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July 31, 2007


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LOL!! My baby always asks for stuff too - Luke will just have to get used to it :-) In fact, before we got pregnant, we had a stuffed cat that would ask for stuff. Strange.

Luke's mom can write in the third person. Luke's mom thinks that the baby and the baby's mom need biscuits with their steak. Maybe women and moms in the world are united about the biscuit issue.

LOL I always get what I want when I pout and talk in the third person. Seriously, sometimes it's the only way. :-)

Luke needs to get the baby some damn biscuits!

Love it! I do it to, this past friday Nugget had to have a hot fudge sunday. It was easier since I was the one driving, we just ended up at Brusters! heehe- its all fun and games now but Im gonna have to drop all of this weight as soon as he gets here.
He did bring them, right?

mmmm. biscuits.

i still do this to kris all the time. in fact, i did it this afternoon when i said henry & i were going to the mall because the baby needed new shoes. and the baby needed mommy to buy a new pair of jean at old navy. oh, and also two t-shirts. that baby is needy!

OK ... you've posted conversations in the past, but this one I actually heard your voice in my head, Frema. I agree ... poor baby without her biscuits. :-)

Sheez! I was always going to buy the biscuits on the way home!

And was I also the one baked them and cooked the steak and green beans that made up the rest of the meal. So, NAH!

It's true, everyone. I knew he'd buy the biscuits no matter what; the banter was just too funny to keep to ourselves!

Dude, the baby NEEDS biscuits. I totally understand.

I just read Luke's comment. He sounds just like Ken there.

Ooh, and it only gets soooo much better...just wait till you're just weeks away from exploding. My little baby seems to just be racking up the nice favors and treats these days!

Biscuits today, diamonds tomorrow, right?

Momma brings home the bacon and fries it up in a pan!

And Daddy brings home the... biscuits... and bakes them up real nice with a side of string beans?

I haven't heard that saying.

You and Luke are too funny!!

I can't believe Luke made the baby beg.

You crack me up!!

Thanks for sharing. That IS a funny convo. Hmmmm, I forgot about "the baby" being so needy. I think that needs to go on the "pro" list for #3 because if the baby wants a Sonic Blast, who in the hell am I to deny him/her of that. And Tony can't ever say no to a baby!

Christina -
Actually, if the "baby" requests a high-calorie treat, it doesn't count! Yay for treats!

Also, does anyone know why I've gained so much weight during this pregnancy?

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