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March 29, 2007


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Oh sister. I TOTALLY get where you are coming from. I was kind of looking forward to Justin playing basketball with a buddy on Monday, because that meant some "me" time to do WHATEVER I wanted to do.
It's not that we don't miss them when they are away, it's just that we can enjoy "girly" stuff without feeling like we are torturing them. (Sidenote: I felt like crap for being excited about him being gone when Justin came home early from playing basketball because he hurt his ankle. Read: had to be taken to the ER.)

That conversation could so have occured at my house. DH is out of town for a Thurs/Fri seminar. Do you think anything productive (other than kitty box work and feeding the animals) has happened while he's been gone? Yeah, I've got some stuff to do tonight before he gets home. Part of that is his family's fault - 3+ hour birthday dinners without him really cut into the energy and time available to get anything done.

The worst is when I've started to look forward to doing stuff by myself and then my DH decides not to do whatever because he would rather spend the time with me. Love him to death, but that makes me cranky (and thus not fun to be around).

I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! It's amazing how much you appreciate that time alone in your place, where you can eat, watch and do anything you want! If I want to sleep until 12:00? Done! Nobody asking me any questions about it! And no fighting over what we're going to watch on TV is priceless!

Have fun!!

Ditto on knowing exactly where you are coming from. Even if hubby is gone (which is rare) I still have the kids so the me time is only after they go to bed. So, enjoy that "me" time b/c soon you won't even have that. (But it's worth it.)
And FYI: The 3rd season of SATC is SO good! And My So Called Life? Tell Jordan and Angela hi for me.

I totally understand what you mean! Also, that is funny as hell!

Everyone needs a little "me" time! Better take advantage of it while you can, because once you have babies, it will be harder to come by.

How sad is it that I have never watched and entire episode of Sex and the City? I want to, I just never have.

I am right there with you!! Jonathan has a gig tonight (he's the lead singer in a cover band) and I am so frickity frackity excited that I get to play Wii all by myself!!

I LOVE ALONE TIME with myself.

I think that The King is going out with some freinds tonight. Which means I'll (also) be making Frema's spinach dip and watching Law & Order.

(Let's pretend I don't have a kid. Because really I'm going to be chasing him around and trying to keep his grimmy mits out of my spinach dip!)

Have fun!

I look forward to Joel's business trips. I miss him, but I have so much fun by myself while he's gone. I Tivo a whole bunch of Law and Order reruns and America's Next Top Model and Gilmore Girls, and I get excited the whole week before watching my cache of craptastic TV grow, anticipating watching it with no snippy commentary about how annoying Lorelei Gilmore is (I KNOW SHE'S ANNOYING) or how I've already seen this L&0 (I KNOW I'VE SEEN IT 4 TIMES ALREADY). I eat pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner and nobody tells me that's gross. I can get the whole house clean when there's nobody else around to mess it up.

Of course I miss him, too. But I think it's a good sign to be able to enjoy alone time. Otherwise you morph into one of those half-couples who is incapable of leaving the house without their significant other.

Add me to the list of wives who aren't terribly upset when their husbands leave town for a few days. You mean I get the WHOLE queen sized bed to myself (minus the cat, of course)?!? YEAH!

So funny. My b/f is away this weekend and I took the liberty of adjusting his Netflix queue to put something I figured he'd never want to see at the top of the list. Pride and Prejudice arrived yesterday.

His reaction: [pitifully] Ohhhh...you're going to watch that while I'm away? Well... can you tell me if it's good?"

Also, I think I need to get your spinach dip recipe. I tried faking a spinach dip a couple weeks back and it was awful. I don't know what inspired me to put an egg in it.

Yep, this conversation definitely could have happened in my household.

Hey I didn't even see this entry until I did this funny thing where I scrolled down. (Fool!)

I'll never admit it to him, but I get some enjoyment from the nights Kevin works late -- I put the kids to bed and then Aaaahhhh, quiet...


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