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May 25, 2007


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Seriously, Michael and Jenna have got to be the two most clueless idiots in Iowa!!!

So it sounds like Kyle has been telling people that he slept with Katherine? And now she's the school slut? I feel bad for her! As if she wasn't put through enough!

And, since when does the flu cause your heart to hurt, Jenna!??? Stupid!

Rachel: Don't you be putting even more bad ideas about Kyle into people's heads! Lil' Frema just thought Katherine would just be sensitive to stories of young girls being assaulted. At least, I think that's what she was doing. I haven't skimmed through the next few chapters yet!

They fail to put the "fun" in dysfunctional. I mean, if they are going to be all screwed up, couldn't they at least be funny about it and make us laugh? What is it with the graduating class of whatever year they graduated? I wouldn't send my kids to that school if my life depended on it. Michael can't tell "Kay" is Kayla. Kayla can't see that her children were getting too close. Jenna can't see that something is seriously wrong with her daughter.
I just wonder when Katherine is going to start really feeling sick and start peeing all the time and have tender boobs and wonder what on earth could be wrong with her.

Nice.. dysfunctional for sure.. or my childhood.. whatever.

Even after all the murders and popping bellies, this may be one of the most tragic of Tragic Love Fridays. You can just feel the storm clouds gathering.

This is my favorite part - so dramatic!

'"Yes, I think I'm sick. My body feels heavy and I'm sweaty all the time. My eyes sting, and it hurts right here." She put a clenched fist over her heart. "It hurts a lot," she whispered and closed her eyes.'

Damn, this family needs help.

"I just wonder when Katherine is going to start really feeling sick and start peeing all the time and have tender boobs and wonder what on earth could be wrong with her."

*raises hand* Was wondering the same thing, because really, that's the only thing missing from this tale of woe.

Wait a second! I just realized that Katherine's symptoms *are* pregnancy symptoms!

- body feels heavy? check!
- sweaty? check! Pregnant women are notorious for being hot.
- eyes sting? hmm, I'm pregnant, and my eyes sting, so check!
- heart hurts? check! (heartburn)

I've been looking forward to today all week long!

I found your blog and TLF through a link of a link. Can't remember for sure where, but thank the good Lord I did. I spent the majority of last week neglecting my children to catch up on the previous weeks, and I'm hooked. Thank you for giving me a reason to wake up each Friday. =)

All I can say is"rice with pot roast"?

I love how Jenna kept going back to, "but it could still be a good night." Quite dysfunctional, to agree with everyone else. My heart is still hurting for poor Katherine.

You write of a roast, so I immediately decided this is what my family will have for tea tonight :)

I hope you do get the flat you want..how are you feeling lately?

Okay, I failed to comment on last week's again, but not because I didn't read it... I just had no idea what you say to follow up on the rape post... except sonofabitching Kyle. From the start of part 2, I was under the impression it was consensual incest (which makes it all right, right?) Point in case, I'm so sad for Katherine, especially in this week's post where she's slipped into a Bianca Montgomery-esque state after her rape.

Okay, moving on to less serious (as-if), I think there's about to be serious trouble for Jenna at work. I know she was all about calling her co-worker woman a bia, but I think said co-worker is going to steal Jenna's work... being that she left all of it there the night before the presentation.... and because she is a secretary and likely has no office of her own to lock her precious poster boards up, I think I may be onto something there.

She'll get fired. Michael will be whoring it up for another week. Lucas and Leigh will be playing chicken with nearby traffic, and poor Katherine will be showing up for school to face Kyle. (btw, since I am dual commenting on this week and last weeks' posts, I thought he was giving her cab fare, being that you set us up with your cab story at the beginning).

Alright, hopefully Katherine can find someone to help her through the flu... though if I had to make a guess, I would say eptopic pregnancy... no idea though. Last time I checked, all I had was my BA in Art. yo.

Til next week!

I'm no doctor, but what happens to a baby born to siblings?

And also, would Katherine be feeling pregnancy symptoms already???

I can NOT wait for next week!

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