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July 13, 2007


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Kayla is so gonna spew her guts all over Jenna, and its gonna be awesome. Then when they all go see Katherine, Jenna is going to get to tell just how is YOUR MOM.

Finally, someone noticed that Kay and Kayla sound very very similar, and right after Jenna was sitting and reminiscing about Kay(la). I especially liked the little mid-entry rewrite of the previous story.

Lastly, I love the idea of the TLF merry-go-round. I'll definitely sign up.

Dude, this may be the greatest idea you've ever had... I'm all over it.

OH MY GOD!!! Sorry for the caps and numerous exclamation points but they are needed here. I wish you could here me OMG-ing (in my head that is, I'm at work..but my eyebrows are all but touching my hairline and my jaw is on the floor). OMG OMG OMG!!!
"Son of a BITCH" is right. Holy shit hit-eth fan-eth. And now I'm laughing...it's an evil laugh though because these people are fixing to kill each other. All of them. Can we please get Lucas and Leigh out of there for that? Katherine is "safe" in the hospital room and I don't care what happens to that rapist Kyle (sorry) so just let Lucas and Leigh out and let them all go at it.
And man, Michael's balls continue to grow each week. He called Kay(la) up there and then introduced her to his WIFE and then brought up the fact that she was pregnant? Woooooow.

Finally, I'm in complete love with your idea of continuing TLF.

Awww, what a place to leave everyone hanging!

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that you should retain creative control over the plot direction for the first few entries by providing a one-sentance synopsis of the events to come, and then let whoever is writing the entry fill in the action. And I really like the changes in point of view, so maybe each person could take one character and then play with the plot from there.

WOW! I can't wait to see how this all pans out! Should be pretty exciting, I hope someone gets punched in the stomach(e)!! I think Lil Frema's spelling of stomach(e) is my favorite part of TLF :)

First of all, I like VirginiaGal's suggestion. You give us your brief idea of what's to come and we compound on it. I want to go second. Umkay?

I love how Jenna's all "he's calling his bitch". Because that is exactly what I'd call the whore my husband had knocked up.

(Except I didn't get the whole "Kay let it slip that she was pregnant" part until I read Hily's comment. But I did catch that you might have a new blog coming out. So maybe I'm only part dense.)

Is Michael mentally challenged? He has been having an affair with Kay and hasn't figured out she is Kayla. But Jenna figures it out in the first 2 seconds. Nice one Michael. Way to pass on your genius genes.

Until next time...

(and I love the slight dig towards me at the beginning of the post. Dude, I promise to not rub your stomach[e] if you promise not to hug me. Deal? Or no deal?)

MEMEMEMEME!!!! I want to write. I was just telling Isabel the other day that we needed a TLF spinoff and that us TLF readers should be the ones to do it.

HO-LEE Shit! It is getting INTENSE in TLF land! Silly Hily pretty much summed up my thoughts (OMG OMG OMG!!!), so I'll just leave it at that.

As for your Part 3 idea? I love it. (And I'm not just saying that because I'm so honored that you mentioned me as a possible TLF writer.) I also like VirginiaGal's idea of you providing some jumping-off points for those of us who may be so terrified of not living up to TLF's high standards that we suffer from pressure-induced writer's block. Not, you know, that I know anyone who that might happen to. I'm just saying ... when it's my week to write TLF the drafting and revising and obsessing and re-revising will start at 12:01 Saturday morning. I also really hope you'll still provide bracket commentary for our installments. TLF just wouldn't be the same without that dose of Frema!

Because, when would be a more appropriate time to introduce your wife and your mistress than when your daughter was in hospital having a miscarriage that isn't entirely not your own fault? It's like Michael thought "Hey, I'm up shit creek without a paddle here, I might as well get it all over with at once...". The man either has ginormous balls, or is clearly insane. Or both.

I'd give writing an installment a go, as long asd you can cope with the british english ;o) Oh, and I like the idea of you maintaining some control over the plot by giving us a short synopsis to work with.


