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May 10, 2007


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Katherine's a hermaphrodite! Oh my goodness. Fetch me my salts!

Ahem. On the one hand, I just did this. On the other, I'm interested to see what kind of questions you'll toss at me, so, what the heck. Interview away!

Mmmmm, Snickers ice cream bars. Though the built-in bookshelves sound *almost* as tasty!! Last week your blog *made me* go get Ben & Jerry's, and this week it's going to force me to get Snickers bars! Will the insanity ever end?!

Dude, maybe Katherine is pregnant. But not by Kyle, which we are all waiting for.

Nice interview. THanks for sharing.

(and you didn't even mention moving to Seattle. COME ON!)

2) snort.
I just read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume and I LOVED IT. If you haven't read it (and you're interested), let me know and I'll send it to you.
4) snort! I'm wondering how many times Hil had to type and retype "Elizabeth" before it didn't "look funny" to her anymore.

Oh Frema, how I love thee.
That was one kick ass spoiler. Jenna sends Katherine (gasp) to the hospital! Good God, that woman obviously loses her cool. I'm not sure what happens to cause such an altercation between the two, I'll wait to be surprised on that one. However, I do wonder what ever she might discover (ahem, fetus) at the hospital.

Hil??? Wtf? I live there too! OMG, is it time for TLF yet, the spoilers and totally intrigued me!

A response to the comment above mine: 4)A LOT!

Oh crap, sorry Rachel. I forgot(you Jack stealer you!!!).
Yeah, Rachel lives here, too. And a few other adoring fans that I know of.

I want to be interviewed!!

How I love that Silly Hily -- the girl can't even ask interview questions without involving my/your/her/his/their mom. Love it, love it, love it!

Hey thanks for the TLF spoiler! She sends Katherine of all people to the hospital? Hmmm.

Also, yes, Chesterton/Valpo! Whee!!

If you haven't been asked by too many people yet, then I would like to be interviewed. I need some blogging material.

Yea...lice sucked and I'm glad moving to the East coast was just a hypothetical option for you. ;) Your answers were fun sister. Interview me Nootch.

I'd love to be interviewed, too, but I only have a lowly Live Journal account rather than a totally cool real blog.

Ick, lice?? At least it wasn't tapeworms.

Dude! You can totally interview me!

And why haven't I ever read a Judy Blume book? Is there something wrong with me? (BTW, you can't ask me that question because I'm already asking myself).

Oh pick me! Pick me!

I loved this. So much.

That was a nice house in Rensselaer. Built-in bookcases are a plus. Even though I know better, two bathrooms seem like a necessity. Until I was fourteen, our family of five lived in a home with one bathroom.

1) ...and the coverage of what's going on in Blacksburg still continues here in VA. Is it still in the national news?

5) 7 people and one bathroom?! Yikes; and I thought four women sharing a dorm bathroom was bad.

Send me questions!

Interview me! I mean, if you want to. :)

I'm a joiner. Interview me, if time/interest allows!

Family of 7 with only 1 bathroom?!! That is crazy. Edgar's family was the three kids and his mom and dad...until his dad moved out...and they only had 1 bathroom. But 7?? Seriously, how did you do it? I guess you just learn to be quick. Maybe that explains why I'm so slow to get ready. haha I liked your answers and I'm sure it will be a super happy day when you, Luke and the little one move into a house. Awww, so cute.

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