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May 29, 2007


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Oooh, baby names! I sure hope Freke is a qualifier for at least a middle name! (kidding.) (sort of.) (but really, kidding.)

Congrats on making the 12-week mark!

And I'm sure glad you didn't offer up your shoes here on the blog, otherwise I fear my closet would have been overflowing with shoes even worse than it already is!

To one of the future cutest pregnant mamas ever: your nine pound loss...has it made all of your clothes way big on you? Are you now wearing belts on your pants? That kid is growing big time, I'm sure. Your tushie my be shedding the pounds, but little Freke is surely making room for him/herself, kicking bladder and intestines out of the way as we speak. ;O)

Just wait...several months from now everyone under the sun will be rubbing your pregnant belly. People cannot resist for some reason.

Congrats on the twelve week marker, and on the Wii! That's fun.

So you will be disclosing the potential baby names here? Or are you going to hold us in cruel suspense until the baby arrives?

Molly: No tummy tube! All my pants are at least slightly baggy. I have no doubt the baby is making itself comfortable, but that doesn't mean he/she is visible to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, either! As far as the belly rubbing goes.... Oh hell, no. These days, I can barely stand my own husband touching me sometimes. That shit will not fly.

Marriage-101: Yes, we'll be holding out until the baby here, at least as far as the Internet goes. The names are perfectly normal, but I'm still afraid to subject our choices to negative comments!

Congrats on hitting the 12 week mark! I don't feel like reading back so: are you guys going to find out if its a boy or girl ahead of time or wait until the little Freke (heh heh) is born?

In all fairness, the Wii is quite small and takes up very little room in the entertainment stand. Plus, it will be easy to move to our new abode next month.

No. I can't believe you are already 12 weeks. Are you starting to feel better. It sounds like that might be the case.
My in-laws bought my little family a Wii for Christmas and I think we've played it maybe twice. We just don't have the time. Plus, the kids aren't really old enough to play and/or understand it yet. Maybe once they get older I'll be glad we have it but right now, it just sits there. I know....I know. What a shame.

Wow... 12 weeks already?? You're going to have a baby before you know it!

And I completely identify with the feeling of freedom and peace that comes with getting rid of all the "stuff" laying around that you never use. I've been using the move as a organizational experience and it's felt great watching box after box of "stuff" get carted out of the house!

Downsizing is a good thing. I keep thinking that it is a slow process. However, maybe a fast process would be the best. Things are positive. Joy.

I'm so excited about your Wii purchase! I want one, I want one, I want one.

And I guess that's just the way family get with pregnancy.. and you're not even showing yet. Eep. Think of this as practice for the REAL staring and tummy violations!

12 Weeks!!! Whoohoo.. almost out of that first trimester!! Hopefully you will start getting that "second wind" that everyone told me about and that I never got.

What a great weekend. I'm jealous that you were productive and still came out relaxed and energized.

You finally got a Wii!!!! So exciting!!! You can really get a work out with some of the sports games!!

You didn't even have a contest where we could help pick out the baby names! How dare you make such an important decision without consulting the internets first?

Hooray for making cuts. It will help so much when/if you move into the new apartment.

Congrats on the new Wii. I hear they get you moving so much it can be considered a workout. So that's another reason you needed one. Got to keep in shape for labor!!

And I'm excited about the beginning of the 2nd trimester!

For real, PICKLES? You are a walking cliche.

I envy your downsizing of material baggage, too. I definitely need a coach in that area.

Wow, 12 weeks already!! Everyone says that but it probably went by slowly for you. Are you starting to feel any better?

I would like a Wii, they look cool and I did not know you could download games like Super Mario - that's awesome!

been going into your vault and reading some of your old stuff. I love it.

When I was 12 weeks pregnant, I wanted everyone to know I was preggo, so they didn't think that I had just put on 5 pounds of fat (it was mostly water weight, at that point). Now, I miss my flat 12-week pregnant belly. So, enjoy the time that you are at, instead of wishing you were in the next stage (like me).

Congratulations on meeting the 12 week mark, and good luck throughout your pregnancy!

(Ps. found you through Carrisa!)

Happy 12 Weeks! Pickles, really? That's too cute.

Hey!! You don't get to skip Weight-Whatever-it-is-now-Wednesday just because you posted on Tuesday!!

Umm...hey. I don't really have anything to say. Just.hey.

Wheee! Yay for 12 weeks! Time to start documenting the belly pics now :)


Found you through amalah -

I am 16 weeks preggo & I've also lost weight(14lbs to be exact)! They told me not to worry the baby will get what it needs & just eat at much as I could. By-the-way, the whole second trimester "honeymoon" totally hasn't happened to me yet - same ol' first trimester symptoms all the way!

Happy 12 Weeks!

I PROMISE that by the time you actually LOOK pregnant, you will be grateful to not just look fat. The first time someone asked me my due date unsolicited, it took all the self-restraint I had not to dry-hump her in the elevator.

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