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March 22, 2007


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Two things:
1) I need to see your haircut. I think I started out at the same length you are, but I also think my hair is a lot less thick. I started growing my hair out in November 2005. It's the 2nd picture of me on this post: http://katieswords.blogspot.com/2006/11/last-day.html
I think in one of your previous posts you may have mentioned growing your hair out. If you do, and you're starting out where I did, be prepared to go through a LONG time of the ugly phase :-) I'm just hoping it will all be worth it in another year or two. The octopus clip is my current best friend.

2) My credit report from TransUnion has some of my husband's old addresses listed as MY previous addresses! With the one address, we were engaged at the time, so we may have signed up for something using that address. That's understandable. But it also lists an address he had before I even met him! The TransUnion credit report also lists my MAIDEN name as my current name, and my current (married) name as a former name. Experian and Equifax got it right though :-)

Thanks for the shout out. We must get as many TLF readers we can. Remember the sequel starts TOMORROW!

Ken and I got our credit reports right before we signed on our first house also. There were so many things on mine that were wrong!! Come to find out, someone had stolen my identity and bought a cell phone and then never paid for it. I was lucky that that was the only thing they bought. But still. It was a MESS to get that little thing taken care of.

Not to mention all the crazy ass shiz I found that my ex husband had signed us up for. There were a ton of store credit cards (we had never used them, but he had signed us up for them). It really was a mess to get all of it taken care of. But I was so glad that we did it BEFORE we tried for the house.

What I'm saying is that you are very smart in doing all of this now.

Good luck with EVERYTHING. (hint, hint)

But Frema, I'm scared. I know there must be an error on my credit report- do student loan agencies always screw people or what?? I know, I know, but the wuss in me wants to have my credit union handle it for me.

Multiple climaxes, btw, are always a good thing. ALWAYS.

I've got a 2nd honeymoon of sorts to St. Lucia coming up in April (3 short weeks until we leave) and that's still not enough incentive for me to get off my butt and get moving; even though me in a bathing suit or shorts right now = very. bad. things. I feel your pain. Maybe the thought of not being in shape before abstract baby becomes a reality will do it for you too as that's the other theoretical motivator for me also.

I saw your comment over at Amalah's Club Mom gig about how you and Luke were actively going for baby number 1 and I am so excited for you! I can't wait to read all about it. Best of luck with everything!

I would definitely advise checking your credit reports at least once a year. I checked mine last year and found that our local cable company had a collection account on there. An incorrect collection account. I had paid said balance 3 years before that when my service was turned off. I was able to get it taken off, but I will never know if it adversly affected me.

What an action packed entry! I too, am beginning a relationship with Suze Orman. I never thought I'd say that, but I'm really starting to like her with the way you talk her up and from seeing her on a few recent shows.

I just figured I had good credit because my husband and I always get low interest rates. I've never actually seen the report though. Interesting.

Ugh, credit reports. Almost as exciting as, I don't know, reading the dictionary cover-to-cover?

I know I am not helping matters here, but you mentioned mint chocolate chip ice cream. Do you like Fannie May mint meltaways? Deans has put out that flavor of ice cream. It is DE-LI-CIOUS!!

Whenever the "good news" appears on here, I am sure the whole internet blogging world will rejoice. Can't wait!

I DID see Isabel's post...it was awesome! We were discussing (through e-mail) how we can get more people to know about you and about TLF. We are such devoted fans/stalkers/groupies (gimme gimme gimme that groupie love)

Anyway, I totally feel your pain with the food and weight gain. I have had the same attitude as of late. When I'm eating the bad food I don't care. When I'm watching the scale go up I get mad and act all suprised...how could THAT have happened??

How did you get your free credit report, oh wise one? :)

Oh my heck! I've never seen my credit report! What is wrong with me??? My life could already be ruined!! RUINED!!! And I have no idea!!!


BTW, hooray for cash bonuses!!!

(and what's Isabel winking about??)

Oh! Pardon me! Isabel wasn't winking. She was hint, hinting.

Thanks to Isabel to linking me here! I love reading about your daily adventures and the Tragic Love Series is something awesome I look forward to on Fridays. Congrats on the baby thing...I hope it's a short journey for you!

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