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March 16, 2007


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This is hard Frema! Hard, I tell you! Why must WE choose the best summary?

I am totally torn between Molly and Hilary!!! Hilary had a more in-depth synopsis and Molly's was quick and to the point. Both made great use of your extremely funny commentary. Hil, made me cry by reposting the whole "Ma-ma! Ma-ma! No-no-no-Ma-ma!" Her face was blotchy, and her arms reached out to me. Her little body shook with sobs." thing! Thanks alot, Hil!

I don't know which way to go! I may just do enie meenie minie mo (I probably just jacked that spelling all up!).

This is a tough one there, Frema. On one hand, I love me good Haiku. On the other hand, SillyHily IS pretty damn funny and did an awesomely accurate summary. On the other other hand (yes...I have 3 hands. shut up.) Molly's "your mom" joke almost made me pee myself. I'm gonna havta go with SillyHily. NOT just because she is my BFF. But because she is the one who made me start reading TLF and "Lil Frema's" comments in the first place. To be honest, I was skipping over the stuff in brackets because it was making me lose track of
the story. (damn ADD) But when she told me how funny they were, I went back and re-read and HO-LY CRAP! That's some funny shit. SO yeah...moral of this obnoxiously long comment: SillyHily.

Wow. Silly Hilly, that is a freakin epic! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it. And Molly, yours had me laughing out loud at work....and my cube mates thought I had been watching the NCAA action.

Since I can't vote for myself...even though Haiku's are the world's greatest form of communication.....

The winner I pick
Put in incredible work
Yay! Silly Hilly!

"..thick and juicy, just like your mom..." Oh no you didn't Molly. (Wait, of course you did. I would be so upset if you didn't.) That was hi-larious. I vote Molly. (Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "your mom." You had me at "your mom.")
David, your Haiku rocked. I've been hounding Frema all morning to post already because she let it slip that you turned in a poem for your review and I couldn't wait to read it. I love that you mentioned Whitesnake.

Now, all of you non TLF readers listen up. You have no excuse. Even if you don't like what Lil' Frema wrote (which you should) you will totally pee yourself when you read what Grown Frema thinks of Lil' Frema's writing. Seriously.

As I read the chapter with the hood making out I couldn't get the Bowling For Soup song, 1985 out of my head....'on the hood of Whitesnakes car'.....how could any summary subsequently omit the 80s reference!

Do I get to vote too? The other submitters did (Your mom's a submitter!) so I guess I can, huh?

I vote for Silly Hily!! She rocked with the in-depth summary, commentary included - everything that new potential readers need to know. And I am IMPRESSED!!

Also, your mom's impressed. I can't stop! And neither can your mom!

Its official. I'm going to have to go back and get caught up. FABULOUS recaps.

Also? While I totally respect the time and creativity it took David to 'ku the whole thing and I always dig a good "your mom" joke, I must go with Silly Hilly because I think I enjoyed her "Best Brackets" winners more than anything. Plus... you know... it's a bracket sort of time of year.

I refuse to choose. I think 'lil Frema should have to choose.

(although I did love reading the brackets again!)

Okay, let's see here. I'll admit, I've jumped on and off and on the TLF bandwagon, not because I didn't ever not want to read, but because I've become a lazy blogger as of late. I hope you know that I love you and maybe you will find it in your heart to forgive me for not loving you as I should have. Look, I'll give you my bastard first born and won't run you over when I see you at the DQ, okay?? OKAY?

Anyway, down to business. Hilary definitely gets an A+ for a whole lot of effort and a humorous effort at that. Molly's mom joke had me LOL. But I am a poet at heart and really, nothing beats a good haiku and that my friend, was a GOOD haiku. So, David gets my vote. If I could, I'd vote for your mom.

I usually skip the TLF commentary because Molly and Silly Hily totally wrap it up with no further input necessary. Anything else I could come up with is pathetic by comparison.

The other thing, yeah, my teenage angst fiction writing, so so so much worse. I cringe. No sarcastic comments could save it. Mad props to you for taking the risk and letting it all hang out. Even if I am extremely jealous of your talent back then.

Gotta vote for Molly on the wrap-up, just because of her summary using the words of (older, wiser, and just a little bit more sarcastic) Adult Frema.

I am ALWAYS late to the party...it's probably too late to vote, but that's okay. I am not a good decision maker. But I will say, the haiku was awesome, silly hily must have spent hours on that, and molly cracks me up.

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