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June 25, 2007


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I love the diaper bag! Looks like something I would have chosen considering the last half of Evie's diaper bag days I used a sling type purse from Old Navy. I am not into the too-baby-type of diaper bags. Mainly because I have aversion to all things cartoony and whatnot.

As for your belly, it's adorable. I should send you some of my old belly shots. They would make you be that much more thankful. I was a WHALE at the end. A WHALE.

You look great. And for "pillow", you two will get even closer and you'll love him even more.

The bag is dreamy.

To answer your questions...I HATE my bag. It's huge and heavy and dumb (it was a gift from Ken). For me, little pockets and divided sections are a MUST. And also, I like a long strap so I can hang it over the stroller arms.

Hooray for baby showers!

Eeee! I love talking baby stuff. I've got two diaper bags. A big one for all day stuff and a smaller one for trips to the store and stuff. I'm with you on the cutesie characters. I'm not even a fan of Pooh! I will say, however, I no longer carry a purse. That's just one more thing I would have to keep up with and I leave enough stuff behind as it is. I miss my purse. So, yeah, you got a cool bag.

Oh, I love the bag! Can we get a picture of the inside of it? I want to see the blue and brown polka-dots. I'm with Isabel on the divided sections and such. A little pouch especially for a bottle is a must have for me. Also, like Jana said, a smaller one might be nice to haul around on trips that you know will be shorter and will just hold a few diapers, wipes, and a few other things. That might be something you want to register for, that is, if you find one you like.
My husband used a back pack. Yeah.
I had two diaper bags with Mia. One big, one small. Both girly. I got two small ones for Dom at a shower, both I love, both are blue. My mom got me, are you ready? A green Petunia Pickle Bottom at my shower for Dom. Not pink, not blue, but green, since I now had a boy and a girl. It was also big enough to carry stuff for both kids. I love that bag with all my heart but have already out grown it since Dom is no longer a little baby. I'm rambling. Sorry.

I love your bag and your belly is just too cute! Girl, you weigh less at 4 freakin' months pregnant than I did in high school. Thanks for sharing your belly. Hi Freke!

You look adorable!

As for diaper bags (I love the one you picked out), I had/have a couple. I have a big one that I would pack for long trips out (all day events, etc.) and then I had a small one for quick trips out. You'll find that as the baby gets older you won't need to carry around as much stuff, so you can start using the smaller one more often.

Now that my kids are older, I really just grab any bag that I can find and throw some diapers and wipes in and head out the door.

Hope that helps!

There'll be no need for any hand-swatting, as I have no intention of trying to swipe your diaper bag, especially since it looks a lot like a giant purse.

Cute bag!

Ok, first, I LOVE that bag!!! It is super cute!!

I have two diaper bags (3 actually, but I don't know where the 3rd came from and I never use it) for Alyssa. I have a large Eddie Bauer one which I love. I use that one to send with her to the babysitter or it we are going on an all day excursion or if she's spending the night out. I also have a little one that I use when we just go to the store or out to dinner or something.

Lot of pockets to store the little things is definitely nice and mine also has it's own changing pad too!

Also, I hate those stupid character ones! Character anything for that matter!

Cute baby belly, by the way!

I love that diaper bag! It's so un-diaper-bag-ish. (In a very good way!) It looks all professional and classy! It's very Frema-esque (I am all about making up words today, apparnently).

You look great!

May I recommend this one for Luke? Tim has it and it holds just enough stuff, while still looking manly (the silver and black is what we have.) Tim really wanted to hot glue machine gun bullets to the front strap so he would look like Rambo, but I vetoed that idea. Come to think of it, he has a fascination with hot gluing in general, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

We had like 5 diaper bags and only ever actually used one of them.

In terms of car seats, if it fits in your car, I 100% recommend the Graco Infant SafeSeat Step 1 as a "baby bucket" style seat -- it has the highest weight and height max of any of that style seat.

If you aren't going for a baby bucket but instead will do a permanent install of a "combination seat" get a Britax. Noah should still fit into ours until he's nearly in kindergarten. They're expensive, but worth it.

