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May 21, 2007


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You probably WILL be back into those pants this time next year! When is your due date? I am now 5 weeks postpartum, as of today, and I am wearing some regular shirts and some of my smallest maternity shirts... still all maternity pants or sweatpant kind of things- but definitely my smallest maternity pants from in the beginning. So- there is hope for you to definitely be back in those within a year :)

Those shoes? Are fabulous!

I love those shoes and NY&Co. almost as much as I love you. I have one pair of black flats and they make my feet so happy.

Would it be weird if I said you have nice legs?? Cuz from what I can see of your calves in that photo, you do.

I love those shoes.

And my belly is jealous of those yummy pants. They look COZY!

You scored!

For some reason, I just cannot buy flats! I will wear some flip flops, but I don't know why I am so afraid to try flats!

Those are super cute though! Dude, you're not even gonna have baby weight to lose!

You keep losing weight like you are, and you'll have wasted away to nothing by the time this little pumpkin comes along. Those pants will be lightyears away. (How's that for sucking up?)

I love your new shoes! Also, you looked absolutely fabulous yesterday, so I wish you would show the rest of everyone a Happy 11 Weeks picture, eh? As much as I realize that OF COURSE you're having a baby, seeing you yesterday made me think over and over, that WOW! You really ARE having a baby! I'm so happy for you, again, and still. :o)

I totally have those shoes! Love them :)

The shoes are adorable! And NY&Co is so awesome. I haven't been there in forever, as I kind of had to cut myself off at one point.

I am lusting over those shoes!

Like everyone else: I want those shoes on my tootsies!

Also? Cozy pants!

LOVE those shoes! and LOVE Baker's.. which unfortunately has yet to make it to the great North Idaho region :(

Baby's Mommy got a new pair of shoes. Safety first at work or any where is a good idea.

Your new shoes are very cute. Hey, the pink socks on little Frema go with the pink shorts. Of course, little Frema is cute too; look at her sweet smile.

The shoes look so cute on your feet! I love the cross straps.
(grumbles in the background because size 5 feet plus ballet slippers does not equal anything near as attractive)

Love the new shoes and I definitely think you'll be back to your fighting weight by then!

I totally have to have those flats....

And am totally pissed because they recently closed the New York & Company at our mall! (All because, apparently, their contract ended with the mall and there was a rent issue....who knows....I'm mad though. :( )

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