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April 09, 2007


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OH MY GOD, my freaking keyboard has been locking up for a week, like every 2 hours I have to shut down power off and restart. So here I am about to leave a commiserating comment about how all I wear are dockers print slacks and sweaters (like today) and theN I READ THE LAST SENTENCE and I AM SO EXCITED I ABOUT PEE MY PANTS ANd...keyboard craps out. So I copy and paste my above comment one letter at a time (including word verification!) from a work email. CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting! Whee! Whee!

And yes, you get MUCH slack for pregnancy frump. During my last 2 weeks of pregnancy, I only had 2 pair of pants that fit, and one was part of a *bright blue* velour sweat suit, with teal piping. I WORE IT TO WORK. More than once!

Hey, wha!?! I think I got whiplash doing a double-take reading that last sentence.


Baby time! What a joy! Thinking ahead in time, it is not what you put on your body that matters, it is that baby that comes out of your body that really matters.

The analysis of the clothing is very insightful. I just think nice is nice. But that doesn't get me out of the house at times.

You sneaky, sneaky girl, throwing it in there at the end like that. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

And I think your hair looks pretty cute here.

Holy shit!! Congrats!

The family thinks you are beautiful all the time. Now, with the grandbaby (grand baby) coming, you have that special glow of pregnancy.

And yes, Fraulein N, she and Luke are sneaky.

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! You sneaky, sneaky woman you! :-)

Oh My Gosh! I'm so happy for you! You were just testing us to make sure we were paying attention, weren't you? Oh I'm so excited. Please post more details soon!

Oh you sneaky little fox you. I'm going to start calling you Swiper. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will within the next two years.)
You have already heard (or read) my initial OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS spill (Yes, I knew! I knew and kept my mouth shut. I so wanted to at least give a little na-na-na-boo-boo I know something you don't know to all of you or even to my own readers but I didn't because I know a few smart little turkeys who would have figured it out in .2 seconds) but I'll say it again...OH MY GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS! I am still so excited for you and Luke and I can't wait to follow you as you document this amazing, wonderful, scary, life changing experience.

Also, all hail to NY&Co. and Clinique.

Also, also, you already look adorable as a Mama! A mom! Say it again, MOM! Eeeeee!!!

Hey pregnancy is a great time to grow your hair out, and your nails too for that matter. It makes both hair and nails fabulous with all of those vitamins and baby...whatevers floating around.

Baby! Baby! I can't wait! I'm so glad you told everyone TODAY, because I might have died if you waited until Wednesday or something. Congrats, again!


Holy Shit!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooo excited for you!!!!!! Gah, all these preggers on the internet make me want another one even more!

Frema!!!!! What wonderful news! I know you and Luke must be super excited!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are definitely sneaky! I can't wait to read all about your fun journey over the next 9 months!


Giggle, giggle.

Congratulations! And for the record, I think your hair looks fantastic.

I'm with Molly on this one...perfect time to grow your hair out. Your hair will never be as fabulous as it is while you are pregnant!

And really, I think you look great. Great, I tell you!

I'm very excited for you and Luke and am looking forward to more details and to following your pregnancy like the stalker I am.

The only words that come to mind are SNEAKY WOMAN! How exciting! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Yaa for BabyFremaLuke!

Woohoo! Congratulations! And yes, that was very sneaky.

CONGRATULATIONS FREMA AND LUKE!!! That's so exciting!! 5 weeks already, man, I can't believe your head didn't explode trying to keep from blogging about it all this time:)

That's so very exciting for both of you! Congratulations again!! And I know I'm not anyone's mother, but when my sister was pregnant, the must have was "The Pregnancy Journal", which I think she may have gotten at Hallmark or some charming place like that. In any case, you'll shriek with excitement (like me and my sister did) over reading about all the developments (YAYYY! Finger prints! Eye Pigment! Beating little heart!!!!!!) You'll love it! PS- And it gives you space for you and Luke to write things to the baby:)


This is very exciting. Are you just bubbling with joy or what?? Any barfing yet? Chronic fatigue? Peeing every ten minutes??

Oh! I'm sure you'll be writing about all of that in no time!

Congrats!! I'm so happy for you!

Wow, you guys must have set some kind of record. Best wishes!



WHOLLY CRAP! You totally snuck that in at the end!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get ready for the ride of your life.... ;)

SHUT UP! aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I literally just jumped out of my chair at work and did a dance...no joke. It's taking everything in me not to actually scream.


YAY YAY YAY! Congratulations and wait, so when was that picture taken? How far along are you??? COOLIO and YAY and hot damn! Thanks for making my day!! :)


HOLY CRAP! Congratulations, Frema!!! I am so happy for you and Luke!!! When I started reading this post I actually thought, "I wonder when we'll get to hear that she's pregnant now that we know they've been trying for a baby." And then I promptly forgot that thought until I got to that last sentence and practically fell out of my chair I was so excited! YAY!!!

SO EXCITED!!!!! Can't wait to read all about your newest adventure!

Hahaha! I love how you nonchalantly included you being pregnant in the last line of your post! You are very clever my sister. I love you so much and am so excited to be a part of this amazing time in your life. I will talk to you tomorrow pretty lady!! :)

P.S. You look so cute in both of those pictures. I have always looked to you and Ryan for a fashion sense...I was born without one you know. ;)

Wow! Congrats to you and Luke! I'm so excited for you! You're in for quite an adventure! (I rarely use this many exclamation points; it shows how truly thrilled I am that you're joining the Mommy Club!)

Here from Fraulein N-Congratulations!!!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very, very excited for you guys and so happy! I also cannot wait to read about pregnancy from your perspective. It is bound to be profound, hilarious and insightful!!



Man--go away for a few weekends and lose momentum on lurking blogs and you MISS EVERYTHING!

HOLY COW! Congratulations to you and Luke! Woot!

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