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March 23, 2007


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Yay 'Lil Frema - such a great intro into the pain and suffering to come.

I'm rooting for Kyle and Katherine----incest! Yay!

OK, who's already thinking that Cassie and Kayla have some lesbinum (to quote Ben from Friends) tendencies? Anyone? Anyone? :)

Wow! And Yay! And OMG! And Oh Snap!

I put up a link on my site the other day. All people must read TLF or be forever left out. I'm hopelessly devoted to TLF...yes, I'm 36 years old, why do you ask?

Eeeee!!! The Sequel!!!
For the first time, I feel sorry for Kayla. I'm sure that won't last long because she's up to her batshit crazy ways again with batshit crazy Cassie, but still, right now? I feel sorry for her. When you first mentioned Kyle I was all, damn Kayla you went from one night stand with ex-boyfriend to prison hussie. But poor girl was raped. That makes me very sad. You weren't kidding about this one being more graphic. And yeah, I see the incest coming a mile away.
I was scared for Kyle's life for a minute though. When he started asking a question and Cassie was all STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. I can just see her being all "Don't make me cause another 'accident' boy."
And YAY! 90210. I'd like to thank the academy. I'd like to thank God and my family. But most of all, I'd like to thank you. You! The readers of TLF..thank you for voting for me. Without you, this would have never been possible. (Okay, without Frema it wouldn't be possible but you get it.)
Finally, The Neverending Story was (and still is) a favorite of mine.

I am soooo glad TLF is back!!!!!!! Um, yeah, Kayla and Cassie? They got issues. Serious issues!! I cannot wait to find out how they manifest themselves this time!

The u-haul thing? Isn't the whole point of a u-haul that YOU HAUL your shit your damn self? WTF? I guess Kayla and Cassie just got it like that.

"I ended up with a head concussion, 2 cracked ribs and a fetus." Holy crap! I don't know why that stuck out for me but it did. She loves that boy, but, uh, she still refers to him as a fetus?

Ready and waiting for next week!

Oh and Hil, did you not hear the music? Your speech was waaay to long! LMAO!

woohoo! It's back!

Hmmm... why do I get the feeling that Kyle will see Katherine at school and fall in love with her not knowing that she is his sister?

And I'm surprised Kayla named him Kyle and not David. Guess she didn't love him as much as we thought!

This is really going to suck having to wait a week between TLF's. Reading them all at once was just too good.

Woohoo! TLF! I'm doing a happy dance in my dark basement cube.

Also, I totally recognize some of the Pike and Andrews stylistic elements. And yes, Katherine and Kyle are totally going to do it.

"Actually, murder is such a strong word. We didn't mean to kill him. It was Jenna's guts we wanted splattered all over the street, not his."

Wow. That is a bloody awesome line! And what maternal instincts, lie to your son, move him cross-country on a regular basis to find his half-sister that he doesn't know existed and is bound by fate to have incestual relations with. And maybe a baby too.

Frema, if part 1 of Love, Betrayal, and a Baby wasn't tailored made for a Lifetime original, this one surely is!

I know I don't comment on TLF nearly enough, but I am just as addicted as everyone else. I am SO excited it's back!

First of all, am I seeing things, or is that Mr. Hotty McHottypants himself, Dean Cain, playing Michael? If it is, then you just made 14-year-old Audrey's day, Frema. He was my number one celebrity crush when I was in Jr. High.

Second, Cassie and Kayla are just screaming LESBIAN to me. Think about it: Kayla falls in love with the sister of her dead lover. It's just crazy enough to be completely logical in TLF-land.

And finally, I love Carrisa's theory about Kyle falling in love with Katherine at school. I don't see how it could happen any other way.

It's back, it's back!

TLF readers are good. Good, I tell you.

I did NOT think about Kyle and Katherine hooking up. But you totally know that's coming up. And will they really do it, or just make out a little and know that it feels "wrong"?

And as for Cassie and Kayla being lesbians, I think it makes sense. But I'm not sure that Lil Frema would do that. But wait, Lil Frema went to an all girls high school? Maybe that's exactly what Lil Frema would write about. Hmm. The plot thickens.

As always, the parents are idiots. Why would Kayla's parents take Kyle but not Katherine?? Was it because Kyle is such a smart kid? (Although rumor has it he would have been even brighter if his Mom and her lesbian lover didn't drag him all over the country, for NO GOOD REASON!)

And also, wouldn't it have been much cheaper then a PI to just look up Michael and Jenna on classmates.com or myspace? I'm just sayin'.

Damn! Now THAT'S the way to kick of the sequal! Frema, I have to apologize for my absense in recent TLF happenings, I was in a time warp.

Oh yesyesyes, I see crazy ass written all over the place!! Before you gave the description of how Kyle came to be, I really was straining my brain to do the math on that one (so, she was in prison, a woman's prison, he's 14, and she was in prison... oye- it was like the word problem to end all word problems... then I entered counseling, where my therapist told me it's okay to let go of the facts, because it's a soap opera, and all soaps operate on the same premis that time, space, reason, and finances are never a barrier to the storyline-- NOT EVEN DEATH!-- but alas, before I had the chance to find inner peace, you filled in the blanks that had been giving me a complex:) I'm finished now, btw.

So yes, I am with everyone else where I see serious Kyle/ Katherine action-- that will be a story for the kids... "well, you see, son/ nephew..."

Good going Frema! I can stop taking the medication that has gotten me through the last two weeks in TLF's absence:)

I would also like to note Kayla's stunning remorse for the crime she committed-- I see that the system must be working.

