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April 13, 2007


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Hmmm, that relationship between Kyle and Katherine certainly isn't very sibling-like, now is it?

I certainly hope everything at Saint Joes goes the way you would like, but believe that there is a (maybe yet unknown) reason if it does not.

And by reason I mean hand of God, etc., not just the earthly obvious ones.

This is why I don't write for a living!

[Geez, with all that time he spent contemplating the trials and tribulations of his complicated existence, he could have just masturbated.]

I just got to this part and HOLY CRAP that was funny.

Moving on...

That was, by far, the funniest freakin commentary YET!

Well, well, I see that the years have worn the two crazies. "Cassie walked slowly out of the room"... does anyone really slowly exit a room unless they are following a metal framed walker? The slow moving crazy aunt just creeps me out. I expect her to start humming a leery tune next.

Also, the fact that "Kay" recognized the daughter she last saw as a toddler, but failed at the "let me meet your father" test, has me somewhat disappointed. Not that I wanted them to figure it all out in one quick episode, I just expected more-- even from the TLF crowd, yes... I'd like to think that, even though they botched most things in life, that they could certainly pass the "police line-up" and positively ID each other. Sad. Sad. SAD!

And one more thing-- Kayla, clearly blind to most things-- is sobbing because she found Katherine but feels the need to keep certain information to herself?? Allow me to translate-- Did she not sit through dinner where all of the flirting was going on?? Was she absent from the house when Kyle and Katherine were cozying it up on the couch?? I ask you this, how long does she think she should hold out on letting everyone know that they are RELATED before stopping things?! (Because THINGS, they are brewing.) After their baby's Christening? That's where my money is. All of it.

Fingers and toes crossed!

The only decent show was BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD.

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, THAT was the only DECENT show!??!!

And, I am so glad that Michael is not teaching at my kid's school! He is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box. I'm pretty sure that if I dyed my hair blond tonight, um, my face will still look the same.

"you look like my mother" -- Yeah, that's EXACTLY what a girl wants to hear. Swoon!

Sant: Kayla did recognize Michael. After all, upon their meeting, she "gazed at him, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear." Remember? But she's not going to ADMIT that, because that would ruin her "spy on Katherine from afar" plan.

Michael, on the other hand, is an idiot. He was so good at looking past Jenna's red tresses and seeing her true self in number one, but like you said in your comment, age must have worn him down.

Oh yay! I linked over to your page from Mom's Daily Dose and have been busy reading your archives, including ALL of TLF.

Kayla: "Its hard to explain, maybe I'll try after you get your sister pregnant. That seems more appropriate than right now."

Rachel from CA

Holy Cow. The most cringe-worthy installment yet! And that includes the warm-milk-leads-to-sex episode!

I'm another one who just got here from Mom's Daily Dose, and has read the entire TLF series today (it's a slow day at work). I love it!

About your OB bill- I am guessing it's not truly a bill and more like a "Hey we want you to be aware of what you will owe at some point." You might want to call them and ask. I got a bill from mine saying $2700 or something was due before my due date, but they told me that was just to make sure we knew we had a bill coming if insurance didn't pick it all up. She also said that they will work out payment plans as long as you pay a little each month. There's hope.

Ditto on the "you look like my mom" comment! I'd turn and run right then and there.
Fabulous installment, I can't wait until next week!

Also about the OB bill: my OB gives you a sheet at the beginning saying a regular delivery will be $2700 and a C-section will be $3500 (or something) and has you sign it. They bill all after delivery, except lab work. With my first child, they billed every visit and it got kinda hairy. Now you know what's coming... along with hospital fees, anesthesiologist fees...

$2000 from just the OB?! Yikes! My midwife in UT is $1050 all-inclusive. In Texas (we're moving before the birth) it will be closer to $3000. We don't pay hospital fees of course, but if we had to transfer, we'd have to pay the hospital and the midwife (though insurance would cover the hospital and possibly the midwife in our case). If we were staying in Utah, the insurance wouldn't cover my midwife at all, because our deductible is more than her entire fee, lol!

