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June 01, 2007


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DAMNNNNNNN... go girl!

Oooooooooh, I would have kicked me some Agatha ass!!!!

If I hurled a freakin shoe at my husband's head, he wouldn't be all calm about it! But, then again, I guess we've figured out by now that Michael isn't all there.

Love the comments, Pink Herring! And your's too, of course, Frema!

That was awesome! Good job Pink Herring. The commentary was right on.

Agatha! That little bitch. How dare she. I don't like where Jenna is headed. I see her losing her shit in 5...4...3...

Last, that 129 number really is startling. Who knew little Freke would give Weight Watchers some competition. Are you going to share pictures with us? I'm sure you look amazingly adorable.

Reading it again, I can't believe that 1. Jenna thinks that getting a raise and a promotion is going to lead to LESS overtime, and 2. That she calls her boss "sir". But again, I'm not in charge of any big accounts or presentations, and maybe that's why!

But oops! It's 4:15 and I have to go sneak out of work early! I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to start working excessive overtime and being overly formaly with my superiors.

Sorry to hear you're having a crummy week. I hope you start feeling better. (Your mom feels better!)

I love the fight scene with Agatha. No CLUE that Lil Frema was a soap watcher, haha. And Jenn's comment on the husband beating glow was awesome!! Great commentary Jenn!

Dude, Jen did an AWESOME job. She's my hero.

(I can't wait to meet Jen in September. She's promised to drive into DC to meet me. I'm holding her to it.)

As I was reading it, I was all "I've been spelling angry WRONG all these years. First the commas and now angery! The horror!" And then I realized that Lil Frema spelled it wrong. Phew. That was close.

I would punch my co-worker for asking me if it was "my time" even if she didn't steal my big presentation. What a whore.

I wouldn't usually say this, but here to Frema gaining some weight soon.

(No comment preview anymore?? What's up?)

I'm so completely lost with the TLF and haven't had it in me to jump in. But how fun that you have such a following that others are typing stuff up for you. Three cheers for Frema and Freke.

I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week or so. Hope you're feeling better.

Wow, Jenn did a phenomenal job with the commentary--I was rolling over here! Almost as good as the Frema/lil' Frema banter! I'll have to go check out her blog.

This was quite the installment this week. I'm so freaking mad at Agatha, and also so frustrated that Jenna didn't just put the dang presentation in her boss's office. Dang, that would have been a good time for Jenna to whip out the tape recorder that had secretly been taping everything Agatha said! Can't wait for next week, as always!

I'm hoping she pulls a Melanie Griffiths-in-Working Girl and does a speed presentation in the parking lot ("I just thought, Trask Industries...radio...Trask Industries Radio!") as the Folgers people are walking to their car after Agatha does Jenna's presentation and takes all the credit, so that Agatha gets humiliated and fired and Jenna gets promoted to having her very own cubicle. But I suspect things will not go so well.

Despite last week's foreshadowing, I did not see the Agatha/stolen presentation coming! Wow!

O.K, so I've been reading here since the beginning of April and tonight I finally took the time to read TLF from beginning to end, or rather to now (yes, I'm 26 and childless, and am spending Saturday night reading TLF. What?), and oh my god, I am hooked. This is like two of my favourite addictions - blogging and bad television - rolled into one. Amazing.

Way to go Jenn! Great job on the comments.

Is it wrong of me to think that the only difference between Michael's mistress (Kay) and Jenna's (her job) is that he is getting laid and she is getting laid off?

Frema - I hope little Freke gets her act together soon and lets you eat more (both portion size, and variety of foods). My DH has IBS and doesn't ever want to eat anything either (he is also on Adderall which suppresses the appetite) because he's never sure what is going to upset his stomach, or isn't hungry. I well understand how frustrating that is.

I hope that you had a wonderful and restful weekend. Let's have a round of applause for Jennifer of Operation Pink Herring. Do you suppose that she grades papers too?

Okay, so who called it last week?? Agatha and the missing presentation work? Yea, that was so me? Bitch should watch who she calls bitch next time.

I wonder how poor Katherine is doing.. she hasn't really been mentioned in the last two entries, and while I know that that doesn't actually equal two weeks real time, I still feel bad for how she's being neglected by the two yoyos who are raising her. Hey, speaking of yoyos, I think they should both be tested for bipolar disorder.

I think that's all I have, other than Thank You to Pink Herring and way to go on the dual commentary! Loved it!

Heads up Frema, a marvellous week awaits you. One day at a time :)

Holy crap that commentary killed me! Way to go Frema and Pink Herring!

At least Jenna will have plenty of time to refine her shoe-throwing skills now that she doesn't have to spend her days at work. Hey, maybe she'll even remember that she has children if she's home with them during the day!

Oh no... I've spoiled myself. I've read the entire series so far in two short days and now?! Now I HAVE TO WAIT.

This is worse than when Marissa shot Trey on The OC and we were all like, "Is he dead?! Is she going to jail?! We have to wait an entire summer to find out?!" But alas, everything was peachy in the end. (Well, minus the fact that Marissa was mowed down and killed by a crazy ex-boyfriend eventually, but that's another story.) But yeah, worse than waiting an entire summer, that's what this is.

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