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May 08, 2007


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We referred to the fetus as BH for Baby and our last name. When we found out she was a girl, we changed that to BGH. Heck, she was BGH for several hours after she was born because even with 4.5 months to think, we couldn't agree on a name.

Who am I kidding, we still call her that amongst ourselves. Especially in e-mails.

I don't really remember what we called Alyssa before we knew she was a she. I like Freke, clever, but, um is it pronounced like freak? Because I vote no if it is.

And, OMG, Britt's assvice story is damn hilarious! I can't imagine anyone volunteering their husband to come over and, um, strip anything!

Seriously, Frema, try not to set the baby on fire though!

Rachel: The pronounciation would indeed be "freak." That's part of the charm, right?


Dude, my husband is not allowed to strip my membranes.

So, Frema and I were talking one day in an e-mail and I was trying to help her come up with a name for the baby, you know like a Brangelina of Tomkat type thing. I said Fruke and Luma don't really work and "your baby sure can't be a 'Freke'." So, I was at a loss. That is, until Frema was all "'Freke is hysterical." And then I think I snorted because well, if she thinks it's funny then so do I. Sweet Pea out...Freke in!

Brit's story? Dude! I never had morning sickness but I might have thrown up on that woman's shoes.

You know how when you give someone a nickname it sticks with them? You know?

That's all I'm sayin.

I think Freke's pretty awesome, but I have to second Rachel here. We called the baby Piper (we had a Piper Cub sign in the nursery) for months and months while we tried to decide on a name. The name we finally decided on? Piper.

Not that I think you'd actually name your baby Freke. But who knows?

Anyway, my brother and another friend want us to name baby #2 Chester. So Chester it is, at least until we find out whether it's a girl or a boy.

Even in the post about horrible advice, I'm tempted to give unasked-for advice!! Will I ever recover from this? In my defense, I have rarely given advice in real life. Just online. Because I'm afraid to actually speak to people in real life.

Hmm, I think I'm with Rachel - I don't know about Freke. It just sounds kind of negative. But my kids feel that "Butt" is a term of affection, and use it as such, and we seem to not be suffering any self-esteem problems from it, lol!

Of course, the most creative in-utero name we've come up with during three pregnancies is "Baby", so I'm not exactly an expert in this subject! Right now we're calling the baby "he or she". At the beginning of the pregnancy, I was thinking "she", but recently (I'm 25 weeks), I've been thinking "he" more often.

Those are great, but I do have to say "Wow" to the offer Britt received. Some people really don't know when to stop being "helpful", do they? Again, wow.

How do you pronounce Freke? Is it like Freak?
Cause that is damn funny.

Freke certainly is interesting. And by interesting I mean "you are free to do what you want, but I wouldn't do that." In the best Southern way.

I love Freke! When I saw it, before reading on, I thought "I hope that's the baby's nickname, becuase it would be so Frema-esque!" Love it. I think you should keep it even after you learn the gender. Unless, you know, you don't want to. I suppose it is YOUR baby to nickname as you please.

I like Freke, but I'm also not opposed to slighty insulting nicknames. Forget the 'honeys' and 'sweeties.' I call my husband 'Hot Dog Head.' I also grew up being referred to as 'Buttany.' The name will grow on little Freke.

Oh yeah, how was Freke's heartbeat???

Just leave the medical work to the doctors and their staff. Some kinds of help result in too much help of the wrong kind.

I like Freke, but I pronounce it like it's Dutch or something. Freaky-deaky Dutch- Free-kuh. :)

Stripping? Membranes? I know enough to know not to Google that, thanks!!

Maybe that's going to be the new pick-up line...."Hey babe, can I strip your membranes?" Eewwww. Double eewww.

My name suggestion would be "Bun". It's kind of along the line of cutsie, but also fun. (bun in the oven)

If I admit that I don't care that much for "Freke" I will feel like a jerk when you keep the name. Although I have to admit it is the perfect combo of your 2 names. If the membranes tale is true, Oh My God! Ro's comment" Hey babe can I strip your membranes?" made me choke on my toast. Love it.

We called G'man 'booger' in the womb. I like it.. but I do like Freke ALOT!

Mother of Icky Bobo checking in. We allowed KJ to name Jack in utero, and, well, two year olds are creative. I personally would have gone with Chicken Taco or something.

The fact that we called him Icky for many months really didn't do any harm, and it didn't stick.

I love Freke!!

I'm a little late, I know (just started reading your blog).

We called our son (before we knew what gender), Cletus the fetus. That still cracks me up :)

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