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June 19, 2007


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Great post. As always.

Our first house was all about IKEA. We hope to maybe upgrade a little when it comes time for the second house. But damn it, I'm all for not spending a load of money on this type of thing.

Do you have a Big Lots nearby? The one I went to this weekend had a shipment of furniture from Pier One, and it was all more than 50% off. They had some pretty cool bookshelves.

Oh my gosh, you are definitely not the only ones! We are all about thrift store furniture and clothes. And if I ever do buy clothes from a non-thrift store, it's only if I have a gift card. We figure, why not save money in those areas so we can afford to eat out once in a while? All of our non-particle-board furniture is hand-me-down, and that's completely okay with me for now. I do dream of someday being able to afford to re-decorate our house with our own grown-up furniture that we buy all by ourselves. But along with that dream comes the panick of "But it's so expensive! And look! This old couch is perfectly fine!"

And yet we barely blinked an eye at the boatload of money we're putting into our yard this summer. I guess it's all a matter of priorities.

Sounds like you and Luke have some exciting plans for your savings, even if it does break your arm to hand over that credit card! (Look at it this way -- with a broken arm, you can't possibly change a diaper, right? Looks like Luke'll have to do it!)

"Tell me we're not the only ones who subscribe to such madness."

I can't say I'm totally with you on this one right now :-) I'm considering if I should really spend $2 to take my kids roller skating.

I think you guys are in good company. All of our furniture is from Ikea, except for one wardrobe and one dresser (which Joel got for free when his dad worked at a furniture store) and our coffee table, which we got for 80% off at a going-out-of-business sale. And it does double-duty as our dining room table, because we don't have a dining room. Or a dining room table.

To make it even better, nearly all of our Ikea furniture is secondhand from craigslist or purchased from the as-is department. In fact, we only have one couch that we paid full price for, and that was only because the matching piece was a super duper bargain in the as-is section.

I can't justify spending money on real furniture because I know that eventually we will move, and either we'll end up selling it all, or it will get banged up in the move. Plus, if we had nice furniture, I'd have to be really mad when the cats scuffed it up chasing each other around the house at 80mph. Strangely enough, that's the same logic I use for keeping my crappy 1998 Jetta -- if I had a nice car, I'd have to worry about all those little scratches and nicks that come along with street parking in a city where no one knows how to drive.

But I spent $10 on a mediocre sandwich and 2 coffees at work today. And that's fine, because I'm nuts.

That Dave Ramsey has the right idea when it comes to getting out of debt... but of course it's like a diet for your finances. And it's quite obviously from looking at me that I cannot stick to a diet.

But I still think his plan is the best. If only I could freaking stick to it.

Girl, I feel your freak-out. How about we JUST got actual, real live bookcases for our apartment? Before that we were using ... um, let's just say it rhymes with "silk grates" and leave it at that.

I'm sure things will work themselves out, especially now that you're back on top of things. Good luck on the freelancing!

The furniture thing gets me too. A lot of our stuff is hand-me-down, although we did purchase a new bedroom set last year. I'll spend hundreds of dollars on plane flights and random things, but when I see a table for $200 I'm like, oooh, $200...that's a lot...can I actually afford that?? Give me a break. Of course I could if I just stopped eating out and buying random crap. :-)

Feeling the financial crunch over here, too. But one good thing about how freakin' broke we are right now- it's making me realize how much money we must spend on miscellaneous crap, when we have it to spend. Goodness!

We, the proud recipients of all hand-me-down dressers, but purchasers of large television, are in your boat. Priorities, maybe a smidge off, but I guarantee if someone wanted to hand me down a big new tv I'd take it. :O)

It's good to see that we are not alone, as I read through your comments. I second the Ikea comment, though it would be rough getting it from Schaumburg to Indy. I wonder what Ikea.com charges for shipping? Seriously, those stores need to start popping up like Walmarts. They rock.

Us too!

There are certain things which we don't bat an eyelash on spending big bucks for (like a new SUV for each of us in 2005, as we have a talent for buying vehicles at the same time), and then on other things that spending big bucks on really does make sense for quality and durability, we choke.

That's why we haven't recovered his grandmother's good quality sofa (with fabric which doesn't match our house) and still are using a cheap sofa that has holes in the fabric, lumpy cushions from where the cats sleep along the back, and squeaks every time you sit down, but goes with our colors.

New car = fun. New fabric and labor to recover the sofa = boring. That's the best I can figure it - it's not fun to spend $ on the boring stuff?

I feel like such an out-of-the-loop tool for having never been in an Ikea store or owning a piece of whatever Ikea sells. Lizarita, Casey, Stefanie, can you girls help me out here? We don't have Ikea down here.
Anywho, I'm really trying to get my priorities straight and realize if I didn't spend $100 here and $150 there every single weekend at Target on junk that will last a week or a month then I could get a nice piece of new furniture that will last me years and years and years. But the junk at Target? I can't resist. I'm trying, but damn it's hard.
You and Luke will be fine. I understand the not being fine now and wanting to get to the "fine" stage of things though. I'm in a bit of a finance freak out myself right now. But it'll be fine soon. I hope.

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