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July 18, 2007


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As always, you look great. (I love your hair. LOVE IT. The little clip on top is too cute!)

I have to say that I like the tighter shirts like this one. I say you have this cute belly...you might as well show it off.

Dang! Isabel stole my comment about how cute your hair is with the clip and whatnot! Ah well..

However, I think you look absolutely adorable pregnant! Like I'm jealous I was never this close to being that cute while pregnant...

Oh my gosh, you said "BlogHer" and "next weekend" in the same sentence. I can't believe it's already here. I talk like I'm going. I'm not, but Liz is and she will be reporting back to me and I can't wait!
Now, onto the really important stuff. Eeeeee!! You look so absolutely adorable. I could just eat you up...I mean, rub your belly...I mean, admire your cute belly over the internet (a safe distance away to keep from being tempted to give it a rub).

You really are an adorable pregnant woman. The hair, the clip, the shirt, the belly -- it's all adorable!

I would have been terrified to get caught snapping that photo in the company john, too. Maybe so scared that I wouldn't have even risked it. You've got guts, Frema! (And they're adorable!)

Hooray for you!! As I said, you do pregnancy SO WELL. You look awesome.

I should probably think about an outfit or two for BlogHer (hell, I should probably think about BlogHer) lest I show up in a pair of workout capris and a tshirt.

You look so cute!!! I love the baby bump! Also, I only gained 16 pounds with Kaylie and she weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces. Alyssa? Yeah, whole other story.

You look so cute--the t-shirt is adorable, your hair is perfect and the baby bump...well, even more perfect than the hair!

You look adorable!

And 2 words: Maternity Consignment. There must be some in your area, or go when you're in Chicago. They rock. Cheap maternity clothes = good.

For clothes, you might also try Old Navy Maternity. Their stuff is cute and cheap.

If you are planning on breastfeeding, you will drop the pregnancy weight pretty quick. I have two friends that just had babies and they had the early pregnancy weight loss, then gained during the 2nd and 3rd trimester...they are each down about 25 - 30 lbs. from their prepregnancy weight. Also, if you are considering a breastpump, I recommend the Ameda pump, it is not sold in stores. Email me and I can give you details. Take care!

Besides you do look really cute in your new t-shirt. The pregnancy ploy for excuses does work wonders. I remember being rescued from a tipping a big coffee pot in the teacher's lounge by a number of male teachers. Little did they know that my non-pregnant self is a clumsy oaf as well. Either way, I relished the help.

Congrats on your newly showing self! I too barely gained weight for the longest time and everyone commented how I didn't look pregnant till the very end. But at the end I felt SOOOOO pregnant, so do try to enjoy this phase now if you can!

You look totally freaking adorable and I'm completely scared of pregnancy and children in all ways! And I'm anxiously awaiting a full report on Blogher from Liz as well.

Dear Blogher- could you please come to Philadelphia, so I can meet some bloggy friends, and not have to a) fly or b) stay in a hotel. NYC would be a good second choice. Thanks! Art Nerd

Ahem. The cuteness of that belly? Outta control. Love it. LOVE. how can you resist splurging on shirts to dress the bellay?

Awwww! You look so cute! And you have really skinny arms! I'm so jealous!

I have always admired (read: been jealous of) women who only get pregnant in their belly. I am one of those poor, unfortunate souls who even looks pregnant in her toes and eyelashes. I have pictures of me looking like I visited Omar the Tentmaker for my clothes. But you...you are adorably cute!

Isn't pregnancy fun once you stop puking?

I'm still cackling about the sexuality of a ripe peach. Cue image of peach in granny panties...loard have mercy.

I covet your hair. I'm over the slightly wavy, very fine limpness of mine. It's like a bad perm that won't ever grow out.

Cute in t-shirt! Weight gain starting halfway through pregnancy already puts you waaay ahead of the game - I had 5 extra pounds practically the day after I peed on the sticks (it took a few for me to believe it too). Only question...um - don't you have a camera and a mirror and that same t-shirt at home??!!

Oh MY Frema !!!!!! I love seeing that big smile behind that lil' camera. So excited and proud of you two crazy kids. And the BELLY love LOVE pregnent bellies. Especially this one.

Your belly is adorable, and you can blame EVERYTHING on pregnancy brain for at least the next 12 months. Enjoy!!!

I can't believe that you took that picture while you were at work!! I love you it. Anyway, your new clothes are very nice and you rock them sista!

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