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July 05, 2007


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Could very well be a UTI, as well. :( Hope it's not! Those things are killer.

Please keep us updated as soon as you hear from the nurse. I'm sure everything is fine but yeah, it never hurts to ease the mind.
Less than one week until we find out what little Freke is!!! Are you already giving prep talks? Making sure the goods, or lack of, can be seen?

Make sure you put me on speed-dial for when you're on the way out of the ultrasound next week. Well, after your family (minus your mom), that is. :O)

I remember round ligament pain. It seemed to help me to curl up in a little ball at my desk while my preschool class took over the room. I was the best teacher ever, I tell you. Ten more weeks and you'll enter the territory where you feel like the baby's physically digging through your pelvic floor to get out. And at that point, you just might invite him/her to bring it on already.

I know I say this all the time, but I can't believe you're so far along! This pregnancy is flying by for me (how about you?) And I'm so damn excited for you guys!!

Holy crap...sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable. I don't know anything about that. Geez.

18 weeks, really? Dude, time has flown by. I can't wait to find out the sex.

Good luck with the continued unpacking. Not fun, but necessary!

Sorry about the round ligament pain!

I have reviews of all 5 pumps I used here: http://lizawashere.com/nursing-pumping-gear-faq-reviews/ but the bottom line is this: Get an Avent Isis manual for backup, and I recommend the Ameda Purely Yours over the Medela Pump In Style as a main electrical pump, but if someone offers you their old PIS, take it. I also can't say enough good things about the Mother's Milk Mate storage system over plastic bag storage.

Cloth diapers are stinkier than I expected. I have a zippered Wahmie wet bag and I think I'm going to get a garbage can with a lid to keep it in, instead of leaving it hanging on the bathroom door.

Oh, I feel you......I've had more than my fair share of bouts with ligament pain during both of my pregnancies. In fact, the other night, I thought I was going into labor, but then realized "hey, this contraction isn't GOING AWAY". Yep, it was ligament pain and I must have twisted oddly in my sleep. Also, since you have been moving, you may have been bending over far more than you think, that will pull the ligaments, too (especially that one at the BACK of the uterus, I have to be careful of that in particular).

Try not to stress about the changing table - how about this? don't buy one now, and if you find that you could use one, you can always still go and buy one. There is no rule that you can't buy more stuff after your baby comes. Of course, the giant baby stores make it sound like that's not an option, but trust me, IT IS. You can always buy even more crapola for your precious wee one after they've arrived. hee hee :-)

Hang in there - moving is rough anyway, much less when you are pregnant. Cripes!

Ugh!!! Round ligament pain hurts!!!! Just keep in mind the next time any little thing is bothering you: you are paying your doctor's office. Paying them to take care of you and your baby! Do NOT hesitate to call them, they are very used to it.

Glad everything's normal. I say have a bowl of spinach dip to celebrate!

Sorry about the round ligament pain. I am having what I believe to be first-time-I've-ovulated-in-about-8-years pains, myself.

As for the blogging class- lady, I'm here for you. Always email me if you need support or to talk about fears. I'm starting a new class on Monday and damn near freaking out about it. And what you're feeling is normal- few of us have training for this, and it's scary as hell. But you can totally do it!

Fabulous! Thanks for the update.

Thought I'd put in a good word for the Lansinoh double electric pump. I think it's the new kid on the pumping block and it's giving the standards a run for their money. It's a closed, easy-to-clean system that is easily portable (works great with just batteries, too). I think Drugstore.com has the best price.

(I can't believe I'm de-lurking to recommend a breast pump. Weird.)

My Medela pump in style has been through a friend's nursing, and my first two babies, and is still going strong. So there's my two cents.

And I'll just second everyone above...round ligament pain bites. Ouuuuuuch.

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