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April 06, 2007


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Don't even tell me that Jenna can't have anymore children so they ask Kayla (once they realize she's stalking them) to carry one for them and at that time Jenna decides to finally get revenge and plow a pregnant Kayla over with a car, making her "pop" and killing her "fetus." Cause that would be some craziness right there.
And I'm smelling some teenage pregnancy coming on. Kyle is going to get Katherine pregnant but the poor baby won't make it b/c INCEST just isn't meant to be.

If Jenna doesn't land this Folger's account, I think she's going to lose her shit.

It's okay that things are a little slow. I trust you Lil' Frema. All of the drama has to be set up appropriately.

"You're a pervert, just like your father was." Wrong on so many levels, Lil Frema. Hahaha Also, way to go on pulling infertility into the storyline. Always happy to see the infertiles representin!

Last but not least, I'm totally running my fingers through Kevin's hair tonight and telling him "nobody makes ribs like you baby" to see if it works. You might be on to something here...

As if ribs are just something that you can decide to make after work. Ha! If you want ribs that are any kind of good you have to either slow cook them all day or go out and eat them. I can't believe 14 yr old Frema didn't know that!

Oooh, an ad agency! It's so Melrose!

I like how Charleston Advertising isn't really "trustworthy" or "worthwhile"...and how none of their accounts yet have been "worthwhile" either. Sounds like they have a tough row to hoe with Folgers: "Aw, yeah, I guess it wouldn't KILL you to give us your business. We won't send you too many bogus bills, and frankly, none of our other accounts are really worth our time." C'mon, Jenna, if you're going to make coffee as soon as you get home anyway, at least pretend you're interested in the job and pick up some Folgers crystals.

Carrisa: Don't you be hatin' on lil' Frema. She was a writer, not a chef!

I had the same thought about the ribs.

So what time does Jenna get home from work anyway? She came home to an empty house, and it wasn't until 5:00 that anyone else got home, despite the fact that the rest of her family members attend/work at school which usually gets out around 3:00ish, right? So why were they all so late getting home, and why was Jenny so early? And, furthermore, why is Michael teaching biology to elementary students? Isn't that more of a 9th-grade-level class?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but lil' Frema is confusing me this week. But she's entertaining me greatly at the same time, so it's all good!

Audrey: I wish I had answers to your questions! As a general rule, whenever you guys are confused by a plot point or an inconsistency, just keep in mind that lil' Frema was but a baby when she wrote this, and she had a hard enough time keeping the basic storyline straight herself. Don't get caught up in the unimportant details; she sure didn't!

Ok, my three day weekend can not truely begin! Ok, so you caught the whole teaching teenagers in elementary school, but WTF are they doing teaching freakin biology in elementary school?? This is Iowa, right?

Jenna and Michael just seem to be getting smarter and smarter. Jenna could possibly lose her job, but, yeah, let's procreate...again!

I'm with Hil, Kyle will get Katherine pregnant and Jenna and Michael will raise the incestuous child because they can't have any more of their own. And, he will be named Michael, Jr.

Ahhh, TLF, you are full of twists and turns!

I love how you just refer to him as "Crawford". I also love how Crawford fails to land any worthwhile accounts for five years, but has a secretary AND a personal assistant.

Also, the mention of personal assistant makes me cringe. If you need anybody to do any research for the third installment/prequel, just let me know. I am forever scarred by my two years as an "Executive Assistant"... aka, typist, doctor appointment maker, coffee-getter, and personal note taker.

What I love is the dialogue between Jenna and Michael. I mean Lil Frema wouldn't really know how to write a conversation between adults. And maybe I'm the fool here, but my husand and I don't usually talk to each other while sitting on the bed holding hands and then end it with me playfully pushing him off the bed onto the floor. Yeah, my husband would not stand for that.

What I'm saying is I LOVE how Lil Frema writes for adults.

And I love that the company is Folgers Coffee. I think Lil Isabel would have picked something like Cabbage Patch Dolls. Lil Frema WAS way more mature then Lil Isabel.

I didn't read the link, but kids were doing it in shop class? I guess big machinary turns them on. Who can blame them. I know drilling make me hot.

(I said "drilling"!)

Note to Pink Herring: Will you be my personal note taker? I have always wanted one of those.

First order of business, I need this note taken:

don't forget to go pee later. You keep forgetting and you're gonna end up with a UTI. And I hear those aren't fun.

P.S. don't get worms.

Man, the floor of the shop of my school was so disgusting. There's no way I'd get horizontal on that. And also, sixth graders? Doing it? Man, I must be old, but nobody *I* knew was doing it 'til 7th grade.

So when Katherine floats through the door Jenna doesn't even ask her what she's so happy about? That's just proof that Jenna doesn't love Katherine as much as she loves her biological children...because she's adopted and all (not to mention that Katherine's mother killed Jenna's unborn baby and her first baby daddy).

MLE: There was a girl in my 6th grade class with a child (or two), but she probably should have been in the 8th or 9th grade based on age.

Happy Easter everyone!

I had the question, too - Jenna gets home from work at 3, and the teacher/kids not until 5? That's pretty sweet!

I'm glad lil' Frema was as clueless as I was at that age.

I am totally with Isabel, my husband would not stand for the chat on the bed & then shove off to make dinner. If only he did.... But I'm glad that lil' Frema has Jenna & Mikey still in love & nice to each other, despite the pressure of 3 kids, crappy jobs, infertility, etc... I mean, haven't they been through enough? (Answer - no, we still have more sequel to go! Yay!)

Damn! That's harsh Frema, way to leave us hanging! As for the two pregnancies-- mmmmy guess is that one will belong to the two sixth graders-- wait, wait, that was Tragic Love Indy-- I take that back, the two pregnancies will be that of the brother/sister/auntie/uncle/mother/father team of Katherine and Kyle (the dolls), and Agatha and Mr. Crawford- because after all, he DID share the Folgers news with HER before he did Jenna-- that generally means they're having an affair. Right? At least that's what it means in MY office.

Though, this being the sequal, I doubt that Jenna will do any baby popping...although, Kayla, who I see as less than rehabilitated from her last crazy ass stint, with none other than Cassie "Was that a rabbit over there?" Donovan by her side, anything is possible... she may pop her grandchild, who knows? Only young Frema, that's who, and I know the dangers in trying to pick your brain. So I will sit and wait...

Happy Easter! Your mom bakes a ham!

So I just found TLF today, and i've spent the entire day reading from chapter 1. Lil' Becca would have loved to write a story like this. I was always dreaming up silly stories when I was younger, now I wish I would have wrote them down!!

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