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June 20, 2007


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I'm glad everything is going well!

"read up on HPV vaccinations or begin addressing the whole "to circumcise or not circumcise" issue"

I've rarely been so tempted to offer unwanted advice! But based on my previous stances about various issues, I am sure that you can guess exactly what my feelings on both issues are :-)

Well, see the doctor said, "You are one hot momma." I am smiling. Now, I am off to decipher what advice Katie might have offered on those issues.

YAY! I'm glad everything is going so smoothly (aside from, of course, the whole constant puking thing) with the little Freke. Oh, and I want the fun now too!

OMG! No circumcise! It wouldn't even be a question if you were having a girl, why do you have to debate it if you're having a boy?

That is all good news from the doctor. Keep work on it.

Bring. The Video. Here. Too.


You're a brave woman to raise the whole "circumcise? or no?" issue, without provocation.

People had such passionate feelings on the issue that when I was about as far along as you are, I declared that we were not going to be telling people one way or another. If you weren't changing the baby's diaper, it was not your business.

You know, I only mentioned the vaccinations and circumcision as another way to talk about boy versus girl. I didn't think it would get people's undies in a bundle!

I marked the 11th down, can't wait. My guess is a girl. love you

I'm happy to share my questionnaire I used when I was "interviewing" pediatricians, if I haven't already sent it to you. Can't wait to find out if you're having a Boy or Girl Puma!

Good news indeed.

mjd - Mostly I was referring to when I told Frema that she would DIE if she chose a hospital birth over a home birth ;-) I didn't say it exactly that way, but close enough. If I'm that passionate about home birth, you can make your guesses about where I stand on vaccinations and circumcision.

I cannot wait to hear the results!!!!!!!

Just for the sake of guessing, I say "girl", too. Yay, can't wait to find out!

We opted for an audience free unveiling of the goods too. Both on the ultrasound and actual delivery. I was always one of those people who would unwrap their Christmas presents and re wrap them, being just as excited about them on Christmas morning. So I didn't have to think twice about finding out what we were having.

How on earth are you going to wait till July 11th? And how am I?!

I'd have to see a picture to vote on the sex of lil Freke, and also I like to wait till a few weeks before birth. But my record is pretty good- only been wrong once, but I'm a Pisces and a lil psychic

Yeay! I'm glad things are going well!
So do we get to start pooling our money over your July 11th glimpse?

I generally get the feeling that Freke is a boy, too... however, this is coming from the aunt of two little boys, so what else could I possibly get the vibe for? (Hey, I've got a 50/50 shot anyway:)

July 11th is Mama Mia's b-day so it'll be easy for me to remember. 7-11.
I'm glad you got a good report.
Clearly any discussions about what YOU and Luke do with YOUR baby are going to need to come with a "Warning: No assvice needed or wanted" label. Good luck with that.

There's no way I could stand NOT knowing the baby's sex. Who has that kind of willpower?! Then again, I skip ahead in books and actively search for plot spoilers. What can I say, I'm impatient.

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