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May 02, 2007


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What do do? Throw the TV out, lol! I think the last reality TV series we saw was the first season of Average Joe. In 2003. I can honestly say that I haven't missed it much. Though when I heard that Bon Jovi was going to be on last night, I kind of wanted to see it. There are a couple of his songs from the 80's that I like a lot.

Are you sure you're just not bitter about Sanjaya being voted off?

I disagree about Blake. Even though he is not my favorite, although like you I don't think I have a favorite, I thought his performance on Tuesday was hot.

I really liked Chris Richardson, but he's gone! I think it will be Jordin and Melinda in the final, but who knows...America suprises me sometimes.

Oh yeah, nothing is ever TMI for me! I hope you (and I mean ALL of you) start feeling better soon.

Chris Richardson was/is a local boy to my area....which is all the excuse the local TV stations needed to do an extensive recap of the prior nights show. I don't even need to watch AI to know what's going on!

General question for all those out there who have been or are pregnant: Can you feel changes in your abdomen (from the outside) before those changes become visible to the outside world?

VirginaGal -

I would say that it depends on how fit your abdominal muscles are. With my first pregnancy, I could "suck it in" and not appear pregnant until ~20 weeks along. You can palpate the uterus from the outside LONG before that. And many 2nd-time moms feel movement before that (I started feeling movement at 14 weeks with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies).

My abdominal muscles popped right back into place (though my skin was a stretched-out wrinkly mess!) after my first pregnancy. But there was no such luck after my second :-) So this time (3rd pregnancy) I was wearing under-the-belly maternity pants by 10 weeks. My abdomen was definitely looking different. I'm not sure how that's possible though, given that the baby/uterus are still so small at that stage. I start gaining weight (~1# per week) almost immediately upon becoming pregnant. So the maternity pants were required in part due to general weight gain and in part due to the belly.

You wanted a 6-page long response, right?

Well I have to disagree about A.I. I am in love with Blake and want him to win. I have all along. Melinda is great and I love her, but realistically... I don't listen to that kind of music. So I was more into voting for Blake and Phil every week. I will totally buy Phil Stacy's album. But Blake is my man. He must win.

I had the gag reflex thing too. What a nasty surprise!

Here are the things that worked *at all* for me. (Nothing worked perfectly, and it lasted my entire pregnancy.)

1) Gel toothpaste was better than paste toothpaste. Tom's of Maine gingermint was the best. I tried probably 10 toothpaste flavors. Incidentally, plain baking soda was the WORST thing I tried.

2) Water-pik. At least I was hosing down my teeth even if I couldn't brush them.

3) Plain water brushing, outside of teeth only. (You may as well give up on the inner molars for now.)

4) Generic yellow listerine. That was the only thing that never actually made me throw up. And I figure it's better than no dental health care at all.

5) Schedule a dentist's office visit for 8 or 10 weeks after your due date.

6) I didn't try these, but I totally would have if I had heard of them: Spiffies, a dental wipe designed for babies and toddlers: http://www.vegfamily.com/product-reviews/spiffies-dental-wipes.htm

Ooo! And I just found a free sample link for the spiffies: http://spiffies.com/Merchant5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=DRP

"I think someone's pouching out,"

I think someone needs a swift kick to the head.


Hope your nether regions are, well, better. (mono)STAT!

I'm with you on American Idol. It has just been a really disappointing season.

I also agree with Lizzy! Who says shit like that?

The infamous teeth brushing gag reflex! Ahhh, it's just lovely. I still have it!

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Is it bad of me to laugh at your pain and sorrow? Does it make me a bad friend or a good friend? You decide.

I'm forever singing "don't you wish your girlfriend was hott like your mom" to my baby while I smack my own ass. I wonder at what point this becomes child abuse.

That point was probably sometimes last month.

Good luck at the doctor. And keeping food down.

Get some bella bands so you can wear your jeans comfortably again. You can buy them at maternity stores or get them much cheaper on ebay.

I was the queen of zipping but not buttoning. And then I became the queen of not zipping or buttoning. I started using a rubberband...looping it around the button, pulling it through the hole, and looping it around the button again. It was a fabulous contraption.

I've learned to appreciate your posts more than ever now that I know how yucky you feel. Hugs. I hope it gets better for you soon. It sucks not being able to enjoy the foods and activities that you used to. No Ben and Jerry's??? So sad! I'm going to stock up on Chunky Monkey today because they are on sale for $1 at Albertson's. That NEVER happens! I will happily gain ten pounds just to enjoy Ben & Jerry's at such a great price. Am I rambling? So sorry! Feel better!!

Frema, it's always worth it to check back. I mean, have you read your blog? Because if you have, then you know it is fabulous and that people will check back even if you don't tease them with promises of a potentially funny story. I'm just sayin'...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

dcfullest - I suppose in Frema's case, the Bella bands will work great. But I always have to laugh at them, because how on earth am I supposed to fit my pregnant bum into my pre-pregnant jeans?! I'm only 25 weeks along and have already gained 20 pounds!

Brittany - is this ALL Albertson's?!?! If so, I will do whatever it takes to get there today! Those things are usually ~$4 in the store, or $5 at the Ben & Jerry's scoop shops!!!!

Also, Frema, your anti-spam thing hates me. Either that or I'm dyslexic or blind. I always have to type in the letters at least 3 times.

Sorry for hogging the comments -
Ben & Jerry's (and 16 oz. Breyer's) IS on sale at my Albertson's for $1!! Woohoo!! I will have to stock up on any flavors with nuts because my kids refuse to eat nuts, so then the B&J can be MINEMINEMINE (because I NEED to gain more weight - for the BABY.)

awww. it's going to get better. (((hugs)))) from a stranger. tommorow is Friday. feel better?

doh! this post was from Wednesday, but u get my point. :)

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
Hahaha, that was hilary-ous.
About you losing weight but your jeans still seem to be getting a little tight? Yeah, my hips grew before my stomach every thought about growing. Actually, I think my hips expanded the second I took a positive test. It worked for me in the end though. These hips have allowed me to birth two babies with ease. So see, big hips aren't always a bad thing. (Not that you have big hips. Please don't place me in the same catagory as that woman who "notices your bump" b/c what the hell is that all about?)

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