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April 20, 2007


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The whole "trying for a kid even though you have a good chance of maternal death" thing kind of reminds me of the situation my cousin's in. She's 28, has an 8 y/o and a 6 y/o. After her horrible pregnancy with #2, they did tests and figured out she'd be playing Russian Roulette if she tried for another. So she didn't, and they talked about adopting some, but then they changed their minds, and she got knocked up with #3, who was born (without complication to mom or baby) in October. I saw her at a family wedding in September, and she told me that they were going to try for #4 so #3 would have a playmate. Funny, I think if a doctor told me I'd have a good chance of dying and leaving my husband alone with 3 kids, I would just stop there, but they really want 4 bio kids. I just keep my fingers crossed for her and keep my mouth shut.

Have you tried crackers and ginger ale? JUST KIDDING!! Did you ever see VeryMom/Kerflop's shirt saying "Yes I've tried crackers, ginger ale, seabands, . . . " The list took up the entire shirt! I don't think she actually submitted it to Zazzle, but it was still cool :D

I think I'm going to need to make a chart or something to help me keep up with the plot here. Today I couldn't remember if "Kay" knew who Michael was. Duh. But anyway, he's a remarkably open person, eh? I can't imagine having a conversation like that with someone of the opposite sex I'd just met, or known for 2 years, for that matter!

Best of luck to Luke (and to you). I hated having my wisdom teeth out. (That might have had something to do with having a jack ass husband who insisted we move on the weekend I had them out. Good thing I divorced him!)

I can't believe there is only 1 comment so far. This was an excellent TLF (as usual). I even took notes of the things I wanted to discuss.

Here goes:

I love how the doctor is named "Peters". The 13 year old boy in me giggled when I read that. Tee-hee.

I love how Kay hates sarcasm and how she's all "it's the opposite of what you are thinking". Oh, she's deep. Nothing gets past her. (But it does get past Michael with his "I feel like I know you" statement. Duh.)

What's with Jenna and Michael getting it on in front of their kids? And then the kids all leaving the room to give them some alone time. 16 year old Isabel would have DIED if this would have happened to me. DIED, I tell you.

I also think we should stage a "please don't have another baby until you fix yourselves, first" intervention for Jenna and Michael. Because WE ALL KNOW that having another baby does not a happy marriage make.

And Dr. 'lil Frema, I love you and your baby-making wisdom. But am also sad that you weren't allowed to make out with your boyfriend past 9pm. If I was your mom, I would have totally let you.

That's all I got (for now). Have a good weekend and eat lots of yuumy ice cream this weekend.

I'm with Katie. I still think I may need an org chart to keep this all straight.

And also, yeah, Michael is not very loyal to be spilling all of this to a stranger. The first rule of marriage is you don't talk about marriage.

(And also, don't worry Frema..you have not seen the last of the "suggestions" for making you feel better. I hate to keep saying that, but it's true.)

"your mom starts my engine and pulls away" just about killed me. Thank goodness everyone else was out to lunch so I could get away with laughing very loudly at my desk!

I predict that Jenna and Michael will have makeup sex, Jenna will get knocked up and die, and Kayla will swoop in to take care of the family, marry Michael, and adopt all the children. I really don't see any other way it could be. Oh, and Katherine and Kyle will still totally get it on even after they're step-half-siblings.

Only thing I can't figure out is what will become of the Folger's account after Jenna's dead.

"Get some, Dad!"? *vomits* ew. I don't have any other words.

Jenna and Michael want a boy? Take Kyle. One more kidnapping won't hurt you any.

Hope you both are feeling better soon!

OMG, Michael is dumb as a freakin brick. My 15 month old could recognize me with red hair! WTF?? And, uh, hell no, you don't talk about your wife with some random (well, Michael thinks she's random) woman!!!


Also, is it weird that in your story their son's name is Lucas and you married Luke? Lil' Frema was psychic!

Ok. I'm going to see into the future, it holds Jenna dying while squeezing one out, followed shortly by Kayla falling in love with Michael and revealing (too late because a bun will already be in the oven) to Katherine and Kayla's son (whose name escapes me) who everyone really is.

And, who the hell, when trying to remain incognito says, "Well maybe you do know me" ?!?!?

Oh ever the optomist, that Michael-- Aloud I said, "things could be worse." I had the feeling that things would be.

Okay, call me crazy, but now that Michael and Kay have had a little heart to heart, I almost think that they may have an affair and SHE becomes pregnant with HIS baby and that will be one of the pregnancies (we all know that the other one will be the brother-sister team of Kyle and Katherine). And if that is the case, I think Jenna might as well jump off a cliff, because to have two would-be pregnancies destroyed by the same woman, involving two different relationships... well, you get what I'm saying- Kayla is the ultimate back-stabbing whore. Well, I mean, if my thought comes to fruition she is. Otherwise she's just an asshole for her unfeeling teen years, ya know.

Love the commentary, as always. And I hope that you and Luke and baby makes three are all feeling better soon!

PS-- I am totally with Rachel C. and the phrasology of young Lucas. I wonder if he might be missing a chromosome. Now there's something to take off on in Part 3;);)

But, they already have a boy! They have one of each of their own, plus another girl, whom I'm sure they love very much. Those two shouldn't be so greedy.

They should really be more concerned about this "Kay" person and her hyper-sexual son.

Crap, I'm so tired I can't think of anything coherent! But I can't wait until next friday!

P.s. - lemon drops. all i'm saying ;)

"How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?" HAHAHAHA!! Appparently I was not the only one who once soaked up those deep, deep emotions from Michael Bolton. Burned in my brain forever, I tell you.

And hello? If your kids are already that old (old enough to stay home alone while their parents have a quick weekend getaway at the Howard Johnson) why would they want to start the baby stuff all over again? When she's got 50/50, at that? I love the wheels that are starting to turn in the story. Something's brewing!

Just don't take your vitamins with milk, because it won't let you absorb the desperately-needed iron that your vitamins supply.

I'm jealous that you are able to digest them, because I couldn't keep any vitamins down until two weeks ago when I got prescription ones!

a. I third the motion for creating a family tree or org chart. Maybe you could put it on the sidebar over there for easy reference.

b. Mad props for leaving in the typos and lil' Frema spellings. "Candlelite" dinners sound extra classy.

c. And yeah, the teenage daughter trying to get her dad to open up, and getting all huffy when he doesn't - weird.

d. A surrogate mom plotline would indeed be awesome. And if Kayla was the surrogate? DOUBLE awesome!

You've probably heard everything by now but smelling a cut lemon really helped me with nausea. Really.

I'm sorry, did Lucas just say "Get some, Dad!"? Eeeeewwww! Those are words that have never and will never come out of my mouth. Did Lil' Frema ever tell her dad to "get some"?

I can't wait for things to get worse for the TLF crew. Is that wrong?

I've got nothing but sympathy for the morning sickness, and hope that it eases up soon.

It's probably past this stage, but wet (used?) individual teabags (gross, I know) like Lipton or other black teas are great for pain in the wisdom tooth sockets. Just tuck them back in there. Don't ask me how or why it works, I just know it does.

I love all the advice for morning sickness. Um yeah, let us know how that goes.

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