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May 18, 2007


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OH. My. Goodness. I can't even make a funny comment about that - the entire scene took my breath away - you're right, totally out of character for Kyle, but I think it fits because he's probably all screwed up from all the moving and stuff that his mother has put him through - and let's not forget HIS conception - there are have been studies to indicate such behavior has slight genetic tendencies (well, criminal behavior might, it kind of falls into that category).

Powerful writing, Frema!

Oh, and FIRST COMMENT - WOOHOO! (might have something to do with the fact that I've been refreshing the page all day waiting for TLF!)

Damn. Lil' Frema had some shock value going.

I do agree with Adult Frema's analysis of Kyle's character and how this scene didn't really fit. I thought the money was for sex (but my secondary thought was that he was a cheap bastard for only leaving 20 bucks).

Damn! I must say, I was not expecting a scene like this in TLF. I agree, very out of line with Kyle's character, but at the same time, his conception wasn't exactly loving.

This changes where I thought the story was going and I am looking forward to more!!

Also, I actually thought he was giving her money for the sex, treating her like a whore, especially after the way he talked to her.

OH.....MY.....GOD x's 50.
I thought the money was for sex. Other than that, I'm speechless.

Whoa. I saw it as money for sex, like one final insult. Cab fare makes it a little better. Sort of.

I totally agree... misinterpreted messages or just plain old regret on Katherine's part would have fit Kyle's character much better.

But that's some drama! This scene would never make it on Daytime TV. I assume we're going to attribute Kyle's violence to genetics, since he is the product of a prison rape, after all?

Yeah, nothing really to say about this...except that lil frema writes some powerful stuff.

I agree with you that it really isn't in Kyle to do this. I was blown away with how he was all "I'll think about loving you when I'm dying" and then raped her. Oh wait, I'm getting my stories mixed. ;-) (Nick rules!)

My notes do indicate that I instantly thought of Brian Astin Green's character in 90210 dancing like a FOOL when you mentioned Kyle being a good dancer. Sweet. (Please tell me I'm not the only one that remember David Silver being a smooth criminal on the dance floor.)

I also thought he was paying her for sex. I never even thought about cab fare. But I grew up in the country and never took a cab until I married The King. So, "cab fare" isn't something typically on my mind. And also, if that was for sex...he is cheap.

'Til next week...

Whoa, Frema! I am stunned! I really don't like that version of Kyle at all! I guess it is a little Lifetime-esque in terms of plot handling, but that's what I like about TLF. Not everything has to make sense, right?

Oh, I also read the twensky as being for the sex (ugh, I just re-read that and I sound as if I speak English as a second (twelfth?) language. I don't.)

You know.. sometimes characters aren't really what they seem at all. There are many people in the world that would go as far as killing, where people that are around them all the time would never imagine those people could kill.. understand? or did that make no sense?

Maybe this shows Kyles "rage" or "crazed" or even "alternate ego".. Ok, I think I have gone to far.

Love the drama though.

On your random eight
#1 Nicki is a bitch. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I never liked her.
#3 In every dream BH was a boy. She was a girl.
#5 My gums bled like crazy all thru pregnancy then they stopped. Another crazy side effect no one tells you about.

Randomness: You have one fantabulous imagination.

I may be the only one who thought of it as cab fare. But then it wouldn't make sense for her rapist to give her cab fare. If he doesn't care that he raped her he wouldn't care how she got home. But I still thought cab fare.

I came back hoping I would be able to say something but yeah...still speechless.

I don't ever remember dreaming about having a boy or a girl. I did have a dream about Molly the other night though. (I'm serious. I miss her!)

oh man, this TLF is definitely worth de-lurking for. so much awesomely bad drama!

also, what about the name drew? i've always thought that's a good girl's name, and it's a way to name a kid after a literary character without using the name "nancy" (not that there's anything wrong with nancy...). it's also good for boys?

i don't know, just my 2 cents.

de-lurking to say:

I thought throwing the money was his way of calling her a whore.

"I thought throwing the money was his way of calling her a whore."

ditto. And I agreee that the rape scene wasn't in line with Kyle's character. Wow. Lil Frema always keeps us guessing. Looking forward to next week!

Holy effing moly.
I read it as paying for sex. Cab fare never entered my mind.
That's all I can say.

Wow. That was certainly shocking! Kyle, how could you?!

I definitely thought the twenty was his way of calling her a whore. I'm like Isabel, though, I didn't grow up in a big city, so cab fare's not something that's ever really on my mind. I could probably count on my two hands the number of cab rides I've taken in my life.

As a side note, I love that you described your gums as being "surprised" by flossing. What a perfect description!

But you do have a lovely wedding album. I did order some wedding photo prints last week. I called the photographers on the phone three times with no response. Figuring that if I did not place an order then, I never would. Thus, I mailed a check for some prints and an 8"x10" of you and Luke. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Yeah, I think a subtle date rape kind of thing would have made more sense for Kyl'e character. But understand lil' Frema going for shock value. I thought the twenty was for the sex too.

I had a very vivid dream of holding a baby boy while I was pregnant. And I had a girl.

I was shocked. When you said graphic, I thought I might need to take a cold shower afterwards - I wasn't prepared for violent rape!

Even though you primed us with the idea of cab fare, I didn't see it that way. But I can count on one finger the number of cab rides I've had in my life.

Nancy???? What the heck happened to Little Ruthie?

I totally thought he was paying her. I guess I too didn't think the rape was in his character, so if he's going to go so far as to do that, I don't see the redeeming qualities that would have him think of her welfare getting home.

Wow. I know I'm late to read it, but WOW. Here I thought I had a bead on lil' Frema's mind, but now I'm just in utter shock. Next will come Awe, then will come Bush pushing Cheney in a wheelchair. Just....holy cow.

I was going to make a funnyish comment about Kyle being a vampire, and then you took all the funny away!

Well, first, I thought/hoped that the "something" he tossed on the grass was a used condom. When I learned it was a twenty I was furious, assuming it was him calling her a cheap whore.

I also decided it wasn't necessarily out of his character, because we don't really know too much about him except that he doesn't know anything about his father, he's moved all over the country with his clueless mom, and he's ended up a "smooth character" while still in high school. Doesn't seem to have a ton of human connections or good role models, so while I think he's an asshole and want Katherine to bring the authorities down on his ass, his behavior may not be unprecedented.

Of course Grown-Up Frema would have written this a different way. And I thought he was paying her for sex, implying she was some kind of whore.

Oh, and I LOVE the name Drew, for a boy or a girl. If you want, email me and I'll tell you the literary name we've (I've) chosen for a hypothetical daughter. I don't wanna put it out on front street because it is Teh Awesome and I am kinda (irrationally) worried about somebody steeealing it.

I can't believe Lil' Frema want all 90210 Ray Pruitt on Kyle. I didn't see that coming. That's bullshit. I want my money back.


I saw the $$ as he was calling her a prostitute.

Wow. I never could have seen this one coming. I was really shocked to see Kyle turn into such a maniac in an instant, like you said. Poor, poor Katherine.

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