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May 04, 2007


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Well, they do say Da Nile ain't just a river in Egypt. Wow. First, how in the green fields of Iowa does she not realize her son is IN LOVE with her daughter? I mean, I'm not one to judge, and won't claim sibling love couldn't turn into more...but ewwwwww! How blind can she be?!?

Or for that matter, how blind could Michael be?!? I mean, she almost slipped Cassie's name in there. Michael is a dolt. I'll go one further than being surprised he hasn't cheated on before, I'm surprised he hasn't accidentally walked in the wrong house and slept with the wrong woman because he got the house numbers backwards. That, at this point, is the kind of idiocy I expect from him.

It will be interesting when Kay meets Jenna again. I would certainly hope that even in her surge to pull in Foldgers while her boss takes the credit she can see a spade for a spade.

Thank you for my Friday fix...the part I love most is your commentary. I go through things from high school that I wrote and do the same thing...it's hilarious! And we just think we knew it all back then, didn't we?

Good luck on your trip...enjoy yourself but don't make this a regular occurrence - time on your couch is precious and I know (I'm an expert) it helps stimulate baby growth :)

"Living isn't fun. It's just something that I do, without any feeling. It eats at me from the inside."

Yep, accidently killing your baby daddy, spending years in prison, getting raped, and focusing your life on finding your daughter can really take it out of you. That or "It" is the alien baby that was implanted when she was beamed up to the spaceship.

First of all...good luck with your weekend with family. I'm sure it will be loads of fun.

Now on to TLF and my TLF notes.

A shirt to her knees? In 1994, really? That is not good.

"Who's the lucky guy?" Kyle is pretty cool about his mom going on a date. Especially since he's never seen her go on one before.

Who talks about love with their 15 year old and not think that's odd. Not to mention the fact that the only person he could even be talking about is his sister. I could forgive Kayla if she didn't know Katherine was his sister. BUT SHE KNOWS. Oh how she knows. I think Kayla's the dolt.

Michael picks her up and says "where do you want to go?" and then they drove around for a while. If this were to happen to 17 year old Isabel, I would have told the guy to just take my ass back home. I hated those types of dates. SHOW UP WITH A PLAN, dude. Or don't show up at all.

I'm just sayin'.

They had to drink the toilet water? Lil' Frema, there are no words.

I love how after Kayla tells Michael what a psycho she is, he's all turned on and automatically moves in for the kill. Isn't he trying to get away from his wife, who isn't very stable herself? I think trying to slit your wrist and leaving your mangled body for your 11 year old kid to find is way worse then Jenna locking herself in her room and crying. Looks like Michael might need to try to find a women who's a little LESS crazy.

And also, Michael seems to have no problems with having an affair. It's just a little too easy for him. Maybe this isn't his first time. Maybe that what's he's been doing prior to the sequal.

I'm just saying.

I have to agree that these two are quite possibly the two most clueless people on the planet. Although, I can't say I'm *not* clueless. I noticed in the Albertson's ad yesterday that it was the 3.6-ounce Ben & Jerry's that were on sell for $1, but it wasn't until I got to the store that I clued in to the fact that 3.6-ounces is less than half a cup, and $1 for that is a rip-off!

Oh, man, when I was two or three years old I ate an entire bottle of Flintstone's Chewables, chasing it with my bottle of water.

We were stylin' in those days, for my bottle of water was nothing but a thoroughly washed maple syrup bottle filled with eau de tap.

My mother, as soon as she saw what I'd done, force fed me ipecac. I still remember that day.....

Clearly, both Kayla and Jenna have some, um, issues. Jenna has, and is still, losing her shit! Kayla lost hers but appears to have found it and is now just a horny slut.

Michael is such a bastard! Boohoo, your wife is sad and doesn't want to talk about it. You must find another woman, because, surely that will help.

Loved your comments! Had me laughing like and idiot at work!

Toilet water?

The shirt to the knees and leggings? I definitely wore that EXACT outfit in 1992. But, to be fair, I was in 4th grade. And pretty dorky.

Ahhh...the great green fields of Iowa. Now we know why this was Jenna's dream place to live!

But if they shut off your water, that includes the water that fills the terlet, right? Or is there a special crapwater line that I don't know about? Homeowners?

And if they're boiling toilet water, they either have gas or electric. And in my experience, those are the more particular utilties in paying them on time. And the more expensive.

Well here's hoping Kyle never made an upper-decker!

Yes, the toilet water was my favorite part. Lil' Frema's twisted logic is so endearing and also hilarious.
I'm glad the sequel is starting to get more interesting! But I totally wanted things to turn out good for Jenna. Regardless, I can't wait till next week!

I can't believe Michael has yet to figure out that Kay is KayLAAA! You hit it right on the head with the "women with emotional impairments" part. Geee-yaaah. Sometimes I can't believe you were only fourteen when you wrote this story - way to go Lil Frema!

I loved the outfits they were wearing. With Michael's jeans and tight white tshirt, you must have recently seen Top Gun, haha. (MMM.)

Can't wait to read more. I'm calling it - the big yellow sign that reads Drama Ahead!

Holy hell:) This, I think was your finest commentary, out of both series thus far! I love it-- those Flintstone vitamins are working some Frema magic;)

Where in the world to even begin?? Okay, how about Michael!? Vows, man- what about your vows? Oh, to hell with them? Okay, I bet crying sobbing complex Jenna will be okay with infidelity. I mean she's never had to deal with anything so trauma... oh wait. Well, that's it then. The only option left if for Jenna to go on her own rampage, and for Michael and Kayla to get it on. Son of a bitch.

At the same time, Kyle is asking his mother about falling in love... I dare not ask what kind of vitamins she's taking... because it is clearly not Flintstones, lest she would understand the basis for his question, and that is on any number of levels wrong-- whether it be their age, or you know, that splice of DNA they share. Whatever.

Alright, that's all I can process for now. Brilliant young Frema, and congrats on 10 weeks:)

Thanks for the pause allowing us a few moments to laugh our heads off...I needed it. Boiling toilet water? I love it.

And blah blah blah redeeming qualities -- does Michael actually have any anymore? Aside from being Dean Cain, of course.

I ate Lil' Critters kids vitamins during my first trimester and they were fantastic. Taste just like gummy bears. Ate them for a while after morning sickness stopped as well...until the doc said I had to switch back. Blech. I hate prenatals.

The authors were of quality. Their works are good thoughts of human value. I hope the around trip was not too bad such that it out weighted the positive family and book stuff.

I do think this is your best commentary yet. Oh, how these two dolts (Michael and Kayla, I mean) are MADE for each other.

Michael, Michael, Michael...I can remember a day when you were so sweet and innocent and so in love with Jenna that you would do anything for her (read kidnapping). What happened to that magic you asshole!? Say it with me...the grass is not greener on the other side. Again....the grass is not greener on the other side. Especially when the other side is the woman who can fool your dumbass by changing only her hair color. You know, the woman who has a criminal record...for murder. You know, the woman who is just as dumb as you are and even more effed-up than your wife. (Remember her? Your wife?) You know, the woman who kind of mixes up love and lust and all but encourages her son to lust after her daughter...his SISTER.
I agree with Isabel. Michael seems to do this with ease. Are you pickin' up what she's puttin' down? I like it.
I have a feeling Kayla is going to get knocked up and karma's going to pay a visit to her (via Jenna).

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