I love your bag! I have a black corduroy Skip Hop with special straps that attach to the stroller handles. I usually leave it in my car though, stocked with diapers and wipes. Most of the time it only goes into daycare. I usually just throw a diaper or two into my purse and go. My husband is the one who really likes it because he doesn't have that purse option I mentioned.

I don't much care for diaper bags: their either ugly, cumbersome, not enough pockets or way too expensive. That being said... I used the free one from the hospital with #1. Also with #2. But after a while with number 2, I bought another one that worked a bit better and was smaller... then it got milk spilled in it and I "had" to get another one. I suspect for this next child I will have to figure something out to carry baby gear in again. But I totally loathe those giant duffle-bag-ish ones and have no desire to lug one around.
I love how yours looks and how it's very inconspicuous. I hope it has a cell phone pocket and somewhere to put your keys without them getting lost ;)

As for names, I have had girl names picked out for ages, it's the boy names that we can't come up with. Oh well, still 3.5 months to go!

Love your diaper bag! I, like everyone else, hate character-ish bags. My current bag is my favorite of all time. I bought it at Babies R Us as well - it's the Columbia backpack one. Since it's just the kids and I 90% of the time, I love the hands free-ness of it. I throw it on my back, Jack in my arm, sippy cup and paci and whatever the train/airplane/car of the day is in my hand under his butt, hang on to KJ with my other hand, and we're off. (Phew!)

I also have a very simple small black bag for other occasions. I agree with Isabel and Hilary on the pocket thing, and a place for the bottle/cup. I hate when they leak all over everything in the bag...

Your belly looks great! Hi baby!!

You take your sweet ass time on that girl name. I would be the same way. Of course I already have 2 girl names picked out and I'm not even pregnant yet.

And I love the diaper bag. Love it.

Wow you are rolling right along. The belly is so very cute. Soon you will be feeling "Freke" moving around. I miss that feeling. I too used the free diaper bag as I never liked dragging too much stuff with me.I did like using it to smuggle cokes and candy into the movies.

Almost forgot, MRS CPA suggested the backpack and I notice all my kids are now using them too. Plus men do have a fear of other men thinking they are carrying a purse. If I ask Joe to buy tampons, no problemo.Ask him to hold my purse while I run to the restroom and he gets this look on his face like I asked him to wear a dress.

I LOVE the diaper bag--what a great find! When you leave the store and you are still obsessing over the item that you chose not to buy, then it's a sign that you MUST have it. That's what I do when I am unsure about a purchase. Just follow your heart. ;-)

You look AWESOME!!

Plus, you still have some time to come with the perfect name for our little darling.

Little Ruthie sounds sweet,adorable, and loving.........................

Hey, bags are tools. You have to have the right tool for the right job. A baby bag is key to baby's comfort. Also, to mom's and dad's peace of mind.

That is one hot diaper bag, Frema! I like it a lot. v. cute, not too baby-ish, etc.

I am not a mom but I am an au pair (that's French for unpaid in my sister's mind!) And I don't carry a diaper bag. Never have, because I am a fan of the big purse. But if I were designing the perfect diaper-baggable purse, it'd have some holders for bottles, a small pocket for my stuff (keys, phone, lip glosses, etc) as well as a big area for toys, change of outfit and a buttload of diapers, wipes and A+D.

What a great looking bag! I'm with you on avoiding anything anthropomorphized (P**h and D!sney are starting to scare me!).

Yay on the 1st belly shot~very cute.

Errr. Just looked at the belly shot again. Noticed P**h pajama pants. Removing foot from mouth now.

Ooops! Me too VirginiaGal.

I am a stay at home grandma and I have the free diaper bag the girls got from the hospital. so much for fashion
Times have changed, Brooke replaces hers when ever she sees one she likes. My son has a baby back pack. Its for MEN. OH MY.
I am still learning.
I do like the wipie warmer thats a must, I never had that back in the day

We got Jonathan one of those shoulder sling bags (basically a strap that goes around your torso that holds a few diapers, a few wipes, one bottle, a cell phone, and keys) but we didn't really use it. We had a basic black BRU bag with red interior and J didn't mind carrying it. I suppose having 2 fully packed bags is convenient for a newborn especially if you want to leave them in the cars, but once we hit about 9 months we totally downgraded and only carry a few diapers and wipes with us, and usually we leave that in the car. Especially once he was done with formula!

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