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April 03, 2007


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Oh you aren't the only ones who loved them... but I don't think that I was as into them as you guys. I did however, buy my BFF's blonde 9 year old twin daughters a couple of the Sweet Valley Twin books... because I had to. I had to!!!!

Did you ever read the Sunset Beach series? LOVED IT!

Never read the books, never played the game. Sorry. But I am thinking that some British dude got totally lucky with Cara and all her trashy lingerie.

I love that you saved these e-mails....wow, we wrote them about this time last year. Holy cow.

I never even saw that game. But believe you me, I would have played it. And loved it. Did it have trivia questions like "who started the slam book?" Or was it more like "Jessica cheated on a test, move back 2 spaces"?

(I love that you STILL HAVE THE GAME!)

Dude!!! I loved Sweet Valley High!! I used to read them too, but I never read all of them. I do remember than in every book they described the twins and looking exactly alike down to the dimple in their right cheeks.

Isabel: Girl, I wish I still had the game. I found that picture online! We played it all the time, though. Nobody wanted to be Enid, whose name we always pronounced with a short "e" sound. I had no idea that was wrong until I saw the TV show. One of the worst names EVER.

I think I would have loved them, but I was too old when they came out. I was all about the teen romance novel, but somehow they weren't in series' at the time.

I still remember sobbing hysterically because my mom wouldn't let me finish the last 10 pages of some sad misunderstood teen romance novel before coming down for dinner. It was 7th or 8th grade.

I know for a fact that I read every SVH book in our library... and before that, I read the Sweet Valley Twins series. And although I was possibly also too old for the TV series, I still totally watched it. And loved it.

The only books that even come close to SVH in my early years was RL Stine... my only regret is that I was born before "Goosebumps" came out.

I never had the SVH game, but I WAS the proud owner of the Babysitter's Club game...in fact, I think it's at my parents' house somewhere...so sad!! :)

I never played the board game, but I did love me some SVH...although clearly not as much as you did.

I know I'm a grown up now and everything, but I'm kind of wanting to read them again.

I didn't have time for Sweet Valley High, I was too busy reading all about the Babysitters Club. They had it all - vacations, mysteries, and even the line of books for the little sister!

I was also more of a babysitter's club fan. My teenaged manuscript was a serial like those books.

I love that the conversation implies that Isabel's first name is Hola! I think mine might say Art. hehehe

Hey, Christine, lil' Frema found the time to read the BSC, too, and Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine and the Nancy Drew Files. So there is NO EXCUSE.

I'm with Frema...I read BSC and RL Stine. It was all about the books (yeah, but I still seemed to have missed the Flowers in the Attic books).

Dude, I totally just went to Youtube to watch the SVH videos they have on there. AWESOME.

My sister and I played that game all the time too! But we said Enid with a long e sound. Neither of us wanted to be her either.

Crap, I should start reading those books again. I never got very far. I always remember them having to share their "red fiat spider". Spoiled, I say.

I never really got into the books, but I LOVED the board game. I got all giddy when I saw the picture you posted of the game!!! Oh that takes me back. We'd always make fun of the person who had to be Enid, because no one wanted to be Enid. My sister and I would try to get my Dad to play the game and we would laugh and say "HAHAHA You can be EENNIIIDDD HAHAHAHA" I know, that's not even funny right? But it was SO funny.

No experience. None.

Now talk BSC, and I'm so on board. I spent my entire freshman year of high school perfecting Jessi's penmanship as my own, because I was a really huge dork. (But I also kissed a boy or two that year, so I was doing okay, right?)


I think I liked the ones I read, but my mom encouraged me not to read them. She didn't forbid it, but said that she'd rather that I read other stuff, on the grounds that they were inappropriate (or something).

Oh, Katie, that's such a shame, because even with all of their crazy schemes, these teenagers were the cleanest ones you'll ever meet. Never smoked, never kissed below the mouth, never experimented with drugs, never denounced God. And if they did have a problem, it was solved within two or three serials with a big finish. Imagine how shocked I was that my high school experience was nothing like SVH!

I love how Frema is all "they never kissed below the mouth or denounced God".


But did they ever kiss open mouthed and talk about God?? I don't remember them being Christian (not that it mattered to me at all). And I never noticed how pure the books were until I reread them last year. SO PURE!

Squee! I lurved me some SVH, almost as much as I loved Christopher Pike. My mother had no idea about the kind of stuff I was reading. Yes, the Sweet Valley-verse was pretty tame, but you don't know my mother.

Didn't Steven end up dating some girl who looked just. like. Tricia? (Kinda creepy, now that I think about it.) I think she had "strawberry blonde" hair and everything.

I am SO breaking out the SVH books tonight! My collection (minus book #1 - where is book #1?) sits in a box in my garage, just waiting to be discovered again. Mike is going to think I lost my mind when I dig out the SVH books. Oh well!

I am so dense. Although you clearly mentioned that you were recounting e-mail correspondence, I somehow got it in my mind that Isabel was having another baby, By checking your links, I figured out my confusion. The baby that you mentioned is almost a year old? Wow

I am not sure that the Sweet Valley High girls were around in the 60's. I did read a few series books called The Bobbsey Twins , which I did not like, The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and The Boxcar Children . Of course, I read the Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie books. I do not believe that these books have been immortalized with a fun game.

I loved SVH, still do, I just wish I owned more of the books.
I didn't even know they made a game, I would have played it if I had known about it. I wonder if I could find a copy....
I also got into Christopher Pike, Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, etc. Ahh, the good old days...

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