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July 09, 2007


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Awesome finds! Maternity clothes are fabulous now-a-days. Even compared to 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first! There was nary a khaki skirt to be had, now there is everything a non-pregnant teenager or 20-something or hipster would wear. It's fun, and hard to stop buying stuff. Good luck with that ;)

I agree, it's always good to be clear about The Mother With Child status. Enjoy your pregnancy. Top looks great, by the way.

BWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Look at you!! You look great!!

Funny thing that you mentioned eating ice cream. Just this afternoon KJ and I were discussing the intracacies of babies in utero stealing their mama's food (a conversation sparked by my firstborn flesh and blood scolding me for sipping off his chocolate milk and giving him my germs, if you can imagine). Anyway, you and your baby came up, and I enlightened him to the fact that you like to eat ice cream. And he laughed his little four year old tushie off that your baby is an ice cream stealer. Sorry for you, mama of ice cream stealer.


Both shirts are quite cute.

You look absolutely adorable! You are right around the time I started wearing maternity clothes as well (which followed me wearing tons of pants from wal-mart that were just bigger sizes). Someone had finally told me to stop wearing the baggy clothes and look pregnant already...but I thought I was swimming in the maternity clothes. Who knew that maternity clothes actually make you look cute?

Have fun, and make sure to set aside some of the stuff you're in right now to wear when you leave the hospital. Unless you're one of THOSE people that leaves in your prepregnancy stuff, in which case I'll have to hate you and maybe stop reading your blog.

OK, I wouldn't stop reading, but I would probably hate you in a very jealous way!


Awwww, you look adorable!

And like Debbie said, you'll probably need roughly 6 months pregnant clothes to wear leaving the hospital.

BTW, for bras, I recommend sports bra types. Not hot, but forgiving of your shape which will continue to change slowly but surely for the next year or so. Also? Buy as few as you can live with at any one time, because they'll only fit for a few months, most likely.

I predict that it will either be a boy or a girl.

Well, you definitely have the cute baby belly now. I'm usually quite good at guessing the sex of babies. Soooo.....my psychic powers are telling me.....girl! Let us know!

you look great! you're totally owning your gestational status now :)

I can't wait to hear if you're having a girl Freke or a boy Freke!!! do you think they'll have wireless internet in the exam room so you can post in the stirrups? no? okay, wait til you get home then.

It's so fun to shop for maternity clothes! Elizabeth is right - things are far better than they were even five years ago. The tent-style shirts were still prevalent when I had my first 5 years ago.

I had to laugh at Debbie's comment. I once had a friend whine and complain to me that after her fourth baby it took her three WEEKS instead of her typical three DAYS to fit back into her pre-pregnancy jeans. Waaah, waaah, waaah. I could offer her NO sympathy whatsoever.

You are so damn cute!!!! Cute cute cute!!! Being a little bit preggy this time of year is the best because you get to wear some really cute clothes!

Can't wait to hear if lil' Freke will be a Miss or a Mr!

Oh man, you (and your clothes) look great.

Just so you know, I found most maternity clothes to be cheaply made. I guess they figure they only have to last a few months. So feel good about finding them on sale!

(Do we get to see more pictures?)

Isn't it just so fun once you get to look pregnant??? It seems like it takes forever!

More belly pics!!!! And lots of 'open leg' wishes for the sonogram!!!

You look fantastic, Frema! I love a pregnant belly and other moms love nothing more than reveling in other women's belly pics.

I loved the Old Navy cotton maternity underpants (I also love the word underpants!). Oh, they were so, so comfortable. And much more affordable that Mimi.

I also loved the sleeping bra I bought from Motherhood Nursing, and I still wear it now, even though I haven't nursed in almost a year. So, so comfortable--especially if you've got boobage to tuck in for the night.

Again, you look so wonderful! Cheers to many more belly shots!

Also: holy crap, 18 weeks already?

Whoa. How did I miss this post? I'm slow. I love your new top! To say you look cute would be an understatement...you look beaaaauuuutiful!

I fantasize about maternity clothes shopping. I'm glad I can live vicariously through you.

I missed this post with the nice new shirt. Like always, you look beautiful.

You are pregnant during the perfect time, fashion wise. Half of Hollywood could be pregnant and we'd never know because the baby doll dresses/shirts are all the rage. Lucky dog.

You look perfectly cute. And I LOOOOOVE maternity clothes. In fact, I wear them so early they barely fit, and I continue to wear the stretchy pants for so long it's shameful. Happy shopping!

i can't believe my first comment on your page is gonna say this but, the maternity shirt totally makes your boobs look great. my maternity shirts sooo don't do that. darn

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