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May 11, 2007


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I was all about the video screen dances back in the day. My high school used to do one after every home football game, in the gym. I was a dork, and didn't dance, but I had fun all the same.

And yeah, I know, from personal experience, your name appears at the top of the adoption papers, very very hard to miss.

And Cassie is playing chauffeur for her niece and her half brother?!? I thought we established her as the "normal" one this time around. Sooooo gonna end up back in the nut house.

Happy Anniversary tomorrow :) When we first got married, we went to a church full of all newlyweds. I thought it was so weird that some of them had been married for THREE YEARS - They were SO OLD. I'm a bit younger than you and I'm on 6.5 years already. Now I'm starting to feel old!

Yes, Katherine is absolutely Kayla's daughter. I would have read every word on those papers, especially if I knew my mom wasn't going to walk in on me. Though, given the clueless gene, even if she had read the names, she probably would've thought "oh, it must be a different Katherine and a different Kayla" and then drifted back into daydreams of Kyle.

And I agree that her outfit does look cute! I would've worn something like that in the 90's!

I have no idea what you are talking about with this video screen dance. When I read it I was all Whaaa? Where did Frema get THAT from?
I love Lil' Frema's details. A rose with a violet ribbon, red and black pants, suspenders (really!?), a thumbs up to herself? All classics. Is Jenna not questioning where the hell Michael is going to be that night? Why are they all blind to the big neon signs that are flashing before their eyes? I guess because it's fun to yell at them.

We did have video screen dances. Just lame ones in the gym with most of the lights off and bad music.
Kathryn's outfit reminds me of the ones described in the Baby Sitters Club books! But it was totally all about matchy-matchy back then. I bet she looked rad.

And you can't seriously tell me that was the end!?! I can't wait until next week to read about this dance and Michael's going "out". Oh the suspense!

p.s.-happy anniversary!

OMG, the thumbs up in the mirror could have come right out of Saved by the Bell (one of my favorite guilty pleasures, BTW).

We had something similar to the "video dances" - they were "dances" (that's a very loose use of that term) where they only played grunge music and there was much moshing.

And a dance on a Monday night? Really? :)

They match! Crisp black jeans? Yikes.

Love it. Each week it just gets better.

Black jeans and a silk shirt?

It hurts me to read these words, because that is pretty much what my favorite school dance outfit consisted of. My silk shirt had ruffles and a hat that matched it.


I'm left wondering what Leigh's impression of Kyle is....does she think he looks like Katherine in some way? Hmmmm.

Happy Anniversary! (duh)

Dammit, she DOES look cute. Another awesome installation of TLF.

And I can't believe you've been married a year already! It's seems like yesterday I was reading the post about your wedding. [*sniff*] Happy Anniversary!

Well, first of all, Happy First Anniversary!!! And now onto the juicy stuff... how much do I love reading about the fashion choices in this here sequel! I'm going to die waiting for next Friday's edition though, maybe then I'll gain some insight into what exactly a video dance is?

Yes, sweetie, you ALWAYS wear a skirt on a first date, even if it's to play basketball. That's the rule. And the boy has to wear enough hair gel that his hair is crunchy.

I love that Katherine and Kyle are matchies tonight! Black and white! Suspenders and silk shirts! Good call, Pink Herring, on the hat. A hat would have been a nice touch. Perhaps a big brooch on the suspenders.

Kyle sounds like a pretty smoove character. A kid and a player, rolled into one? If I didn't know he was my daughter's brother (phew!), I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Interesting that Katherine has no qualms about rummaging through her mom's stuff. The perfume was in a cardboard box in her bottom drawer?? How many places did she look first? You already covered the confidential papers bit.

It takes things like "Green Day" to remind me of my age. My high school dances were more about A-Ha and tracks from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (Hungry Eyes!).

Happy Anniversary! What's your present?

Happy Anniversary to you, Luke and the bebe. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting to see Molly's pics of the wedding.

I'm with Hilly. I read "video dance" and had to write it down on my notes (you all still think I'm kidding about the notes). What in the crap is a video dance? Is it like a room full of kids who are watching videos, but they call it a "dance"? Odd.

And on a Monday night?

Very odd!

Shannon is uptight. She just walks like she has a pine cone up her butt? Dude, if that ain't uptight, I don't know what is. Carry on.

What's wrong with Jenna giving the kids money for a pizza? Lil Isabel would have killed for her Mom to order pizza. Dude, I would still kill for that.

Katherine was ready an hour before Kyle was going to pick her up?! Talk about being excited. I like to be ready the second the boy arrives (I say this like boys are still "arriving"). I can't waste any of the "good hair and make up" just sitting on the couch reading a book.