There's some clueless people in this series! Michael is just plain clueless, and I still count Kayla as clueless for either not seeing the flirting or not putting a stop to it somehow (not sure how though; if parents forbid a relationship, it just draws them together, lol).

I wonder if parents who have spent time in prison really do hide it from their kids. Interesting!

This was full of cringe. FULL OF IT. I had a hard time getting through it. E-gads.

(And welcome to the new TLF readers via Amalah. TLF rocks, pass it on!)

Lil' Frema, I admit that I am getting confused and having a hard time keeping the story straight. I may need an org chart.

So, Kayla is both Kyle and Kathrine's mom. But Michael is the boy she did "it" with before killing David (David who was Kathrine's dad, right?). Kyle's dad was the guard who raped her? I have notes posted on my computer screen at work to keep it straight (you think I'm kidding, but I am not!)

So the prom picture was a picture of Kayla and Michael in high school (and NOT Kyle's real [rapist] dad)? How did Kathrine not recognize her (adopted) dad in the picture? And really, Michael didn't recognize Kay as Kayla?? Really?

I can't wait to hear more about your blogging class. I really am hoping to learn through you.

And also, if you had to cast your unborn child today, who would you choose?

Your commentary during each introduction was hysterical!! "I'm [YOUR MOMMA] Kay." Hahaha!

I'm so glad that Kyle and Katherine didn't hook up. The whole flirting scene had me cringing.

Also with Kayla, way to set the pace for your son, blowing his very first friendship. The poor kid just admitted that he's never had a best friend or a real girlfriend, and now you blow up the good thing he's got going with your tearful tale of true love and death by automobile slaying.

I wonder if Kayla will sit the kids down together and spill it? "I killed your father and half sister while trying to slay your mother, and you're actually my daughter." "Your father was an asshole rapist pig prison guard, but you're cool, you're cool."

Isabel: You've got all of it right except the Michael stuff. The prom picture is of Kayla and David (they dated for a year and a half before they broke up, remember?), which is why I said the thing about Jenna and Michael never being invited for dinner. They would have recognized it right away. Also, note that Kyle believes David to be his father and identifies him as such to Katherine when she sees the picture.

Kayla and Michael were just friends in part one. I only made the "take me now" comment because she recognized Michael and thought he was hot. But that won't become clear until her next narration, so I don't blame you one bit for being confused.

Hope that helps!

I totally snapped my fingers and said "oh, right" while reading your response to my questions. Now I remember.

(dude, how am I so lame??!!)

Congratulations on your pregnacy. I read your inlaw's blog and was happy for them. I decided to head over here and read your blog and was very excited for you. You see.. I have had a similar experience.. cause on the 9th of April I peed on a stick and found that I was pregnant. Being the stupid person that I am I made sure the sticks I got from the store would say "Pregnant" or "not pregnant" and it deffinatly said Pregnant. I am still in shock and yet very blessed. I am so glad that you are expecting and that you are taking care of yourself. I am expecting Dec. 9th and I can completly sympathize with you on alot of areas. I do know that the Horror stories come out and I am learning to just ignore them and to ask for the good things about pregnancy. I'm not worried about giving birth cause I know pain will only last a few hours, and I know how to care for babies so I'm not worried there.. its just the pregnancy that I'm scared about and the emotions! I am a very unemotional person but I find crying is very easy now.

Anyways I wanted to congratulate you and wish you the best. Have a blessed pregnancy!


I had to skip the whole Kayla and Kyle story and all the comments because excuse me? but what have I not added you to my blogroll? and am so far behind I have not even heard of Kyle.

I just wanted to say congrats on the big news, I am so happy for you and Luke. And holy crazy on the amount of money. If I had to pay I don't think I'd have 4 kids.

Oh Michael. Really? You dip shit. I thought you were smarter than that. You really didn't recognize Kayla? Clearly the pic of Kayla and David isn't displayed by the front door.
As for you Kayla. You call yourself a MOM? I mean, you've done bad things before (read: MURDER!) but letting your OWN TWO KIDS FLIRT with each other? OH MY GOD!

"I only made the "take me now" comment because she recognized Michael and thought he was hot. But that won't become clear until her next narration"

I was wondering if she would go after him! If she does, then I totally called it.

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