Oh, and I'm in for TLF3!

Dannnngggg, I completely missed that they let slip that she was pregnant! How could I! I read Silly Hilly's comment, then the other comment and thought, no, I couldn't have been so blind. Alas, there it is.

I have a theory on Michael's actions though. I don't necessarily think he's dealing with this in an insane way. In fact, I think he's dealing with it how most people would wish they thought to deal with it. To quote Kathie, he's up shit creek without a paddle. Though he is of questionable intelligence, he's got to already realize that.

He also has to realize there is going to be a serious fallout. Why not get all the fallout done at one time? Kind of like pulling the band-aid off real fast. Sure it hurts like hell when it happens, but in the end, better than letting each hair get pulled out one by one.

Merry F-in Christmas Jenna!

OMG before reading David's latest comment I had completely forgotten that this was all taking place on Christmas! That makes it SO MUCH better and worse and tragic!

"He was calling his bitch."

Ha! For some reason, the thought of Lil Frema writing that cracked me up. :P

I'm all for continuing TLF, but as a passive observer, rather than a contributor. Keep the love going, folks!

I'm still dying over the girl with no thumbs and David loving Kaylene's ability to fill out finger holes in gloves! Holy shit!

Also, this piece of the story gets a big WOW. And last but not least, damn you for leaving us hanging.

Your mom's got no thumbs! That being said, I'm sorry I've been remedial on the commenting lately-- I have actually been here all along, but I read, then run away from the computer-- maybe off to work or what have you- I don't really know, but I've become a sort of lurker- which is sad. No more of that shit.

Okay, baby popping and the big reveal! First of all, Michael has got himself some nerve to invite his mistress to the hospital... where his daughter is... because his wife was in "Kill Bill" mode... after he revealed his affair... I believe he may be lacking in the sympathy gene (along with his obvious case of amnesia, and terrible work-ethic) because the man has obviously got no shame (I would like to say he's dead inside compared to the sweet days of his boyhood).

I wonder if he asked himself, "My daughter is near death (or something), who would make this situation better (than the woman who is not my wife but is now impregnated with my child, and who is also the woman who ran over my adopted daughter's biological father and fetal half-sister, and almost my wife)? The only answer to that is, the whole trio of life-ruiners. A+.

I see cat-fight on this page turn, but that's just me. Whew, there, I feel much better now.

Michael has got balls of freakin steel!!!!! I am soooo ready for the next installment. I love the TLF Part 3 idea!!

WOW - I absolutely cannot wait for nwext Friday ......... I have been catching up on the weekends. I think that is an ingenoius idea, I would lllluuuuvvv to contribute. You should so get a list going because TLF gets me through the week!!!


i so know better then to follow links.. crap.. i find you now I must search through your blog to read previous epies..

for shame for enticing me so darn fast;)

it's all your fault

i stayed on your blog for x amount of hours looking over your entire fricken story and damn.. you got me hooked.

i'd say im not coming back but im to hooked to stay away

and it's your fault;P

I can totally see the two women at the end of the scene there, their eyes meeting, their pupils shrinking, nobody moving a muscle. Like in Westerns when time suddenly stands still and you see the two gunslingers reaching for their guns and it goes into super-slow motion and you see a bead of sweat slide down someone's forehead, a clock strikes noon and a bullet clicks into the chamber. Suddenly time starts again and Michael faints dramatically and ineffectually in a clumsy heap on the waiting room floor. What a pathetic goofball he's become.

I love the round robin idea! Like Choose Your Own Adventure! But how/whether to exert editorial authority over content without actually increasing your workload? The management of such a project would be interesting, though - kind of a new blog paradigm! Blogging 2.0! You could cover the model in your class and take bets on whether it will work, whether you can trust the Internets to come through with donated content, week after week. I bet it will.

I'd love to participate. I don't have a strong soap operatic background, but I've seen a lot of terrible movies.

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