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March 09, 2007


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I can't wait for teenaged Katherine's reaction to the long withheld information about her adoption (as per Jenna's intentions) - I forsee it creating great trauma for everyone involved. Hee.

Hope you have a great trip to Chicago.

What a story! What a writer! I hung on every.single.word.

I thought to myself, there is no way I'm going to cry over TLF. No way. I love it so much but I won't cry over it. Wrong! I cried. I totally cried when they were taking Katherine away from Kayla. Oh my gosh! I felt like my heart was being pulled from my body. But I did laugh at the Corniest Line In TLF, Amen (for you Molly). I don't even think I need to tell you which line I'm talking about because you cringed, too.
Bree, I adore you and I adore TLF. It wasn't even close to everything I thought it would be. It was SO much more. and I mean that, I really do. Especially, when I reminded myself of your age when you wrote it.
I can't wait for more! More teenage years of the next generation, more death, more babies, more, more, more!!!!
(Couldn't you have bought another notebook or just more paper to finish up and keep on going b/c Cassie! What the hell is going on with Cassie?)

Crap, I knew I forgot something. If this ever makes it to the big screen, or the small screen, or any screen, PLEASE (that's me beggin) let me be in charge of the music. Oh the cheesy music that could surround some of those moments. And the good music that could surround some of those moments. Why, the right music playing in the background would make watching them take Katherine away almost as painful as Shelby being unplugged.

Good Lord that made me cry! TLF made me cry and cringe during the same post. Who knew! I cannot wait for March 23rd!!!! I would do a synopsis, but, seeing as how I'm not so much a good writer, I would not be able to do TLF justice!!

And I'm with Hil...I always have to remind myself how YOUNG you were when you wrote this b/c even though it's very 90210ish, it is full of emotion and passion and I just love love love it.
And I'm sad that it's over.
But I SO look forward to more!

I'm so sad it's over! Can't wait for the continuation!

It's over! :( I thought that when Kayla got out of prison she'd get the baby back, but I guess not. . . at least not yet, lol!

Oh can I just tell you the sad sinking feeling I had when I opened your blog today to see part one of TLF concluding! I mean, regardless of there being more just waiting in the wings, it marks the end of the crazy ass teenage years. (Not necessarily the end of crazy ass altogether, but the kind of crazy associated with youth... there's just something MAGICAL about it... like a halucinogen).

ANYWAY--(stay on task Sant!)-- spectacular! No charges pressed! The wedding (good for little Michael- now don't hit your wife, PUNK)! The adoption! The twins! I love it! Also-- I just want to send some mad props to you Frema, for posting your early writing as is... I don't know if I would be able to go back and not change my mind about things, like, oh- maybe re-reading, I would now want Jenna to have been the killing machine, rather than Kayla... you get what I'm saying. Nice work, young Frema.

I'm thrilled with the conclusion of part one. And to have to now wait a couple of weeks... I hope my attention span can last through the hiatus... cause lord knows I'm losing my patience with Grey's and the Office. I digress-- excellent series, and I cannot wait for the sequal:)



This is so....what's the word I'm looking for?!? Oh yeah, Comedy! Forget Tragedy, this actually had me laughing out loud as I was reading it. Then again, I'm a callus, cynical man without a heart that is incapable of having a tear.

So, like, you can just decide not to press charges when a kidnapped child crosses state lines? I thought that was a federal charge? With, like, the FBI involved?

What is it with teenage dramatic manuscripts and multiple births? My ill-fated series (oh yes, the next Ann M Martin, right here) had triplets. I believe one of them was named Cassie, too. Whoa.

And what of Cassie? I hope she becomes properly, Lifetime Movie Network, bat-shit insane for the next segment of the story. Muttering in a jail cell about being ignored, etc etc

I would love to write a summary, but I can't seem to keep everyone's names straight! I wouldn't want to confuse potential readers!

Alas, my reliable Friday entertainment to distract me from the prison that is my basement cube has come to an end. At least for a week.

But I'll be out of town next Friday, so I'm glad I won't be missing it.

Thanks for posting this, Frema. I may mostly lurk, but I assure you this has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.

Stellar conclusion, I have to say. Just when I think everything's all nicely wrapped up and I can finally relax and slouch back in my chair, you throw that cliffhanger about Kayla getting out of prison in there and pull me right back to the edge of my seat! I can't wait until the 23rd -- it's going to be a good, good day.

One question, though. Iowa? Is Jenna's DREAM place? Seriously? What's so dreamy about Iowa? (Okay, so maybe that was more like one question phrased as four questions. But you get the point.)

What I really want to know is how many people actually dream of living in Iowa?

I am so looking forward to the sequel!

I like how Kayla's all patting herself on the back for giving Katherine away, as if she had any choice in the matter.

I just can't picture how that "you were adopted" conversation is going to go.

"Your mother? Oh, but she was FORCED to give you up because she was in prison... What? Ah, for killing your father. But I mean, not on purpose..."

"Your father? He was a wonderful man, his manager at McDonalds said he had a lot of potential, in fact I was in love with him myself. Well, I mean, not as in love with him as I am with your current dad, ah, I mean..."

"Didn't anybody want you? Oh, no, honey! I wanted you so bad I KIDNAPPED you! Smooches! Huh? Oh, well, because I wanted a replacement for my own baby with your real father...oh no, no, YOU're special TOO! Smooches!"

I have spent all afternoon working on my review only to come check out the comments and see TasterSpoon sum it up in one hefty explanation to little Katherine.

Oh zoiks! Nothing like being a sad number eighteen in the comments section.

How sad to see TLF the teenage years come to an end. As the chapters jumped ahead a year and then five years I was like, nooooo!

Kayla's giving up the baby was terribly sad, and totally sets us up for a kidnapping later on, no? That baby is starting early, totally learning the trade - she's a little drama queen! "Mama! No!" And completely understanding that she was being separated from her mother before it happened. Way to go Katherine! I bet you're really stirring the pot at your Kindergarten!

I am glad that things are working out for Jenna and Michael. I would like to know how he's training to be a teacher and she's staying home with three kids to feed, cause that's a feat! Or maybe the park they were playing in was not far from the benches they've been sleeping on? Heehee

Oh Tragic Love Friday, Adult Version (yikes!) hurry! Hurry!

That was a fabulous conclusion to a great story...props to Lil' Frema! Cannot WAIT for more.

A TLF comment but I don't have much time, just to say I am still so glad you went through the effort of sharing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's over? I can't believe it's really over! Noooooooooo1!!!!

(Was that enough drama for you?)

Seriously, though, I'm on tenterhooks for the sequel. TENTERHOOKS.

I love 'lil Frema more then my own husband right now.

Conclusion? Yummy!

I just sat here at work and read all of the TLFs in one sitting. Thanks to Isabel. Nice job Frema!

Oh, so I'm not the only one sitting here reading them all back to back? Phew!

Ok, so I'm not really sure why Katherine needed to be ADOPTED, instead of just cared for for 5 years. Except of course, to add to the drama.

I think it's only fair that Jenna give Kayla one of her twins as a Getting Outta Jail present. She has two, it only makes sense.

I can't wait to read about The Twins and The Unwitting Adoptee in their adolescence. That's when all soaps get REALLY good... when you've been watching so long that the next generation is repeating all of their parents' mistakes.

Not that I would know or anything.

I LOVE how Iowa got to make an appearance in the final chapter.

And also? Why are their parents perfectly ok with letting them get married at 17? 18??

So addicting. Will start on sequel first thing at work tomorrow!

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