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March 30, 2007


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I am definitely in agreement with it being the younger Jared Leto! Incest here we come!!!

Is anyone else seeing Shannon getting totally jealous of Katherine because Kyle winked at her? OMG it's Jenna and Kayla all over again!!! Katherine's gonna get it if she doesn't watch out. Teehee, in more ways than one!

Swoon, Jordan Catalano WOULD have given one hell of a wink. Go ahead, switch the pictures out. I can just see Kyle walking back to his seat with that little sway/pimp walk that Jordan had and throwing that wink Katherine's way. And I can see the glare in Shannon's eyes. Does Shannon have a big role in Part II? If so, are you going to cast her? Who will play Shannon?
And yes, I do see Kayla and Cassie as a Thelma & Louise but I also see them as a Ruth & Idgie but wait, you DON'T KNOW WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT. People, please tell Frema (and Rachel and Margarita...I'm still amazed at you girls) that she needs to see Fried Green Tomatoes.
(I just scrolled back up to see if I missed anything and my God Jared Leto was HOT before he went all freak on us. I loved him.)

I feel dirty after clicking the link to learn more about Chris and Cathy. Dude again, I am so glad I didn't read those books. And Lil Frema, how did your Mom allow them in your house???

My prediction is that Kyle really wasn't asleep in the back of the car. The kid is smart, don't forget. He totally knows what's going on. He knows that Katherine is his (half) sister and he's into that kind of thing.

I think maybe he got it from reading something called "Petals on the Wind". But I'm not sure.

Oh, and I'd totally do young Jared Leto. Old Jared Leto, not so much.

You can feel good about switching the pictures. Do it!

And also, now I am, totally, paranoid about my, comma usage. I think, I've, been doing it wrong all, this time.

I suck, thanks, for reminding me.

Don't worry about it, Isabel, if, you, screw up to badd on anythang, Frema, will totaly fix, it for you, cause it dives her crazy. And no, I don't no about that frum experience.

Oh yeah, I hear the bad 70's bow-chica-bow-wow, as the prelude to some fantastically hot brother-sister action.

David, nothing personal, (again, with the commas) but dude...the sentence "fantastically hot brother-sister action" should never be used again. Brother/sister action is neither "hot" nor "fantastic" where I come from.

I'm just sayin'!

Hilary: Only if I have your permission!

(Most of the time, anyway.)

Is it wrong that I wish there were an unspoken agreement that ALL blog authors would proof their readers' comments? Seriously. If I misspell a word or use the wrong punctuation mark in a comment on your site, and it's obvious I meant something else, just fix it for me. I'm all about looking smarter!

Katherine seems like such a NICE girl. I just know that Kyle is going to be the bad influence her "parents" warned her about - even if he is a younger man (not to mention the whole part about him being her half-brother).

Am I alone in thinking that if Katherine was torn from her mothers arms at one year old, and he was conceived even just a couple weeks later, she's almost two years older than he and they should not be in the same grade? Because you know that her "parents" wouldn't have let her be held back - or did I miss the part where he was smart enough to be moved up a grade(despite the many different schools and moving around so much, etc.).

Teehee, I am soooooo glad that I am not the only grammar nazi that blogs!! And, Isabel? Yeah, I second that! Not hot! Not fantastic!

I thought, I was the only 1 whose stupid enough too need there comments edited. LOLOLOLOL!!1


Bring on the incest! Although I felt dirty after clicking on that VC Andrews link. How did I miss that stuff when I was growing up? The only romance novel I ever read was one I bought in an airport by accident when I was about 12 years old. I thought it was just a regular book about colonial America. Was I ever surprised when I got to the first sex scene... and the second... and the nine hundredth...

Oh, VirginiaGal, it's all one room schoolhouses in Iowa.

PS -- Isabel, Kyle is smart, but he could have been a lot smarter if he hadn't been moved around so much. I don't think he knows.

VirginiaGal: Holy crap, you're right! Even if he skipped a grade (which I think he did), Kyle should only be thirteen years old.

Obviously lil' Frema did some (unintentional) SORASing of her own.

Thanks for the encore Frema.

Okay. Man talk about hormonal teens. These two go back and forth like, well, like your mom. (AGAIN, with the, commas!)

And really, we're going there with the incest??!!

I need to go throw up a little now. And shower.

(and then maybe go to a dance club. It sounds like they have exactly what I'm looking for. I've been meaning to brush up on my French. [your mom brushed up on my French.])

Awesome! Things are moving along quite nicely. All you incest-predictors are so smart!

Holy freaking cow, I am so glad that my brother is not Jared Leto. Jordan Catalano is hot hot HOT, and I don't know if the bonds of family could break that crush (though ewww.....). I already call my husband by my brother's name all the time and it is SO DISTURBING! Also, I would like to join the meeting of comma-and-hyphen-overusers-anonymous (I'm-adding-the-hyphen-because-it's-my-crutch).

Remember, May, it doesn't matter if your sentences have a bunch of commas or hyphens, so long as each mark is being used properly. For example, in Isabel's sentence:

"These two go back and forth like, well, like your mom."

Both comma placements are correct. Way to go, Isabel!