PS- I thought she had asked Jenna and Mickey to adopt Katherine because the two of them had become bosom friends again, no? I'm sorry, I was just thrown by "Jenna's guts spilled across the parking lot" some 15 years later.

Just something to think about. That is all.

Sant: Even though the girls are fine NOW, back then Kayla was pissed as hell at Jenna for stealing and becoming impregnated by her man, remember? That line was intended to reflect her former feelings, Christopher Pike-style.

I'm with Sant. That part confused me also. Thanks for explaining it.

And if she had asked them to adopt her baby, wouldn't they have stayed in contact? Or something.

Isabel: Not necessarily. Even if they ended on peaceful terms, a lot of shit still went down, you know? I mean, Jenna and Michael didn't plan on letting Katherine know she was adopted, so they certainly weren't going to take her to the state prison for a visit, and Kayla's hands were full, what with the rape and second illegitimate child and everything.

At least, that's how lil' Frema decided it would be for them. Adult Frema might have allowed for a couple of letters, just to throw Kayla a bone.

I must make a "for the record" statement.
I don't think Cassie and Kayla are going to be full fledge lovers or anything. I think they are best friends. Best friends that kind of make you think something might be going on but that is never fully disclosed. Think Idgie and Ruth in Fried Green Tomatoes. That's how I picture Cassie and Kayla. And I guess Kyle can be little Buddie Jr. (only with two arms).

Just gimme a second to clean up the Weight Watchers ice cream bar I just spit all over my keyboard when Silly Hily said "Buddie Jr, Only with two arms." Holy Shit! Hahahaha

I absolutely love the cast of characters you have going on this time. It's awesome to see faces right out the gate.

I never saw Kyle coming, but I'm curious to know if Kayla spent some time in the South after prison, with the trio of K names going on. Poor Kyle, who would have been smarter had they not moved around so much. That'll teach em to stay in one place. I can't wait til he kisses his sister. Eeewwww!

And Kayla's thoughts on Jenna's could-have-been death? Yowza. Nothing like pleasant feelings for the woman who spends her days raising your child in the place of the one you killed.

Can't wait for more!!

"I did NOT think about Kyle and Katherine hooking up. But you totally know that's coming up. And will they really do it, or just make out a little and know that it feels "wrong"?"

It could totally be like in Back to the Future when Lorraine kisses Marty and she says it feels like she's kissing her brother.

I could sit and read these comments over and over and over.

Yeah, I don't buy that Katherine and Kyle will just "feel" like it's wrong when they make out (or "do it", whatever their fate will be).

They will LIKE IT, damn it.

And that is where it all starts. The years and years of therapy. Not to mention WHAT WILL THEY TELL THEIR BABY:

"We're sorry you have 3 eyes and two bunger holes. We couldn't stop ourselves. We were young and in love and didn't realize we were BROTHER AND SISTER!"

I'll shut up now.

Holy Shit! Isabel said Bunger Hole!!


Ah, our author returns with yet more adventures for the Tragic Love Friday enthusiasts. Friday is not over, and our Frema has 24 comments.

Although I am not a real author of a real story, today begins the sequel to my first blog, Spring of the White Robin. You can visit at the sequel Return of the White Robin.

Your TLF stories make me sad because I used to write stories all the time when I was younger. I typed them on our old DOS computer, and then it crashed, and all of my [what I thought would surely be] novels were lost. I would love to go back and read them and laugh my head off at myself, but I can't.

I guess I'll just have to continue living through your TLFs.

Young Kayla and older Kayla are two different people. Younger is Carrie and older is Hope

It's back! And this time, it's PERSONAL!

Man, I love TLF.

Oh, Brooke, you just announced to the whole world that you don't read TLF! I talk about the use of the different actresses in this very entry.

You have cute kids, though, so I'll forgive you. For now. :)

Hey! Just to give you an even thirty, I'm back to comment! I'm very excited about the sequal, but I hope there is less (baby) popping in this series:)

More TLF here we come!

Is it Friday yet?
What! Only Monday?

I love that you put pictures to the character's faces! Clever, clever. ;)

Wooooooo! TLF is baaaaaack!

ANYONE who's read VC Andrews KNOWS that kyle and katherine are going to make out.

Still laughing at the line "and I ended up with 2 cracked ribs and a fetus". I don't know why I think that is so funny. Maybe I'm just wacky.

Okay, I've never read any VC Andrews. Incest, really? It sounds like it's best that I stay away from him/her.

(and now I'm off to google this VC person.)

Here comes the incest! Woohoo! It's not a real soap until a long-lost sibling pair unwittingly falls in love, forgets to use protection, and then finds out about their parentage when the chick is already knocked up.

Dude, on Passions, Teresa slept with her True Love's father and then pretended the baby was her True Love's to get him to leave his wife. One time she also locked him in a garage and refused to let him leave until he had hot, sweaty sex on the hood of a car with her. That was awesome.

Maybe you could work those things into the pre-quel? THERE WILL BE A PREQUEL, right?

My request is to work "hot, sweaty sex on the hood of a car" into every post.


Yeah, TOTALLY embarassing! :-)

I can't believe Kayla was raped!! That was a pretty brutal scene for lil Frema, even though it only lasted a few sentences. But then, I remember the angsty phase well. I love TLF. Now that I'm caught up on last week's, I'm on to this week's!!! Double the TLF, Double the fun.

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