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July 24, 2007


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So glad you got your book, and I'm impressed that you're through the whole thing already. I've not read any of them, though I hope to someday, maybe with the boys.

Wal-Mart was handing out free ear plugs for that very reason. Isn't it pathetic that we have to take such precautions?

Wait, did you say raging yeast infection???

May you be yeast-free again soon, my dear.

Daddy D is in possession of our copy. He is currently reading Chapter 7. Although I feel immune to people giving away the ending, I am looking forward to reading the book soon.

you mean the book doesn't include a magical yeast-halting spell?

okay i have to admit i've never read any hp books and kind of don't get it. but i hate spoilers- not for my read-the-last-chapter-of-the-book self, but for others. it's just not nice!

HP 7 is on the gift list for my B-day in Oct. I don't think I will be able to make it so long without someone spoiling it for me. Oh well. Apparently my fan-dom only streches so far.

Ha ha, you sound just like my husband! He wouldn't let us go see the new Harry Potter movie because he was afraid that someone would blab the ending of the new book while we were standing in line.

Here I sit, suffering, wondering if anyone ever mentioned there heinous yeast infections on their blog. And you didn't disappoint Ms. Frema.

Misery loves company. :)

I'm so lucky that I've never had one of these yeast infections you speak of. *knock on wood*

Let's hope it doesn't keep you from enjoying your time in Chicago!!! With me!!! And other women of course.

P.S. I've never read a single HP or seen any of the movies.

I didn't even dare read the comments before me.

I'm worried that someone in the airport will see me reading the book and spoil it for me. I'm (honestly) thinking of putting a fake book cover on it so nobody knows I'm reading Harry Potter.

I don't want to rush through through the book, but I also don't want it ruined.

Yeah, since "takin chances" up there and I are friends in real life, this makes the second time today I've heard about a raging yeast infection. Thankfully, I've avoided them all summer...even with working out so much. (Fingers crossed/knocking on wood)
I've never read HP. Maybe one day though. I've never seen anything like it though, the craze that is. J.K. Rowling is one lucky, fabulously rich woman.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's a good thing I'm a speed reader. I finished it Monday night. I was SO afraid of running across the ending.

Now we can talk about it at BlogHer and mourn the ending.

I have never (knock on every freakin piece of wood I see) had a yeast infection.

Hope you get rid of your's soon!

I didn't want to rush through the book, but felt I had no choice. I had it read within 2 days, just so no one could ruin it for me. I even put on my blog that I would not be on the internet until I was finished reading.... luckily it was only a few days. I'm going to read it again and enjoy it at a normal pace this time around.

But I absolutely LOVED the book! Loved it so very much! :)I heart Harry!

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