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April 27, 2007


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I think Frema's comments on Kay(la) really just say it all.

Oh the possibilities of this date - Kayla (who gets pregnant at the drop of a sperm) and Michael start to get down and dirty until she comes to her senses (or he does, but the drama of her telling him who she really is is so much more compelling) and puts an end to it. But not before that one rogue sperm sneaks its way in and voila! another love child and the complete and utter detruction of Katherine's world as she knows it.

A chance to de-lurkify and comment -- and a useful comment, to boot!
The address you are using has a slight error in the middle of the link:

The portion that reads:

should be:

Hope this works, and hello! I'm a loyal reader, discovered you through Amalah, and I've read your entire archives. In less than a week. Should I be embarrassed by that?

If I knew Michael in real life, I would slap him. I can't wait to see how he explains to his wife that he is taking another woman out to a movie that evening so that he can blow off steam about their troubled marraige. Affair by the book, baby. But then again, this is TLF, where anything can and will happen!

I love the idea of a prequel!

My favorite parts were
1) when Michael asked for the date (I totally wasn't expecting that; I thought he'd figured out the marriage-confidentiality thing when he said "I'd rather not talk about it") and
2) "They're just friends; good friends," I reminded myself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet he was sketching her naked.

I don't know if TLF could be as awesome without Lil' Frema. . . I don't know!

Molly said "blow." Huh-huh-huh-huh.

Your commentary on this one was hilary-ous. (You like that?)

Last week I totally meant to jump up and down yelling "Kayla and Michael are gonna do it! Kayla and Michael are gonna do it!"

You know those little imaginary people that sit on character's shoulders, one is a devil and one an angel? I guess angel Cassie kicked the shit out of devil Cassie because she's like, normal now. Who would have thought?

I don't even want to think about TLF ending so, whatever you do, just PLEASE don't let it end.

Last, David's diagram thing rocks!

Yeah, definitely drawing her naked. Definitely. Frema, I love your chart, with the pictures, little hearts and the fantastic photoshop freehand!

Kay is so gonna end up boinking Michael. But then at least Michael will be able to honestly say to Katherine, "Yeah, well I porked your mom!" and not be lying in the least. Won't he be happy to get that off his chest. :)

Man, I really wish that I had something better than a birthday tribute to my cat up on the day that you link to me.


I think Michael is actually a look-alike, the real Michael is locked away on an island being tortured for unclear reasons, just like Hope's husband on DOOL. That's why he doesn't recognize Kay(la). Honestly, no one can be that stupid!

Love the diagram. (a big WOOT! for David.)
Love the commentary. (as usual.)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a prequel. Or a sequel. Whatever the hell it's called...JUST GIVE ME MORE!!!

What an ass! Who in the hell makes are freakin date with another woman, in a grocery store, when they are MARRIED!? I am no longer a fan of Michaels! And, yeah, mad props to Crazy Cassie for telling it like it is!!!

I like all the ideas for a continuance of TLF! A prequel, another sequel, guest writers!

Awesome diagram from David too!

I love the org. charts and am not lying when I say I printed out David's and hung it in my cubicle. Dude, I need all the help I can get.

Okay so Michael goes to the grocery store in the middle of the day with no intentions except to get some milk (or whatever) and walks out with a date for later that night with a women he knew in high school, but can't seem to recognize her? Oh, and he also is raising her daughter, who is getting ready to let HER OWN BROTHER deflower her. (Or at least draw nekked sketches of her in his kitchen.)

He won't talk about his marriage problems with this "stranger", but he'll go see a movie with her? Dude, if I went to a movie with a guy, my husband would kill me. Rightfully so, I might add.

I love how Kay is all "I miss men" and that's her excuse for going with Michael. Okay, you miss men, I understand. So find a man. You know, ONE THAT ISN'T MARRIED. There has to be a nice single guy at the plant she works at. This is Iowa for crying out loud.

And also, when Cassie's the voice of reason, we know we got a problem.

(I think a prequel with guest writers is a great idea. Of course I can not be one of the guest writers. But I bet Pink Herring could do a great job.)

I love the diagram-flow-charts. They are so scientific, and we all know that science is a such wonderful thing. As your readers realize, TLF provides such a fine education.

Great charts. Both kinds are good relational tools for story tell. Good Job.

1st on the agenda-- Who called it last week?? ME. Totally me. Michael and Kayla... I don't know which one to be more annoyed with for the trip they are about to take down adultery lane (okay Michael, because he's the married one, but Kayla too because she should totally not go there... but I'm more than certain she will. Oh but she will).

2nd-- Had the movie Titanic been out at the time this was written, there would have been emergency SOS flares being shot into the air in Kayla's living room where young Kyle was sketching naked, necklace-wearing Rose, er, I mean Katherine. That was the scene I got-- heart of the ocean, Katherine throws him a dime for his work. You know how the story goes. Hopefully no school security guard chases them through the boiler room at school, because, well, we all know what happens next....

I'm all for a prequal-- the only thing I have to object to (since we were asked for our honest opinions) is for guest writers. I'm sure other people would have great ideas, but it reminds me of the Anne of Green Gables books, and how when someone else got ahold of it, they took it to places like Anne giving away Green Gables-- that shit wouldn't fly if the original author was still alive, btw). Once somebody writes something crazy, you can't undo that shit. So yes, I say, Frema, nobody knows this cast of characters like you do, and it's your story, so I would love to see you write more about them. This is your baby. Well, so to speak;)

Sant brings up some good points and reminds me of the Gone With the Wind crap that wasn't written by Mrs. Mitchell. Maybe the guest writers aren't such a good idea.

And dude, I'm sure Lil' Frema will have loads of time to write a prequel in between changing diapers and what not.

Holy crap those are the best charts ever. David has a lot of time on his hands I see. My favorite part though is in yours. I just LOVE how prison gang rape has taken on a life of its own. I just feel like that was a young, angsty Frema-esque thing to do and I must say, I'm impressed.

In the grocery store scene I kept wanting Kayla to think "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go..." That's all I could think of...for reasons I can't understand.

I need a new update before I leave for 8 days on vacation and then I will have no Frema :o(

I need a new update before I leave for 8 days on vacation and then I will have no Frema :o(

I like how you did the diagram and pictures sister! Nice visual organization for all the drama . :)

quit puking and post on your blog already! we miss you.

Whew. I just finished reading the archives. I stopped by recently, on a TLF, and saw some kind of story - "What the?" - decided to look into it, and was quickly sucked into the most fantastic story of true love, teen pregnancy, and retarded murder schemes EVER.

My comments for this installment:

1) Michael is as dumb as a rock. "Thanks I really need a friend" oh give me a break. I can't even handle this. You just made a date with your wife's attempted MURDERER, you twit.

2) Why is Cassie acting so...normal? It's disturbing.

3) Kyle is dirrrrr-tay.

OMG! I read a referral to this blog on another blog and started reading TLF today at work. I TOOK MY LAPTOP HOME so I could keep reading it and pawned my child off on my sick (it's just a headache - I'm not that horrible) husband so I could keep reading! He's making me back away from the computer now so we can watch the BB8 finale, but what a great story!!! Please keep back issues on your blog for a long time and maybe link to them from your front page? There may already be a link that I missed, but I read old posts until I found something that talked about Kayla, which took me to a TLF, which I then searched using. Anyways - work of genius this is!! Thanks for the entertainment! I'll pick up tomorrow where I stopped reading tonight...

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