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June 08, 2007


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Ooh first comment!


holy hell, Katherine!!

It's interesting to see Michael's affair happen, and how his relationship with each woman progresses. It's interesting to see, and easy to forget it was written by a fifteen year old. Good job, lil Frema.

Also, the baby Jesus Christmas lights comment? Awesome.

Isn't it interesting to see?

I make it a policy to never proofread before noon.

Oh, oh, I vote Jenna gets pregnant next - from the pre-presentation marital moment. Because it is so awesome when a mother and daughter are pregnant at the same time.

And I love that Jenna is now working at the Burger King. It's so classy.

Michael is an idiot. Just a flat-out muther-flobbing idiot. I mean....Cass and Kay doesn't ring a bell? In this case I support the neutering of people too stupid to rear their own children and recognize their daughter's mother. Have you seen the (albeit absolutely terrible) movie Idiocracy? That is what our world is going to if Michael is allowed to continue to procreate!

RE: using up all of your vaca days before the baby arrives.

I recommend against it. Save a few, at least. Even though Luke will be staying home with the baby, there will be times when you'll need or want a day or 2 before you've had much time to build them back.

There will be well-baby doctor visits, days when Luke and the baby are both sick, days when you'll feel like if you don't stay home and clean up now you may never see your floor again, or have clothing to wear to work....

Re: Vacation days

The company I worked for when I had our daughter forced people taking maternity leave to use all of their accumulated sick leave and vacation days before taking unpaid time. I was so mad. It seems like that shouldn't be legal.

Wow. Good episode (entry? edition?) of TLF! Have a great weekend and eat a piece (or ten) of fudge for me!

P.S. That little Freke better like fudge!


Yeah, Freke seriously better like fudge or, or, I don't know...he just better.
Clearly thoughts weren't the only things swimming around Katherine's body. Ba-dum-dum-ching.
Michael is such a whore. I just don't get how any married person could do that. A-hole. He's in love with Kay? What the hell happened to him. I guess the whole better or worse/in sickness and in health thing meant nothing to him. And growing old together? Hell, she's not even old yet and the bastard is already ready to leave her just b/c she's starting to look old? Hrmf.

Poor Katherine! Seriously, I can't imagine what she must be going through. To be pregnant at 15 is bad enough, but, to have been raped and said child be a product of that rape? Holy hell!

Jenna and Michael seriously need to go their separate ways. What kind of relationship is that? Look what they're doing to their poor kids!

Also, [Because baby Jesus loves it when adulterers come together to honor his birth with flashing lights.]? I almost fell out of my chair when I read this one!

Oh, I totally saw that HBO special too!

My company also forces you to use up all your sick and vaca days when you're on maternity leave. I agree totally with Nichole, it's totally unfair and puts people in a terrible situation when they return. They have to take unpaid leave for every dr appointment (or if, God forbid, they actually get sick!), which requires special permissions and gobs of paperwork and the potential for being fired. Great policy!

This was awesome. Well, not awesome for Katherine so much, but you get my drift. I also want to say that Lil' Frema manages the switching between first-person perspectives quite well.

Damn, Michael is dumb. (That should never go without saying.)

I just finished my first Danielle Steele book last night, and here's my official commentary: She ain't got nothin' on Lil' Frema.

My favorite part of TLF is Lil Frema's perception of grown up relationships. Maybe I'm jaded, but I've never had a man pick me up and carry me into bed so we can do it.

Jenna's OT at Burger King is leaving Michael with too much free time on his hands. Sounds like he's a busy man. While he can't find time to go into work, he manages to take a lot of extra showers.

"We came together for the very first time." That's just gross. The longer I read TLF, the more I picture Michael as Dwight Shrute: nasty, pale, and hairless.

"After all, a professor with a book in the works wouldn't pass out photocopied chapters to the class for review."

Breh? In my program, this happens ALL THE TIME. With our most notable profs! Including the one who can go into the Pauline Chapel (not everyone can go in there!) And this is when we're not writing chapters for her!

Ahem. TLF- Is Michael the one you pictured as Topher Grace? Because he's reminding me of his smarmy character in... Traffic, was it? EW GROSS MICHAEL. Shame!

Crap, never mind, that was David. Rest in peace, dude

It seems like only yesterday David was planning to take care of Jenna by flipping burgers.

Yep, she really lucked out with Michael.

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