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March 02, 2007


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Had the police not shown up I think Michael was gonna kill her. Classic unrequited love! He'd have taken the baby and ran...he's a better father than her a mother anyway.

And what the? They take her FROM PRISON for a police Ride-a-long?!? Across state lines?!? Not to mention that the FBI probably would have been involved (and I don't mean Michael being a Federal body inspector of Jenna in the back seat...(which makes me think, what kind of car were they in that had a back seat that would fit two people and a baby?!?) ).

Ok, how did Kayla know that Jenna had butcher knife?

I like how the police came by to tell Kayla they were getting ready to go check out a lead. "yeah, we gonna leave in a little while, I mean, they have a car and a 24 hour headstart, how far could they get?"

"Raise your hands where I can see you" They were sitting on the hood of the car, wtf, were the police just laying on the ground, lol.

Gah, I heart TLF!

Damn! Rachel and I must share a brain, too...How did she know there was a butcher knife involved?
And FYI??!!! I'm like, a billion miles away from home, on vacation in FL, and DEMANDED internet service JUST so I wouldn't miss TLF. That's LOVE right there, Frema!
(Okay....maybe it's borderline obsession, but whatever.)

Girls, girls: Kayla called Jenna's house last week, remember? And Jenna's mom went all apeshit with random dialogue and mentioned the missing knife?

Also, I like to imagine that Jenna and Michael were making out on the hood of the car, White Snake-style, while officers surrounded them and grabbed the baby. Very sexay. And stupid.

Don't pay attention to Marg. She's in FL and has clearly had one too many beers. As for Rachel, I don't know what her excuse is. Come on girls, remember, Kayla called Jenna and her mother answered the phone and said that Jenna was gone and so was a butcher knife from the kitchen. This happened right after the police told Kayla that Katherine was gone.

Frema, you rock. That's all I can say. Just when I think your commentary can't get any better? It does.

"My parents will hug me, write me a huge check, and then I'm gone."
What the hell is that all about. Seriously, it's a wonder any of these kids turned out normal with the parents they have. Oh wait, they didn't. They murder, and kidnap, and do the nasty, and have babies, etc. etc.

I was also soooo nervous for Michael. Until the police arrived, I was starting the get scared for Jenna though. Michael was getting a bit pissy about her not telling him what he wanted to hear.

I nearly peed my pants watching Talladega Nights. Glad you got a few good laughs out of it, too. I imagine you and I must have a bit in common sense of humor-wise... You know...with our undying devotion for Zach Braff and all...

And I'm glad you liked Click because I liked it, too, (and cried) and ever since Ebert and Roper (or whoever they are) listed it on their Top Ten Worst Movies of 2006, I have felt shame. Why do I care what they think? I dunno. I need to get over that. I can like whatever movies I want to, right?

And the Notebook.... all I can say is I wanna make out with Ryan Gosling.

That is all.

Have a nice day.

Ok, Silly Hily, I have 3, count 'em, 3 kids, do I really need an excuse, lol?

1. "It'll be harder if you wait," he said softly. [That's what my first boyfriend said when he wanted to have sex!]

Exactly WHAT would have been harder if you'd waited? tee hee!

2. "A woman spotted a car that matches the description of suspect Jenna Meddows."

So the *car* looked like Jenna's description. Interesting, lol.

3. [That last part was creepy. I don't want anyone kissing my eyelids.]

When you have babies, you won't be able to stop yourself from kissing their eyelids when they're sleeping. It's really not possible. Sorry.

OMG!!! You watch Big Love too?!?! I love Big Love SOOOO very much. I canNOT wait for the second season to come out. I have Netflix and I love it. No more having to remember what it is I wanted to see so badly.

Oh, and The Departed is fabulous and full of violence and Proof is also fantasic.

Hoooooray TLF! (I will be so sad to see it end! "Never ever gooo awayyyy")

You have NKOTB stuck in my head. Early NKOTB, which I think is worse.

I am so glad that Michael finally fessed up to his undying love for Jenna. A little disappointed in Jenna, because I totally wanted her to agree so Michael could finally get laid for standing by her through all this crap.

When I read, "tears sprang to my eyes," I pictured an odd-poltergeist water fountain effect, tears shooting out of him and soaking Jenna. Next thing you know there's an alien baby crawling out of his belly and critters coming up through the ground.

What? It could happen.

So, this being your second-to-last installment, will you put it all together in one giant, complete Tragic Love page?
I'm savoring it to the last drop--I want to be able to devour the whole thing at once. Not so good with WAITING!
Also: YAY for BlogHer. I'm fully booked in.

I know, I know, I knowwwww I totally slacked and missed out on commenting on last week's TLF... I feel like this is a walk of shame, reconciling, coming back to admit to the world (wide web) that I, admitted adict to TLF, faltered-- blame it on my job. Blame it on yours. Blame it on your mom. Blame it on the rain, yea, yea.

Okay, so here's the deal-- I didn't get any creep strangler vibes from Michael, though I was strangely surprised that he was more prepared to care for the infant than the once mother-to-be herself... didn't she read any books during her pregnancy with Mary Katherine (maybe she did no preparation whatsoever-- either making her the token TLF psychic, having the premonition that her child would not actually arrive to be cared for... OR it makes her a damn teenager)??

Maybe Michael will move on from his love for Jenna while she's in prison for kidnapping and can seek a career as a Manny. He was damn good with the baby that I bet once the media gets ahold of this story, he will be launched into caring for Sean Preston Federfalling and Number 2. Good going Mike!

As for Jenna and Kayla, I think I may be a little backwards in all my thinking, but the fact that in each of their major situations, they're mutually like,"meh, she'll forgive me". I see these two being the stars of the show in the sequal.... either that or sharing a cell, braiding each others hair. Whatever.

Okay, so that's my take, and PS- If they made this into a movie, I would totally watch you in the director's cut just to hear your commentary throughout! You should work on some contacts!!:) I would camp out in line for three weeks... in a tent next to Silly Hily;)

The movie is on the daddy d/mjd list to see. Pastor Tim played a clip of the prayer during the Christmas Eve service. His point was that many people like Ricky Bobby prefer the tiny baby Jesus to the grown-up, trouble-making, changing-your-life Jesus. I think maybe he is right.

Yeah, what kind of a car are they driving that they can all 3 sleep comfortably in the back seat and also make-out up on the hood?


Since when are Jenna's parents total asswipes? I thought that was David and Cassie's mom, going on her "vacations" with her "friends". Maybe I just forgot from reading through these too fast that Jenna's parents are RICH asshats.

Oh, and when I was a teenager, I would have been ecstatic if my parents had offered to write me a huge check and never talk to me again. I'm just sayin...

I also love how the police "slowly surrounded" them. Was it also silently? Or was the sound of their cars drowned out by the sounds of their beating hearts?

PS- The baby Jesus commentary was the best part of Talladega Nights.

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