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June 26, 2007


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It's my opinion that model units are never really set up for someone to actually live there. They suck you in by giving you the illusion of SO MUCH SPACE {Echo, echo}. But if you were to live there, you'd notice things missing, like a microwave (which eats up precious counter space), or a tv in the living room (which also takes up precious floor space).

But two bathrooms and a separate room for lil' Freke, that's something to be happy about!

Good luck with the move this weekend. Maybe once you get everything in there, you'll find that it all fits better in the new unit or that you have a little extra walking room or something.
Changing table. I've made it through two kids without one. The crib, the floor, our bed? They all work fine. A new couch that you are in love with? Not so much.

I hope the move goes smoothly and I bet once you get all your stuff in there and get it all set up and decorated you will love it just as much as the old one! Even more, once little Freke is there.

I use a changing table with Alyssa, but only because the living room doesn't have room to put a basket of diapers and wipes and such and it's nice to have those 2 extra shelves on the changing table.

But, the couch? Uh, hell no!

Good luck with the move. I hope it goes smoothly for you guys.
Changing tables? Overrated. You guys will be glad you decided against one !

You gotta love the model unit being a little tweaked. I am sorry to hear that it's less than you had wanted. Do they have any other layouts?

A space saving trick we used in our baby's nursery: we received a hand-me-down dresser which we repainted and put new knobs on. It's a low dresser and the tops hits right at hip level - we use the top as a changing table, and it will be easily converted to a regular ol' dresser top when we're done using it as such. Don't waste your money on a separate changing table - make them do double duty to save money and space!

Yep, I was going to say just what VirginiaGal did, models are always set up in a way that sucks you in--professionally decorated to maximize space and definitely not really livable. I'm sure as soon as you've got everything moved in and in just the right place you'll love your new place just as much as your old one!

I love my changing table! I always change baby girl on it. Plus, lots of storage for diapers, wipes, etc. But, I also had room for one. Am I the only one who uses a changing table?

Oh, we did save money by using an existing dresser and bought the crib and changing table to match the color of the dresser.

We spent a little extra on a nice dresser that flips over to have a changing table -- with anti-rolling-off-the-top edges and fully finished interior -- on the "bottom."

If someone in your family is handy, a regular dresser, flipped over and finished on the usually unfinished bottom, would probably work.

I like having the height so I don't have to constantly bend over to change Noah, and he's wiggly enough that I wouldn't do it without the sides. But YMMV.

I also recommend the dresser idea. You can purchase a changing pad, with sides, that can fit right on top of the dresser and has a belt to secure Freke when she (I'm betting it's a girl) gets into serious wiggle-worminess when it comes to diaper changing. You can use one drawer for clothing and the other for diapers, wipes, everything else you'll need. We've got a lovely antique dresser right in our living room with a changing pad on top and it works wonderfully (the nursery is upstairs and it just made more sense to have a central changing location on our main floor of living space since we have twins).

Total aside, don't bother with a wipes warmer - a total waste of money.

I heard on the radio last night that the average apartment in Hong Kong is about 400 square feet.

I'm sorry it's not what you had thought it was going to be :( Hopefully once you get all of your stuff in there it will be much better!

Personally, I would die without a changing table...especially with a boy. Between my two kids I have had so many accidents while changing them that I would have never dared changing them anywhere else when they were babies. And I'm not just talking peeing accidents either :) Ours is a dresser that has the top at a good height that you add a changing pad and it's a changing table.

Trust me when I tell you you don't need a changing table. We had TWO (both gifts), and after the first month or two of our first child, they just took up space. It was far more convenient and comfortable to change them on our bed...

That is an awesome upgrade. The changing table decision sounds good to me. Let us know if you need our help with the moving. We plan to be back home on Friday.

Good to new and more space, except that there is never enough no matter what.

I use my sister's bed when I watch my nephew. Or the living room floor. Wherever I can make him stop moving, basically. But his changing table is actually his dresser top. There's a pad with sides and a belt- actually, my sister took it off the dresser and uses that for poops now. Unless, you know, he strips himself naked and shats on the bathroom floor... Two year olds. I don't recommend them.

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