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July 12, 2007


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your making me cry at work in front of my boss!(our cubes are facing each other with no wall)
I can't wait to hold her! I think a great name is Diane or any dirivative of Diane, it even makes a great middle name. no pressure.
Congrats to all!
LOVE, Auntie Di

AWWWW! What a sweet little entry :) That warmed my heart!

And no, I'm sure there isn't anything cuter than baby jeans....actually, baby sneakers (tennis shoes?) are freakishly cute as well.

Omg, Frema, you are going to be the best mom in the whole world!!!! Your obvious love for your unborn little girl is evident in everything!!! I can't tell you how happy I am for you guys!!!

The clothes are adorable!

You're making me tear up and I don't even know you! And baby necks are the cutest thing in the whole world. Especially when they start sitting up and you can see the whole thing from the fuzzy little head down to the impossibly delicate little shoulders. Congratulations!

Is that a red clearance tag I see?? Way to go! I heart buying baby clothes.

Do you have The Childrens Place in your area? They are having their summer clearance right now. All the summer stuff is $3.99 or less. I went and bought Cal enough shorts and tees to last him til he's 30 (or 3 depending on hoiw fast he grows).

Oh honey, just wait....just wait. It really is so much more than you could ever imagine. I watched Mia fall asleep last night and thought about doing the same thing (watching her sleep) three years ago, in the hospital and how emotional I was because I just coudln't believe she was here and I could hold her. The words are hard to find but I'm sure you'll find them. It's amazing and I can't wait for you and Luke to put those cute little baby jeans on her and rub the back of her little baby neck. (By the way, baby legs are pretty damn adorable, too. As are baby cheeks and baby arms and well, you get where I'm going.) :-)

About a month before Henry was due, Kris and I washed all of his linens, blankets, clothes. I remember putting the teeny onsies over my GIANT belly and thinking, how can there be something in ME that's going to fit this wee bitty piece of clothing? I thought I'd never seen anything smaller or cuter.
And then, the onsie was enormous on him. And he was no slouch of a newborn--tipping the scales at 8.2. Unbelievable.
Just cleaning out his drawers, I cried when I put away his newborn clothes.
I also have moments when I sit in the nursing chair in his room and remember the HOURS I would rock in his newly painted and decorated nursery and imagine what it would be like when he was actually here. It's so amazing.
What an incredible journey you're on!
I love reading about your pregnancy, it brings back so many wonderful, special memories. Thank you for sharing with us.


Again, sososo happy for you! I'm having so much fun following your pregnancy :) Makes me so eager to do it all over again.

You're going to be the best. I can believe I'm being all sappy and shit, but I really believe you were born to do this.

(Also: squee, baby jeans!)

Those jeans are too cute. Seriously. But I also have to agree that little tennis shoes are right up there. And frilly dresses with tights and little black patent shoes. Of course, I also adore little boys dressed in seersucker overalls (but you don't see those as much any more).

Freka is sure to be one stylin' little girl!

How sweet are you?! You brought tears to my eyes.

Aren't baby clothes the best? The only thing better is when they actually have a beautiful little one inside them! I'm very excited for you and Luke!

sigh. babies! there really isn't anything cuter!

How sweet is that? You have every right to be so proud and happy to be a soon-to-be-mom. And you're going to make a great one.
As you know, I am not a mom, but I remember holding Jack not too long ago and just not wanting to ever put his sweet little self down. I'm starting to smile just thinking about it. I can't imagine having one of my own to love and hold all the time.

Yay for baby clothes shopping!

LOVE the bear suit. LOVE. I daydreamed that my babe would wear hers home from the hospital. I mean, my god, it had fuzzy ears. But it was way too big for her 6 lb. birth weight... and then spring hit... I am now totally crossing my fingers for an early frost so I can attempt to squeeze her into the 0-3 month bear suit (j/k. Well, kinda). But Freka will have all winter to grow into hers, so, whew!

But, good gravy! A BABY BEAR SUIT!! YAY!

There are so many cute baby outfits out there! Not long ago I almost bought a really cute dress for my baby of the future who may not even end up having a vagina. I didn't want to jinx it so I didn't buy it, but seriously, what kind of freak thinks about buying a baby outfit years before she is hoping to have a baby?!! ME, that's who!

Woohoo, you're going to be a fantastic mother! And those clothes are so cute. You are so right about baby jeans, so cute. Best of all combined with baby chucks, but let somebody give you those as a present ;o)

Oh, and I just read Lindsey's post above mine. I too was recently extremely tempted to buy some baby stuff that a local shop that changes its products every week had in. I too thought decided a) it might jinx me, and b)that that would be going a little too far in the "crazy and obsessed" direction. Not a good thing..

Since those baby clothes are so small, one must think the baby will be that small also. It is hard to remember the smallness of babies. However, the joy of a baby is well within of life time of memory.

What a great entry.

I had a pair of baby slippers that sat on my bedside table through my pregnancy. (Of course they were too small for Babboo once he was born...isn't that just how it goes!)

(Don't buy too much! Remember, you are going to get SPOILED with baby gifts. I SWEAR! As hard as it is to not buy wee pink clothes, try to not buy too much. There needs to be stuff for all of us to buy for you!)

tears...from me!

Congratulations, Freka. Your momma is something else.

Wow. This post really got me. Being a mother is just what your described and more. Life is sweet.

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