fan. Because am Tennessee fan. So yay Colts!

Awesome!! Congratulations. Maybe we can trade teaching strategies. :)

And by the way- a quick search in just one of my databases turned up 180 scholarly journal articles on weblogs. Maybe you'll write the 181st. ;)

Frema, thanks for sharing your blog with me this weekend. I've been catching up on your previous entries, and YOU ROCK! Good luck with the class; you're going to be awesome!

Oh my gosh Frema!!!!!!! Congratulations. How exciting. I can't wait to hear all about your teaching experiences.

Congrats -- that's fantastic news!!! I sure with I could take your class, because there's no way in hell it's not going to be an awesome class.

Maybe all us commenters should get together and juice the blog so it's all pumped up with, like, 80 comments a day so when Frema's students come over here to check it out they're all like, whoa.

That is SO fabulous!!! I wish I could take your course.

Keep us updated about how you work out the curriculum. I think your class will be totally interesting.

So, this is a college class on how to blog? Am I getting that right? That sounds so very cool and hip!

Congrats on the teaching job! I wish my college would have had a class about blogging. I would have signed up for that right away.

Congratulations Frema!! If I were still a student there I would totally take your course! That's awesome and I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job!!

PS-- I love Maia too!

Congratulations! I think it is so cool that you'll get to be a pioneer in the field of "bleaching". And I know you'll be a super fun and engaging teacher!

Ooooh, TasterSpoon has a fabulous idea. Look at you rockin' the 22 comments so far.
I'm commenting again also to say that even though I didn't get to watch the Super Bowl, I'm still excited that the Colts won because I'm a Peyton/Vols fan just like PaintingChef.
You people better keep commenting on Frema's blog. She's gonna get sick of seeing me in the comments section 5 times. :-)

I think it is so cool that you get to teach a class on blogging. You are going to be the best damn bleacher there is! I'm so proud of you. So cool!

Geez,I just realized that I am just hangin out waiting for TLF. Like maybe you would post it today,it's getting close to Friday. I will wait with everyone else.damn it.

Wow! What an interesting subject to teach! Will you make them read your blog as homework?

I think you're right about "bleaching." It will totally catch on.

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