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June 15, 2007


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Two words for you: Jessie Spano - that is totally Shannon for me...especially if she gets all spazzy and starts taking uppers and downers and singing, "I'm So Excited" or whatever craptastic song they were singing on SBTB...

Well....sleeping pills is one way to kill at least one potential character off...and maybe a mainstay!

Also, what kind of friend doesn't recognize that you can hardly stand, and doesn't press you harder on whats wrong?

So my vote for Shannon's character....though I can't remember if the hair color is the same, is Jenna Malone who played both Gretchen Ross in Donnie Darko and Mary (the main character) in Saved.

Oh, I love Jena Malone--she'd make a great Shannon!

But onto the content, oh, this "episode" was heartbreaking! I mean, a little funny with the hallucination party, but really when you get right down to it, so, so sad!

Twisty! The image of the little girl in the mirror, crying out? Will haunt me for the rest of the day, thank you.

Also, yes, the morning sickness must end. I'm sure I've told you a thousand times that mine went 16 weeks with KJ and 20 with Jack, day in, day out, all day, and it SUCKED. If yours hangs on any longer, don't bet on having it easier with any subsequent Frekes. Those little boogers.

Does the title of this week's installment cement that Kathrine's baby will, in fact, DIE? I'm holding on to the small glimmer that she'll have the baby and TLF will live on with said baby.


Lucas comparing his parents loveless marriage to a 60's TV marriage between a sassy blond and a closeted homosexual is classic.

Shannon could be played Joyce DeWit of Three's Company fame. She was always the dependable friend. (Although she might be a little too dated for TLF.)

Jesse Spano is definitely a good choice. Pre-Show Girls days, obviously. I keep picturing Six from Blossom. You know, the perkiness, the cliched 90s gear with the tights and skirts...Yes, yes. My vote is for Six from Blossom.

And also? There HAS to be a part three. I won't know what to do when there's no TLF!

awww sad, Katherine can't catch a break. I hope things turn around for her soon. I don't know what to think about the possibility of TLF coming to an end! On one hand, I don't want it to end. On the other, I'm sure we can all agree that it wouldn't be the same without the Lil Frema spark.

Good "your mom" joke though!

I vote for Danica McKeller (Winnie from the Wonder Years). (IMDb doesn't seem to have any of the pictures from that time frame though - when she had the bangs and such which is what I'm thinking)

("stomache" - I read as stomach-ache every time. Love lil' Frema's spelling of that)

Oh wow. That was really, really sad. I might have nightmares about the mirror image thing. Poor Katherine. Poor Lucas, too. Jenna and Michael suck. They really suck.
As for Shannon, we have to remember people, that her last name is Sanchez b/c Lil' Frema wanted some diversity. (Yes, I had to go look it up.)
While I was leaning towards Six from Blossom, I'm now going to cast my own vote for hmmmmmm...maybe someone like Vanessa Manillo (sp?) or Jessica Alba, just for their look.

Vanessa Lengies could play Shannon


That is her imdb profile. She was on that show American Dreams. Love her.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. I vote with Carrisa for Vanessa Lengies. Remove my votes for Vanessa Mannillo and Jessica Alba.

I vote for Leven Rambin - Lily/Ava on AMC.

And, I am hating the new Greenlee. But, I will say, I am only able to watch AMC when I am *cough* home sick *cough*.

Damn! I missed commenting on last Friday (those Fridays just keep sneaking up on me!) so I'll just say right now, I think the writers of AMC had gotten ahold of lil' Frema's notebooks, because this is totally the Bianca Montgomery story from a couple of years ago. To think, you could have been the mastermind of it all... the 14 year old master mind, at that. It's a sad situation for sure.

Okay, since we're all talking about who Shannon is in our minds- I'm going with Cherie Johnson, circa Family Matters, 1998-ish. No? Whatever the vote is, I think I will have a hard time converting to popular demand. Do what you must though.

I like how Lucas went from being raunchy hormonal to a shirt sleeve sobbing 6-year old in no time flat. There's total spin-off potential with any number of these characters. (ie- his mother is a nut, his father abandoned him and his checkers to be with his mistress/ mother of his adopted daughter instead, he hates his twin, and he's failing math-- COME ON!) I'm totally hoping that TLF continues after the sequal is over. Think it over-- there's still a lil' Frema in there just waiting to write about these people again:)

"Morning" sickness for me, both babies, was weeks 6 to 16. You are almost done!

TLF is just gettin better and better!!! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one!!! OMG is Katherine gonna die??

If brushing your teeth makes you throw up, I would switch to a completely different flavor of toothpaste for the remainder of the pregnancy. I usually use minty-type flavors, and I switched to lemon. I am 31 weeks pregnant, and morning sickness is MONTHS behind me. Yet today I ran out of lemon toothpaste and switched back to minty. My body simply has that association now, and I gagged my way through it! Fortunately I hadn't eaten yet, or I may actually have thrown up!!

Wow. I had to get oriented because this is my first visit to your blog. I thought that the TLF story was YOUR true story, Katherine was your nickname or something, and that you had just taken pills and passed out ... and were typing? What in the heck? But, I totally bought it. ha. whew. I read waaaaaaaay back to find out that this was a fictional piece. Your writing style is very real ... I totally bought it. Of course now I HAVE TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Tell me tell me tell me oh please tell me. I gave up AMC years ago, but I'll read this a bit longer ... it can be my new soap.
Baby stuff and maternity leave: Here's a little something I haven't seen mentioned in anyone's stories: At twelve weeks, the baby doesn't look like some independent big baby, who is no longer an infant who you can look at and say: "He'll be totally fine without me". At 12 weeks we were in the breast feeding groove and I'm telling you that looked like a brand new newborn at my breast ... not a big bouncy baby that wouldn't be looking for me five times a day while I was gone. They are still so small at 12 weeks. It absolutely made no sense for me to quit at that time financially. My husband made NO money and had NO insurance, but we talked about it and I prayed about it, and a deep and abiding sense of peace filled me and I knew it was the right thing to do. And here I am, 3 and a half years later and I am STILL home with my baby boy and I LOVE IT. I run my own business two days a week. Gives me something to sink my brain into, because I need that, and my husband has found his niche in investing. So it all worked out.
Congratulations on your pregnancy. My advice: don't let reason rule you. God has read your book and knows what's coming up next. .. He'll steer you right. Listen to YOUR heart.

I would really, really hate to see it end! I look forward to it every Friday!

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