Stay tuned for the next grammar lesson from "What're you lookin' at": the apostrophe. It should only go before or after an "s" if one is trying to show possession, e.g., "your mom's birth control pills" or "the people's court." It should NOT make an appearance when an "s" is simply making a word plural, like "Can all the mothers in the house give me an Amen?" or "Home of the Pumas."

My biggest grammar-related pet peeve ever!

Frema, I am totally loving TLF (wish I could be so brave!). And the purpose of a comma is to say "Here comes an S!"

hahaha! Oh to die for! The sequal is right up there, if not kicking the ass of part one:) May I just go right into my first point of business: "Where'd Aunt Cassie go?" asked Kyle. At that moment, she emerged from the house, her long dark brown hair covered with bits of drywall.

Where the hell did the drywall in her hair come from? I picture batshit crazy Aunt Cassie crawling around like a fraggle or poking through the drop ceiling- whatever:)

Second-- I love love love the line about Katherine and Kyle feeling like they had met before... IN THE SAME UTERUS!! HA! Sigh, oh I love it!

There are so many things to note in this episode, I don't know where to go next, other than I feel like Kyle may have inherited the unstable gene from Cassie. It does seem that he's slightly bipolar. Also, when Kyle is talked about from Kayla's perspective, I feel like I'm looking at a four year old boy, and the next scene when he's looking Katherine up and down I was slightly startled. It just goes to show that teenagers never surprise me. And by that I mean, oh yes. Surprised.

Love the posting, no matter the half-assery. I will take TLF in any form:)

Haha! I didn't want to jinx myself by reading the other comments before I posted my own, so I just now went back and might I add, I thoroughly enjoyed "Frema's grammar and writing lessons" brought to you by blog comments and people with pet peeves everywhere (say that three times fast)!

If in your next installment you could go over the proper usage of two, to, and too- as well as the there, they're, and their, I would greatly appreciate it. I would link you to my office manager, who would probably not appreciate it, but could use some serious SERIOUS help. Gratzi!

PS- Consider this (right here: X__Sant___.) as my pre-approval contract for you to adjust any spelling errors or omission of important words (ie- as I am a big fan of your examples cited above): the phrase "I you". There should be a love or hate or something in between there- don't leave me hanging- just PICK SOMETHING FOR ME SO I DON'T LOOK AS IF I FAIL TO PROOFREAD, THOUGH ALWAYS DO AMEN!!!

Also, commas and hyphens I am okay with- wheather they are right or wrong I don't really care, but I AM concerned with the words themselves.

That will be all. Carry on. (Your mom carries on!)

Bout damn time I got a comment in here. I've only tried fourteen times. (Blame it on the rain...)

I had to look up Jared Leto. I didn't know who he was. And then I come to find? He looks like Jesus. Shame on you girls for mackin on Jesus.


Ok, I'd be a little freaked out if I were Katherine! Stop freakin winking at me! WTF is wrong with you?!!?

I'm with Isabel, I'm genuinely surprised that Lil' Frema who go there with her story, but, Lil' Frema surprises me more and more with each installment of TLF.

I know how to correctly use "to, two and two" and also "their, there, and they're"...but what about a name with an "s" at the end? What do you do when you want to show ownership? Like in the name "Harris", do you say "this belongs to the Harris's" or "this belongs to the Harris'"?

I should have figured this one out before I had a kid and gave him a name with an "s" at the end.

(his name is NOT Harris, by the way.)

(although there is nothing wrong with that name.)

Isabel: In your example, you would say "the Harrises," because the object being possessed doesn't appear right after the name. In normal cases, though, if you're talking about all of the Harrises, you would say "the Harris' car." If you're talking about just one, like "that's Judy Harris's car," you use the traditional apostrophe "s."

Thanks, DePaul University!

y'all done make my head spin:)

PS- I love coming back to check comments on TLF, even days later:) It's like the bonus check to the TLF salary, if you will:)

Am I wrong in thinking that when you are doing a possessive of a name that ends in "s", you can also drop the last "s"? As in Harris's or Harris'?

I went to someone's house this weekend that had one of those cutesy little signs that said "The Miller's" on it by their front door. I might have kicked it. By accident.

Pink Herring: I think that was the norm at one point, for words in which the double-s combination produced a "z" sound. In grad school, though, my editing professor said there's really no excuse to drop the second "s" anymore, and since he's got more smarts in his pinky than I have in my whole body, I believe him.

[your mom's a little behind! Or likes it from behind, take your pick]
HAHAHAHA! That was fabulous.

Also, yall are making my head hurt.

Since I'm WAY late in reading TLF this week, everyone's pretty much said anything I could have come up with in the comments.

So I will just say this: Mmmmmmm...Jordan Catalano... Thank you for that.

I'm so behind! But:
dun dun dun! What sort of private school did that crazy pair send Kyle too? All I remember 14 year old boys doing was stealing your pencils on their way past your desk into class. And then snickering with their friends. Oh, though, my friend told me there was this one boy who would wear his Umbros (remember those!?) sans undergarments and then show some people the goods. So I guess I have no idea what 14 year old boys are capable of! Yikes!

I also second (or third or fourth, whatever!) the switch in Jared Leto pictures. MUCH better.

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