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June 14, 2007


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Wow, what a beautiful area to visit! And it looks like such perfect weather--yay for you and your last vacation Before Freke!

Oh, and I love Somewhere in Time. I tend to catch it on late at night on various channels from time to time and it's just so cheesily, romantically wonderful.

Somewhere In Time is SUCH a good movie. And when I say good movie, I really mean one of the most depressing I've ever seen in my life. But still good!

Glad you had a good time on your vacation!

It sounds like you had a fabulous time! I'm so glad you got to do this before Freke comes!

Hey! I've been to Mackinaw Island too. You forgot to mention the coolest part...no cars! Great pictures!

The pictures look beautiful and it sounds like you had a well-deserved good time. But I'm most jealous that you got to see the season premiere of Big Love!!! I may die before it comes out on DVD!!

That looks like an amazing trip! And you and Luke both look so happy and gorgeous!

Good for you and Luke.
Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great pictures.

I've never seen a Superman movie, but I've seen Somewhere in Time over and over and over - it's always get me in the gut. I always think of Christoper Reeve when I see anything about Mackinac Island.

Glad you enjoyed your Babymoon!

As soon as I read the name of where you went, I was like "that sounds SO familiar". And then you mentioned Somewhere in Time. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. (but I wouldn't pay that much to stay at the damn hotel.)

Anyway, I took hours to read this post. I just loved looking at the pictures and hearing about your trip. It sounds SO nice. I'm glad you splurged on the nice hotel. Good for you guys.

And you're totally right...traveling with a baby is as hard/easy as you make it. We've only taken Babboo on 2 flights...but they've been just fine.

I'll know more when we take him to DC/NYC this summer.

Welcome back. We missed you.

"the lake's temperature was cold, colder than your mom, even" HAHAHAHA awesome! I'm glad you had such a nice vacation. Can't wait for TLF!

So glad you guys had a great time! The weather looks awesome, and you look great as always.

I'm right there with you on taking kids on vacation. I'm sure Freke will be ready for a car trip or two or ten in no time flat. :o)

Your trip sounds like it was AWESOME! I totally am jealous, because I would LOVE to travel more. I'm with you... My family never really got to travel. My best friend's family goes on at least 3 vacations a year, and I just didn't understand how people can do it. I'm hoping someday I will be able to travel the country and the world. I'd love to have my children experience different cultures.

Great pictures. It was a great adventure. That Luke can make that sort of thing happen. He always has had that abliity. When I was having hamburger, he would have frog legs.

Can I just say that I LOVE that the reason the hotel was worth it was the breakfast? My in-laws live in Northern Michigan, next time we go visit we'll have to sneak away for a few days. Glad you had fun!

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I hope you're feeling more settled in the stomach-al area- I'm guessing maybe yes, considering the mentions of food :) And you leave my mom out of this!

Welcome back to Indiana, your pictures are grand. Your vacation sounds wonderful. I am sure that there are many more adventures to come for you, Luke, and the baby.

Isn't that such a great place??? I would totally love to live there!
Glad you guys got a vacation in before the baby shows up. You picked a great place to visit!

But you didn't even talk about the secret ingredient in the fudge that they don't tell mainlanders about. You know, from all the horses.

Sounds like a great time for the two of you. And such great pictures!

We are leaving next Saturday to drive to NJ with our two year old - I will let you know how it goes! He's been fine on the three flights he's been on, (well, it hasn't been awful), but I am SCARED about how he'll do on a 700 mile trip in the car. He usually signs "all finished" from the car seat by the time we get to the end of *our alley*! Beautiful pictures, you were smart to go the nice route with the hotel.

OK, first, great pictures - glad you had a great time!

But more importantly, I'm glad I'm not the only person that found that guy on "Deal or No Deal" slightly annoying with his little sayings...it all went downhill when his wife (?) said, "Life is like a box of chocolates." Dude deserved the $100 he got.

I love those pictures! What beautiful scenery! You and Luke look so happy. I agree with you about taking vacations and seeing the world once you have kids. There may be some trips that may be more of a hassle with kids, but there are many, many places that are perfect for the whole family. It would be a shame to wait until your children are grown to travel...what joy it will be to travel together!

Oh man, those pictures...My family used to vacation to Mackinac every couple years when I was growing up. Those pictures totally took me back. We usually stayed in the chain motels in Mackinaw City and then ferried across to the island. And the fudge, oh the fudge! There's nothing like it.

Beautiful place!! I am glad you guys decided to go on one last baby-free vacation. Traveling with kids is really not all that hard at all. You just have to bring more stuff and learn how to prepare for anything.

I love that picture of you and Luke! It so cute!

I like your couple picture, too. You guys look so mellow. All your pictures just make me go, "Aaahhhhh."

I used to date a boy whose favorite movie was Somewhere in Time. Huh? He had a crush on Jane Seymore, so maybe that's all it was.

But I feel you with wanting/not wanting to get in the water. Northern California does the same kind of tease. The beaches look nice from a distance, until you actual sit on one and freeze your butt off. Or you actually brave the 55 degree water. Stupid beaches.

Anyway, sounds like you made some great memories.

I went climbing the Sleeping Bear dunes, and a couple of folks (fools?) I was with wound up realizing they left a purse/bag on the top--with the car keys.
I laughed as we drove away.
Your trip sounds delightful, exciting, relaxing...PERFECT.
I won't lie: traveling with a child can be difficult. You'll be stunned by the amount of *crap* you need to tote along for a thing that weighs under 20 lbs. BUT: in our house, we've traveled frequently and have been blessed with an easy going traveling boy. He loves to see all the different things and people and talk to strangers (note to self: ought to instill some suspicion in child).
I'm sure you and Luke will be exploring with Baby Freke.
Welcome back!

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