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March 04, 2007


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You SO made the right decision!!! I have the entire show on DVD and watch it religiously..and by that I mean every single day!!!

Love the shirt! :)

You only bought one season?? I say that is AWESOMELY budget-conscious!!

I made my own Spreadsheet this weekend...consisting of 6 linked worksheets...and I'm getting way too much enjoyment out of filling in the amounts. I have to say, it's only day 5 and I'm already thinking twice before purchasing: "which category would I have to put this in?"

Good decision making, sistah!! Is that mushroom on the shirt the mushroom from Super Mario Brothers? I loved that game, lol.

Proof. Here it is, proof that we are long lost twins. My Clinique compact? I've actually scraped the sides so it all crumbles in the middle. That's how bad mine is.
While reading this post, I was all but yelling SATC, SATC, pick SATC! I actually JUST completed my collection. I also saw each season marked down to $20 at Target (which we all know is a fabulous deal). I already had Seasons 1, 2, and 3. The only other seasons they had were Season 6, Part 1 and 2. So, I bought those. Still lacking Season 4 and 5. Last week, I was at Sam's with the hubby and spotted Season 4 and 5 for $17.88. $17.88!!!!! I threw them in the basket before my Discover Card could say cha-ching.

I love this. I totally watched Sex and the City via the edited version on TBS. I'm not sure if I really missed anything!! :-)

And good for you for getting the DVD and trying a cheaper hair product. I'm thinking it won't be all that bad!!

Why did I just waste five minutes of my life staring at the computer screen wondering where you got a Mario Brothers compact? Because I'm too stupid to recognize a mirror when I see one. That's why.

Enjoy your new DVDs!

Call me weird, I never had the desire to watch Sex and the City. I also refuse (and it's now become the principle of the thing) to ever watch any part of "Titanic."

I do love Clinique though. So that must have some redemptive quality.

Oh, and I'd love to have curly hair instead of this half straight, half wavy crap that always looks like I just rolled out of the trailer park. Wanna trade?

You are soooo funny.

Good job on even paying attention to a budget!

OMG!!! Britney's comment about the Super Mario Brothers compact was hilarious!!!!

LOL I just threw out my MAC Studio Fix compact that had much more product in that. The sole reason being that I bought a new one in DECEMBER, and my husband would probably tease me if he recalled the urgency of that trip to the mall.

Powder is like contact solution and deodorant- there's pretty much always more in that container.

Holy crap!! You cracked me up so bad! I don't know which was funnier - the way in which you described your undying devoted love for SATC on sale (which, I think I have watched maybe two episodes of in my entire life please don't stop being my friend) or your $50 dilemma with the shampoo. I was thinking, just buy a bottle of Pantene! But again, I wear Cover Girl makeup and dye my hair from a $17 bottle. (Which, I should know better to ever admit to in public forum. Ahem, Internet, it was all a joke and I would never wear makeup that I grabbed while running through Walmart on my way to the dog food aisle. Go about your business.)

I love you Bree.


Totally the right decision.

Ugh, how do you people not, within 10 days of purchase, drop your compacts on the bathroom floor, shattering the precious powder into cracks and crumbs that you gather up and spend the next month tapping a cotton ball into ever so gently so as not to reduce the remainder to dust?

I thought I was going all high-end, really treating myself, a few weeks ago when I upgraded myself from Maybelline to Prescriptives (Long's was having a sale) - and damned if I didn't immediately bring it home and drop it on the floor.

And you know if I spend $3 on Wet n Wild it'll last a year and a half.

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