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April 04, 2007


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It is still Wednesday in M-ville; currently it is 11:09 PM. Being the shameless person that I am, I gave up nothing for Lent. I think that sacrifice and fasting can be a meaningful and rewarding practice. Especially, when you make some intentional commitment like you obviously did.

Well, I have given up drinking forever unless you count my occasional O'Douls.

I have been 50/50 on my lenten stuff. Or maybe 40/60 or 37/63. Wouldn't I look like quite the ass if I added wrong and said 27/83? Where is this going? I DON'T KNOW.

I can't believe you've done so well with AMC. Nice work, friend.

Congratulations on your continuing WLW dedication AND success! And early congrats to making it through Lent without AMC.

I forgot about Lent; err, make that willfully neglected to do anything because I am on the fence about the whole religion thing. Living in the state with both Pat Robertson and Oral Roberts can do that to you.

PS. I have a new (entirely pathetic in comparison) blog.

You ARE like a rock star!! :) Off to Florida to visit the 'rents - enjoy your Easter and your Monday reunion with AMC!

Congrats on more weight loss! Even with the Spinach dip, which, by the way, could you email me the receipe?? V

Very good with giving up AMC for Lent and following through with it! You're a strong woman Frema!!!

I have done excellent (if I do say so myself). I gave up fast food and ALL carbonated beverages. Like you said, anyone who knows me knows how HUGE of a deal that is. For me. I allowed myself the cheat on Sundays with the diet coke. Other than that, no diet coke and not an single calorie of fast food has gone into my body. Do you KNOW how good Sonic sounds right now? Every time I would think about having a Diet Dr. Pepper or a Diet Coke or Wild Diet Cherry Pepsi (my new favorite) or some McDonald's or Wendy's or Sonic or Taco Bell (my mouth is watering) I would think about WHY I gave those things up. Since this happened often, I think I have successfully (almost) completed the 2007 Lent season. Amen.

Good for you. And good for your for choosing to give up something for Lent that is important to you. Your reason for doing so was so nicely put.

And hooray for the weight loss. You are rocking it girl. Your body thanks you.

And yes, meeting fellow bloggers has always been such a wonderful experience for me. Every time. I can't wait to go to BlogHer and have all the wonderfulness times a million!!

Give up for Lent? No, I just tried to do more teacher stuff. Serve the students in my care, should they like it or not. It is Easter time and a time to reflect on the meaning of this time of the year. Jesus did his part and now we need to do our part for the Kingdom of God.

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