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March 06, 2007


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That was a great post, and I plan on reading some of those entries you listed. That is, after I CATCH UP ON YOUR BLOG. I am sooooo lazy...I kept ignoring "Frema" on my bloglines because I knew I would want to comment and just didn't have time. So I am here, and will be here for the next hour, I'm sure!

Hey Frema - cool idea! In addition to the RSS readers you're trying now, I hope you'll give EarthLink's Reader a try (http://reader.earthlink.net/ - requires free registration). Yes, I work there, but I get not bonus for referals. I just like it better than Bloglines. And in case it isn't obvious, I don't speak for EarthLink.)

As far as favorite posts go, I'd have to include LookyDaddy's post "against" gay marriage: http://www.lookydaddy.com/weblog/2006/12/you_may_have_no.html

Ooh what fun! All these "best of" entries. Thanks for listing me! I can't wait to sit down and read the rest!!

I like this post from Stacey. I agree with her 100% and am really interested to see what happens with this teacher.

I think you've definitely hit on a few well-known/popular blogs that are easily accessible. I read about 90% of the blogs you just listed, or I've heard of them.

How about a few not-so-well-known blogs? I find it hard to believe that there are MILLIONS of bloggers and yet I keep going back to the same twenty or so.

A challenge to you, Frema... bring me something new!

I love reading new blogs. Especially if someone I trust (YOU) suggests them.

I just went and read the cell phone exchange one. Can I say, AWESOME!!?

I am going to have to think about this one and come back to offer my suggestions.

(And I recently started to use bloglines. I like it because I can use it at work without it looking like I'm reading blogs. But I hate that you can't comment via it.)

I absolutely love Linda's post at All & Sundry that you linked - I think I read it like five times when she first published it....

I will have to think of more and come back!

I agree with the concern about blogrolls going by the wayside in favor of feed readers. I have mixed feelings about this because the whole blogroll thing has become so politically charged in some ways. If you put someone on your blogroll these days, you better be damned sure you will never want to delete it or else feelings get hurt. I do prefer Bloglines in some respects because of this - I don't have to worry about hurting someone's feelings if I quit reading a certain blog.

Not that I see any real revenue...but the biggest negative to using RSS feeds soley to read blogs is issue of never needing to really SEE the site again. With the rss reader you never see anything but the actual posts which means you don't see design (good or bad) and the writer completely loses out on any possible revenue (that is not from ads within their posts). While most write for their own purposes, many of the bigger bloggers would probably forgo blogging if they didn't see any revenue from it.

All I know is that the blog I heart the most is Miss Doxie and missdoxieDOTcom. She is creative, hilarious, well-written AND gives wonderful indie gift links at Christmas which are TO DIE FOR!!!

Oh my gosh I just read the funeral home post. Oh my gosh! I don't think I will ever be the same.

Read it and weep:


Weep because you're laughing SO HARD, that is.

My favorite Frema entry is from September 2, 2005, "How Useless Clutter Changed My Life." One of my favorite blogs, Back in the Day, is written by a good friend, Gawilli. She has gentle way of wrting about a wide range of topics. Her posts frequency include beautiful pictures and song lyrics woven with the story of the day. Two of my favorite posts, "The Creek Also Rises" and "On the All Night Radio" are from September, 2006. In the creek story, Gawilli stands in front of a bulldozer to stop changes in a stream that flows behind her family home. In the radio story, she writes about a long-time addiction to music.

Does my little secret club of a blog show up on your bloglines? Isabel was having some issues. Just curious!

I too read the funeral home post. Thanks for the list but...yeeow. That was right before lunch (a mistake)! I had a sorority sister in college who went on to mortuary science. So much respect! I can't wait to check out these posts in your comments.

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