Okay, note to Kyle: don't bring a single rose on a date. Once a guy (who drove a big truck, had a mullet and wore a black leather vest) picked me up for our first (and last) date and brought me a single white rose. I was all; "what in the crap do you want me to do with this? Do I carry it with me during dinner, or leave it at home in a vase? WHAT?!" I was confused. I didn't know I needed to tie the ribbon around my wrist. Huh?

(Do you want to know what happened with me and "black vest guy"? Yeah, I married his cousin. And then divorced him. TAKE THAT, single white rose!)

Can't wait to see what happens next. I'll tune in just to learn more about the video dance and to get more ideas for places to hide my confidential papers.

I can't believe so many of you never experienced the joys of a video dance! Poor, deprived things.

For my school, video dances included posting a screen next to the DJ station. So you could basically watch MTV while dancing to music. Very mid-nineties, and only a little bit lame.

I have no idea what a video dance is. Do they just show music videos?

Anyway. Black jeans and a short sleeved silk shirt? OMG, Kyle is a huge dork!

Don't ring loud!

I love the fashion choices in this installment. As I spent my teenage years in a remote corner of upstate NY, girls were STILL wearing pinstriped pants with black suspenders to dances as late as 1998. Horrifying I know. Even more horrifying, I thought to my little 17-year-old self, "She looks so cool." As for Kyle's white silk shirt...all I can say is EEEK!!!

Everyone around me always said "Don't playa-hate, appreciate." Is it actually participate? Or both? Does this phrase display regional differences?

Katherine is SO Kayla's daughter. Secret docs hidden in my mom's drawer? And my mom is not going to be home any time soon? Hel-lo! I would be reading every word.

Dude, it is all about the outfits. I can go back & read my mortified little diary and get detailed descriptions of my ensemble: "Tonight I wore my sister's black leggings with the little color lint-dots on them and the matching oversize sweater in teal. I did my hair half up, half down with a scrunchie & wore my black loafers WITHOUT socks." Forget what I did the rest of the night, it was all about the outfit... And you're so right Frema, Katherine is awesome. Too bad her life is going to be ruined soon.

I'm kind of not loving Google Reader recently. This post didn't show up in Reader until 9:30 *PM*!!!

This is one of my favorite TLF posts! I love it because, I agree with you, I remember prom truly being magical. The logistics of the adoption papers and the perfume, along with your commentary here and throughout the whole post, completely had me ROFL. Nicely done.

Although you have probably received a gazillion awards, I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award. Check my recent entry for May 12... Happy Anniversary

I love coming back and reading the comments. "Don't ring loud!" LOVE IT.

May's comment was especially awesome. I hadn't heard of her clothing diary. But now, I want to see it so bad.

Also, for my birthday May made me a bullet list of reasons that she thinks I'm awesome. Guess what was on it? The fact that I introduced her to TLF. Yep-I get credit for YOUR awesomeness. Thanks.

I love the silk shirt too!! LOL the special-occasion attire of choice!

Suspenders! Silk shirts! Gah, NOOOO, lil' Frema! Ah, how I've been missing my TLF.

what did you make luke?

I think we need a Sunday or Monday category. Friday to Wednesday is just too long!

Wow, I can't believe it took me this long to get my butt over here to read TLF! But I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to read all the hilarious comments, too! I can't wait for this week's -- and I only have to wait until tomorrow!

Hope you, Luke, and Freke (I definitely meant to make you a photoshop image of a Team Freke T-shirt, too. But the time! It is just vanishing into thin air lately!) had a wonderful anniversary!

Ohhhhhh, I came back here to check for this week's installment of TLF, and since it wasn't posted yet, I thought I would come back in my Friday routine and see what everyone else's comments were throughout the week, when it occured to me that I had never commented!! I read it that day, believe me I did! But I now recall that I was running like a mad woman to make it to work (also my usual Friday routine since I am drooling over TLF while eating a quick lunch, but I digress) Sooooo... being that today's (today being 5/18) TLF has not been posted yet, I hope you can forgive me and take my comment for what it's worth:

I invisioned Denise Huxtable crafting the young couple's dance attire-- I love it! Also, if Cassie is the driver, please, let's just say that she had too much electro-shock therapy while in prison, otherwise, I cannot excuse yet another adult for allowing half siblings to date... but it makes for a hell of a story line. And the fact that this came from Lil Frema's 14 year old mind still amazes me. Quite the depth. A+.

That's all for now-- see you on the flip side (the flip side being some time through out the day to come leave a second TLF comment in one day- via two postings-- how's that for skill?... or laziness?:)

Mad props to you for sending them to a video dance. Better that than a Dancing for Funz, no?

I decided to get caught up on all three TLF's at once. This is fun, knowing the answers to my questions about K & K are right around the corner.

Also, why is Katherine so dumb as to not see her own name on those papers?

Suspenders? Silk shirts? Black jeans?

I'm waiting for Blossom to pop up at any second...

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