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March 14, 2007


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I am so so so bum that we missed you guys :o(

Random thoughts in response:
No pretzel ever again! Oh the horror. I am officially disappointed on your behalf!

When reading the first information about the show for which you had tickets my brain processed Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Springer....

Last, but certainly not least, the most recent Clinique gift at the (one) local department store included a free 1-year subscription to Marie Claire along with the other makeup related goodies.

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Yay!

Thank goodness you are back and finally got a chance to post. I was [this] close to having a No Frema Attack.
I'm glad you and Luke had a good time. That hotel rocks. I must admit though, every single time I read "me, Molly, Isabel, and Hollow Squirrel" I cry and maybe even die a little inside. (And yes, I will make a point to say that every single time you mention it for the next several months because waaaaaaaa.)

Side not: I giggle every time you use the word piss. You just don't seem like the kind of girl to use the word piss so it cracks me up.

I've been to Navy Pier during the summer fireworks and you're right, it's VERY romantic. I also enjoyed riding the big ferris wheel at night and being able to see the city. We stayed at the W hotel in Civic Center and hoitey-toitey about sums it up, but I hear the one on Lakeshore is even more extravagent.

BTW, your blog has made me give some serious thought about attending BlogHer.

That's the best damn picture of Luke ever! You guys crack me up.

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Can't wait to join you there for BlogHer!!

Sounds like a great weekend! That hotel bathroom is awesome! I would love to go to Chicago one day! And eat some pizza!

I'm with Silly Hily. I die a little inside when I think of you, Molly, Isabel and HS at BlogHer. Without me. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And no more pretzels? For the love of all that is holy, WHYYYYY???

We saw Jerry Seinfeld when he came here. Deeply disappointing. And I didn't even need to pee.

Good times! You have whet my appetite for some good Blogher recaps come July. Woo hoo!

What great pictures and fun adventures! I am also a fan of Marie Claire--it's the only magazine I have a subscription to.

Your post also made me have to pee, really badly. I'm not lying. I'm headed to the throne right now!

What fun. Such an adventure in such a short time. I could never keep up with that pace. Youth has so much energy to live.

Sounds like fun!

Looks like good times. I love the shutters in the john; I would have put them to the same good use, I'm sure.

When you type things like BLOGHER and getting together to party like it's 1999, I get all excited and can't concentrate on work and instead calming get up, shut my office door and do the dance! Kind of like The Safety Dance but with less chance of whiplash. I do the Running Man though. SO excited. I heart Navy Pier and your husband (but not in a Melrose Place kind of way). He's ahhdorable. Perfect for you!

You two take the coolest trips! Dan and I should really more plan more things together outside of what we've already done. I love the picture of you and Daddy on the motorcycle! I love you sister!

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