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May 08, 2007


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Well that's not the greatest news about the extended first trimester, but it's great news about the heartbeat!

All that counting of days makes my head spin. Heart beat ... wonderful. For real.

They can't just take that week away from you! Doesn't seem fair!

Milkshakes are good pregnancy food - when my mom was pregnant with me, it was all she could keep down for a few months, too. Tasty, and good for you and the baby!

Congrats on the heartbeat! That has got to be one of the most amazing sounds in the world!

Even though you know you are pregnant,hearing that sound for the first time is like nothing else in this world. I am so excited for you. Time may be moving slow right now but it will speed up soon. Then in your last 6 weeks or so it will drag out for what feels like another 3 months. Yippy!

I have always wondered how they can pinpoint dates of coneception that precisely -- don't babies grow at different rates? I get that there are milestones, but nailing it down to the day seems impossible to me. which is why I always thought it was wierd when people would say "Oh, little Emma was conceived on such and such date" -- how do you know that? Do you have to keep a calendar and only have sex on Mondays?

Due dates also just seem like guesswork... do they just take the DOC and add nine months? Does anyone have their baby on their actual due date?

Of course, I have no kids so I have no idea what I am talking about here. Man, I have a lot to learn.

VERY effing cool. That's great that you got to hear the heartbeat. Also great: a doctor-recommended milkshake diet.

Boo for three more weeks but yay for milkshakes and heartbeats. I'm actually surprised that no one has been all 170! 170! It's a girl, it's a girl! on you yet.

You are so funny, as always, with the whole "This kid is lucky I'm flexible."

Has the doc suggested adding anything like a protein powder to your milkshakes? Cause if he has, the soy powders are much better for mixing in than the whey. Just saying.

But the heartbeat...ohhh. It is so great Luke was able to be there with you for that.



Crazy. And awesome. Congrats.

That is awesome!!!!! I'm so glad that you both got hear it!!!!

Hearing the heartbeat is what made pregnancy "real" for me! You will never ever get tired of hearing that sound!


How SAD that they set you back!! So what's your new due date?

I'm so happy for you and Luke that you got to hear the heartbeat. Really solidifies things. Congratulations. You really DO have to find a way to get this kid out of you at some point. Haha.

Molly: Whoops, I forgot to mention that, didn't I? Looks like it's December 9th/10th once again!

Um, Frema? Your body and Freke will decide how long you have to deal with all this "first trimester" stuff, and I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it.

It might last 10 weeks or it might last 20, or you might get really unlucky and feel lousy all the way through to 41 or 42. Sorry, friend. Take a deep breath and try to let go of the control. ;-)

Pink Herring, the whole calculus of due dates is pretty crazy.

The count normally begins on the first day of your last period, but if you have a crazy long cycle, that would be "wrong" because you can only get pregnant around the time you ovulate. And *that* is pretty reliably *around* 10 days from the end of your cycle. (Or in the case of Mrs Frema, 10 days from when your cycle would probably have ended, if you weren't pregnant.)

Where it gets really insane? People who use assisted reproductive technology, like IVF and AI. I know that I either got pregnant on May 12 or May 13, 2005, because I did insems on those 2 days. But the minute the doctor knew I was pregnant, I was "5 weeks" pregnant, even though only 3 weeks had passed. They counted from April 27. So it is pretty much impossible to be medically "1 week" pregnant. Weird!

Liza: I didn't realize the desire to stop being sick equals "control freak" behavior!

Cool enough to bring tears to a grandma's eyes. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Congratulations. Hope you stop feeling yucky soon!

Hearing the heartbeat never gets old. Never ever ever.

Happy days...

THey are certainly not as good as a Steak and Shake milkshake or anything, but you may want to try the Ensure supplemental drinks. A couple people I know love them and they do taste like a shake, but with all the added nutrients, calories and protein.

Just tagged you. I hear doing memes is good for the baby.

Ovulation occurring 10 days from the end of the cycle is really very close to the MINIMUM length needed for implantation. The "textbook" answer is that ovulation/conception occurs *14* days from the end of the cycle, not 10. My luteal phase (from ovulation to end of cycle) was very short because I was nursing, less than 10 days actually, but that's not normal for a non-breastfeeding woman.

Frema - back when you said they changed your date I was going to raise red warning flags and give all kinds of unwanted advice, but I managed to keep my mouth shut (until now). I didn't want you to be induced because the doctors were thinking you were a week late when really you were still early!

And since I'm already on the unwanted-advice kick, I'll say this - the wheels or calculations that doctors use assume a gestation of 280 days. Modern studies have found that in first-time mothers, the AVERAGE length of gestation is 288 days! So you and your doctor are going to think that you are 8 days "late", when you're barely reaching "average" length of gestation. This is why my due date is "mid to late August" and I tell people "the end of August" ;-) It drove me INSANE during my first pregnancy when people at school started freaking out that I was still there the DAY AFTER my due date.

(scroll down to the heading "Due Date")

Katie: Since my due date is now a week and a half later, I don't think there's a chance of inducing me prematurely. My doctor was very go-with-the-flow about everything and said the baby will come when the baby wants to come and to not worry about nailing his/her arrival to an actual date. Which I was very happy with. I don't want to be induced any more than YOU want me to be induced!

Oh my gosh, I am so flipping excited for you!! Well, I mean, I'm not excited that your date keeps flopping all over the place, but so excited that your baby went whoosh whoosh whoosh!

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