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June 29, 2007


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Good luck with the move!
How surprised am I that I am still awake and happen upon TLF so early in the morning!?
I love the song choices and Kyle's demented little brain.

I love how Kyle is so judgemental of his mom, but he's perfectly ok with his own actions. Nevermind that his actions would be considered worse by any outside parties.

Don't forget to keep drinking water - all that supervision is hard work and you don't want to get dehydrated! I hope everything goes smoothly...no matter the distance, moving is a pain in the rear.

Good luck with the move. Be sure to stretch that finger good before you put it to use pointing here and there.
When I got my CD, I didn't read what songs you had finally decided on. I just popped it in and started listening. Strawberry Wine? Classic. It's one of my favorite songs. I cranked up my radio and sang as loud as I could on my home yesterday. Thanks for having that on your CD Molly! Once again, I knew there was a reason I adore you. Ex-Girlfriend is an awesome pick too, Frema. The soundtrack is perfect and I love it with all my heart! Thank you so much. Also, The Complete First Season of 90210? Swoon. The case alone is like eye candy. I can't wait to watch Brenda and Brandon try to adjust to life in Beverly Hills.
Kyle is seriously f-ed up in the head. Look at his mother though. And clearly he had no help from his father. He was doomed from the get go. I don't like putting blame on parents but really, it would be pretty miraculous if the kid was normal. Not that it excuses anything you RAPIST. You MONSTER.

Oh Kyle, you're a little bit dumb.

Good luck with the move!!! (god I hate moving)

I knew you had mailed the cd's, but when it showed up in record time in my mailbox yesterday morning I was THRILLED to re-live the TLF drama as the kids and I crawled through traffic on our way to the zoo. After a minute I had to shut off Boom I Got Your Boyfriend when I realized that KJ was picking up the lyrics. Oopsie!

Also, I love the reference you made to Eddie and JoBo. I was not the only one so influenced by them in my youth, eh? Haha (I gotta go peepee, yeah you know me!)

Last but not least, Kyle - the hell?? He is one screwed up kid...

I am downloading my TLF soundtrack as I type this. I can't wait. Thanks for the time and hard work you put into making this for us. We heart you.

Since I'm now just downloading it, I haven't heard any of it yet. I do have to admit that I'm not familiar with too many of these songs. While the rest of the world enjoyed the Top 40 ditty's back in the day, I was busy braiding my hair and listening to The Beatles, John Denver, and Pink Floyd. I totally missed out on the popular music of my childhood days.

What I'm saying is this music is going to be all new to me and I'm going to love it.

And dude, I hear you on the Willie Nelson crap. He is playing in Washington next week with Rhett Miller's band (the Old 97's) and we are NOT going. Even thought I love Rhett like I do, I refuse to pay $50 to sit through Willie Nelson just to hear Rhett do a couple of songs.

Kyle...what has happened to you? When did you become the moral compass of Iowa?? Rape is okay, but having premarital sex is not okay? Do the math kid, you are messed up.

Great song picks, and good luck with the move!

I have no words for Kyle. Well maybe I have one word -- Dumbass.

I have a changing table, and I'm indifferent towards it. I only use it twice a day - if that, but when I do, I enjoy it. It's just one of those things you can do with or without, so I see why you're conflicted! I bought mine from a thrift store for $15 and painted it to match Callaway's room. That way if I didn't like it, it didn't put me out much $$$. You could always get a low dresser and attach a changing table pad to it. That way when Freke is older, you can remove the pad and the furniture is still practical.

Great job on the TLF soundtrack. You rock!

I totally remember Eddie and JoBo - some other classics I adored include Trump's In a Jam and Blame it on Hussein.

"Trump's in a jam, pump him up, the guy's got lots, get the kids the homes and both the yachts. Ivana, her lawyers say, make him pay."

Okay. Got that out of my system.

Kyle is kind of seriously messed up!

Also, I've got to say, as much as I'm loving this story, I'm so glad that your snarky, yet loving, asides didn't get the ax. I think that's really what keeps bringing me back. Well, that and all of the incest, adultery, and death.

I'm just salty I didn't get to listen to Eddie and JoBo back in the day.

Yes, "salty." I went there.

LOVE that soundtrack- I mean, philadelphia is so close to NJ we're geographically obligated to like The Boss. And if that song one more try is what I think it is, thank you for taking me back to high school dances and sweaty boys dancing poorly while trying not to expose their chubs to us. Ahhhh. That was funsies. Those were the days.

And I always thought of Kyle as being a snotty rich kid name, but I will now forever associate it with hormonal rage and bastard children born and unborn. And I thank you for that!

I kinda feel sorry for Kyle. He is one super screwed up kid! But, with Kayla as his mom, he didn't have much of chance now did he!

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