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July 19, 2007


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Ya know, leave it to you to crack "your mom" jokes in Spanish. Classic.

Tu mama tambien.

I know a bit of Spanish from taking it in school. I could try to translate if you'd like.

Send me the email. I know Queso.

If there is anything in there about cheese, I will be sure to uncover it.

(This is now the second day in a row that one of my comments has included cheese. Something is wrong.)

Hilarious. Have you tried translating it online? Like at http://babelfish.altavista.com

I think you can use google to translate, but I'm not sure. And, damn, that's weird!

Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! Not only did I live in SPAIN for an entire summer, but my college MINOR was Spanish! I can do it!

First of all...Spanish "your mom" jokes!!! Awesome.

Second, why is blogger sending your e-mails at all? They love you.

Thirdly...you seriously need to be excited for my Monday post. Seriously. Excited. I mean it.

(I've not had good luck with Babble Fish. I sent my spanish speaking cousin an e-mail using it and he now thinks I'm retarded.)

Well, I am sure a couple of other people who posted can translate for you. But I know a lot of Spanish too if you need help.

And I agree that BabelFish is pretty bad. I have found
to be better for those who need it. FYI...

p.s - not sure if you or Silly Hily came up with the Austin Powers reference, but I loved it!

Haha- that is too funny! And I'm sorry I can't help you, my two years of Spanish are worth next to nothing. My freshman year (enter Frema!) was spent in the back of class making Nintendo sound effects...

My sophomore year was spent surrounded by vocabulary only (the back track is due to moving across borders to Indiana)... I attribute any and all knowledge of the Spanish language to my Chicago upbringing.
Good luck with translating-- I hope it is not a Spanish warning about the contents of your former home blog:)

PS- I can count to ten, if that helps. No?

While my Spanish is not what it used to be, I can still add to my resume that I taught government employees Spanish, if that counts for anything! Send it on over, I can take a look at it! :)

Yo hablo un poquito.

Or check out babelfish- I love that site.


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